What could it be? What homosexual slur did perfect angel Tripp call his mama on the latest episode of “Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp,” which goddamnit we again forgot to watch? UPDATED BELOW!

“Faggot.” He called her a “faggot.” And while Bristol’s giggles are correctly seen as shock, not mirth, one does wonder where the baby picked up the word.

We don’t think it was from Bristol, who regularly uses the far classier “homosexual” when confronting homosexuals. (Your Editrix, by accident, happened just last night to be at the Sunset Boulevard fake cowboy bar where that delightful confrontation took place! It was terribly exciting except not really.)

We figure classy Gino for the perpetrator, but we’ll just assume it’s Grandma Sarah. She seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t call somebody a fag jokingly, for, say, ordering a glass of white wine, but rather would say “faggot” all spitty-like, and really really mean it.

It would be irresponsible not to blame her right now.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Thanks to eagle-eyed commenter “worrytron,” we now know: It was totally Willow.

UPDATE AGAIN! We thought we’d leave that previous spoof Facebook post up, because we were kind of lazy and didn’t really care, but here is the real, actual Facebook post of Willow calling people faggots. Journalism!

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