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‘Weather’ On List Of Things GOP Will Not Talk About

sweetest tabooStupid liberals, why must you always be so stupid, introducing LOGIC into discussions that are clearly driven by IDEOLOGY and also: MONEY. See, after the Colorado wildfires burnt up a large portion of Colorado Springs, Democrats thought that it might be a good time to hold a hearing exploring the links between climate change and extreme weather. They were hoping that heatwaves and wildfires and all kinds of other extreme weather would translate into some sort of motivation to DO something about it, but as usual, this rested on the assumption that the GOP would be interested in “doing something” or sensitive to “evidence.” But as we all know, the government just infringes on our freedom to buy lightbulbs when they “do something” and  “evidence” has no place in sober discussions held by the world’s most deliberative legislative body. So the GOP did what any sensible freedom loving political party would do, and refused to hold the hearing:

Via TPM:

House Republicans are blocking Democrats’ push for a hearing on the extreme weather that has ravaged the nation, from record heatwaves to severe storms. The move highlights the extent to which denial of the scientific consensus on man-made climate change has become Republican orthodoxy, even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary.

In a letter (PDF) sent last Friday to their Republican counterparts, Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA), the ranking member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), the ranking member of the E&C subcommittee on energy and power, made what they counted as their 15th effort to hold a hearing into the matter. […]

A new report by the National Climatic Data Center determined that the odds of this year’s extreme weather being a fluke — as opposed to the consequence of manmade carbon dioxide emissions — are extremely low.

“Willful ignorance of the science is irresponsible and it is dangerous,” the Democrats wrote.

First of all, why should the GOP focus on climate change when they could be working on blocking poor women from getting access to abortion? This, as we know, is one of their top legislative priorities. And second: stupid, stupid Democrats, with their reliance on “science” and “facts” and “evidence” and “logic.” You can use facts to prove something that isn’t even mostly true and everyone knows that, ESPECIALLY the GOP. Better luck next year, losers.


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Kris E. Benson writes about politics for Wonkette and is pursuing a doctorate in philosophy. This will come in handy for when they finally open that philosophy factory in the next town over. @Kris_E_Benson

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    1. Eve8Apples

      And wipe out Florida and the entire Redneck Riviera. It should raise the collective American IQ by at least ten points and lower the number of obese people living in the U.S.

    2. glamourdammerung

      You seem to think they would not simply move, leeching off the useful members of society while whining about how they are not like "those people during Katrina"? That is so cute!

    3. mormos

      why, so all the poor minorities who can't afford to leave the city drown like so many rats while congress flies away on their personal jets to some distant haven?

      We should see if any of these assahats are buying up areas that will be beach front property once sea levels rise. I wouldn't put that kind of Lex Luthorian villany past some of these people. What has Rove been spending his money on I wonder…

  1. actor212

    House Republicans are blocking Democrats’ push for a hearing on the extreme weather that has ravaged the nation, from record heatwaves to severe storms.

    We're having a floodable thunderstorm in NYC as I read this.

    1. gullywompr

      DC's getting it too. This means traffic will be backed up on the beltway.

      Hey! Maybe that's how we get them to care! Climate change = traffic backups!

  2. actor212

    “Willful ignorance of the science is irresponsible and it is dangerous,” the Democrats wrote.

    Republican response: "I see your science and raise you God. What are you going to do, huh? Where's your savior now? Where's your Moses now?"

  3. hagajim

    Willful ignorance of anything is pretty much irresponsible and dangerous. Can we just start referring to the GOP as "The" party of willful ignorance?

  4. nounverb911

    The Invisible hand of Mother Nature is hopefully going to deny the free market farmers socialist farm aid.

    1. WhatTheHeck

      Have you ever wondered why “Mother Nature” was not called “Father Nature” instead?

      It was another opportunity to put women down.

  5. Estproph

    Please, national Democratic party, become extremely anti-suicide. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

  6. ManchuCandidate

    Rep Joe Barton <Texas/Exxon Whore and BP cocksucker> will introduce Bill 45 which will summarily execute anyone saying the following statements:
    "Boy is it hot here."
    "Hey, remember snow?"
    "Another hurricane!"
    "Where's the water?"
    "Deserts suck"
    "Man made global climate change" <noun> or <verb>
    "How about that weather?"

    1. mwittier

      If it's limited to executions for those discussing weather (sometimes in several distinct groups, noisily, pointlessly, and simultaneously) in elevators where I work, I'm all for it.

  7. CrunchyKnee

    To paraphrase Travis Bickle, "All the animals come out at night – whores, skunk pussies, buggers, republicans, Koch Brothers, dopers, junkies, sick, venal. Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets." Climate change I can believe in.

    1. Extemporanus

      "…if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were…"

  8. nounverb911

    Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.

    1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

      Happened to me too! Editrix is keeping all the best ones for herself is my guess.

    2. BigSkullF*ckingDog

      Just looked back. Mine finally loaded an hour later in the spot it should have been with no thumbs up, so I look like a loser that everyone hates.

      1. DustBowlBlues

        Same thing happened to me, maybe for talking about Paul Giamatti, John Adams and Ben Bernanke. It has become annoying to the brain trust that is the wonkerattii.

        To make you feel better, I'll follow you. If you follow me.

        1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

          I called Bruce Wayne a secret muslim Kenyan. Must be a controversial subject.

    3. mrpuma2u

      She says intense debate technical is being run by Sherrif Joe and Gov. Walker and some other incompetent contards who are mucking things up, so in other words doing what they always do.

    4. PubOption

      I got that message about a week ago. Interestingly, it was on the second of three comments I posted in the span of a few minutes, there were no problems with the first or third.

