Does John Boehner give hairdo tips too?It’s a good thing there aren’t lots and lots of important things going on, in this, our world, or this very compelling piece of news might have escaped the cycle! John Boehner made sport of poor Luke Russert, world’s greatest reporter besides Matthew Boyle, for not wearing socks! And then Luke Russert (who has an encyclopedic recall of John Boehner’s sartorial choices and local news appearances — kid is nothing if not in total mastery of what really matters), was all “You didn’t wear socks once on Washington state television!” Gotcha Boehner! OR DID HE? (Yes. He did.)

So Boehner was like YEAH BUT if you’re not wearing a tie it’s cool. And THEN the video in question was discovered and John Boehner WAS wearing a tie!

And this is what our fearless press corps is truth-squadding. Good job, everyone! Especially Luke Russert, who has not at all just proved himself even more of a prat.


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