  9. Maman

    We are kinda fucked when the GOP answer to problems is that GOD will fix it. What exactly does one do to entice the almighty's interest? Make a golden calf? Sacrifice a virgin?

    1. GregComlish

      The GOP God can be appeased by cutting taxes, bombing Muslims, persecuting gays. Haven't you ever seen the 700 Club?

    2. Eve8Apples

      Maybe God has lost his patience with the homosapien experiment and is preparing to wipe the slate clean. God's going Etch-A-Sketch on us.

    3. C_R_Eature

      GOD can fix this by taking all these awful jackasses away, finally. We've been promised that for long enough.

  10. SorosBot

    They've cut all funding to NASA too, as they base their exploration of the planets on the heathen scientific ideas of heliocentrism and the so-called law of gravity, and that the stars are distant suns instead of simple lights embedded in the celestial sphere.

      1. SorosBot

        And they talk about the Big Bang, which they claim was 13.7 billion years ago, which is impossible since the universe is only 6000 years old! They are tools of Satan!

  11. HarryButtle

    Sure, the country's sinking on both sides and burning down all across the middle…but c'mon, guys, they're very busy holding hearings on repealing Obamacare! Priorities, people.

  12. mavenmaven

    Romney refuses to allow public disclosure of the temperatures of the last several summers.

  13. OldWhiteLies

    Yes, indeed. And one wonders if placing ones hands over one's eyes and saying, "Peekaboo, where did the baby go?" elicits gooogly-eyed wonderment and giggles from the GOPtard house members.

  14. BaldarTFlagass

    Well, at least the drought here in Texas seems to be over for the moment. Tough titty for you, though, Colorado.

    1. DustBowlBlues

      Talked to a friend in TX today who was lording it over me that their high was supposed to be 99 and ours, 104. 106 on Saturday. Good think I just read up on the Dust Bowl.

  15. MissTaken

    Higher oceans just means more space for Jesus to fill up with all those fishes he makes.

    1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

      More water for him to walk on!

      Ooooh! And turn into wine! He can do that with salt water, right?

      1. BoatOfVelociraptors

        While we are transubstantiating, might as well go the full LOKO and turn the salt into caffeine.

        1. sullivanst

          Good, we'll need Jeebus loaves when the wheat crop fails due to drought and/or flooding.

    2. kittensdontlie

      Silly liberals, learn your lessons. God/jesus would give us a better climate only if we dump the Kenyan and elect that real amirican, that sweet little mexecan Mittsy!

    3. ph7

      Jesus is just prepping the waters for the World's 1.5B Muslims he and Michelle Bachman personally plan to baptize and/or forcibly drown next year.

    1. C_R_Eature

      I must steal this post. Credited of course. One Thousand Virtual Upfists and a Gold Star!

  16. mrpuma2u

    It's like Steve Martin said "I believe Ronald Reagan can make this country what it once was, a frozen wasteland covered in ice" and now it seems the stupid neo-cons didn't realize he was joking.

  17. edgydrifter

    The only silver lining to this man-made cloud of CO2, benzene and sulfuric acid is that the same nature that produced the honey badger simply doesn't give a fuck about your gated community or your exclusive yacht club. When the land burns and the seas rise, when the crops wilt and the air stings to breathe, we the underlings won't be alone in our misery. Seeing these worthless, ignorant assholes on their knees begging for God or government to save their shit ought to be worth a chuckle as the world slowly dies.

  18. coolhandnuke

    Just blame it on the Weather Underground so we can go back to watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

    1. SorosBot

      Looking out the window, no it's cloudy right now and looks like it should start raining soon; I hope so because that could really cool things off.

  19. SoBeach

    “Willful ignorance of the science is irresponsible and it is dangerous,”

    It's not ignorance. It's just your basic don't-give-a-shit-as-long-as-those-checks-clear.

  20. Fraudulently_Joe

    “Willful ignorance of the science is irresponsible and it is dangerous,” the Democrats wrote.

    I don't have anything to add, but I wanted to get a comment in here while I could, because I just heard from my supervisor at the CANCER HOSPITAL I work at that there's a non-trivial chance of us losing power sometime tonight, because of the completely typical and seasonable weather we're having over here.

      1. Fraudulently_Joe

        Well, I'm fine; it's mostly those "cancer patients" that I'm worried about. Although, in Radiology, the worst thing that happens if we lose power is that they need to get an extra dose of X-rays again, later.

        1. BoatOfVelociraptors

          Well, a loss of power is unlikely to lead to a THERAC-25 situation.

          Wait, I retract that assertion. If you don't have power to control the gating of the radiation, yeah.

    1. sullivanst

      Interesting that the linked piece discusses how climate scientists are starting to shift their cautious language about weather events ("many causes, can't attribute any one local record high to climate change") to the way we talk about smoking ("cigarettes cause cancer") even though in the health sector there are also many complicated factors that mean you can almost never definitively attribute a single cause to a particular tumor.

      Now about that completely typical and seasonable weather: there's an 80% chance the record high you experienced was due to climate change.

      1. Fraudulently_Joe


        And ironically, a lot of lung cancer advocacy is actually moving away from the "smoking causes cancer" line, suddenly, too, since a non-trivial number of lung cancer cases occur in non-smokers, and victim-blaming means that research and education tend to be very under-funded, especially considering it is the most common form of cancer, and has one of the worst prognoses.

  21. SorosBot

    Come on now, it may be a sweltering 98 degrees out here, and the high may have been in the upper 90s at least half the days this month when there's usually only a handful of them, but that doesn't mean the Earth is getting warmer! I mean it snowed last winter. Once. Only about an inch.

        1. ChessieNefercat

          "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."

          What? All I said was "John Donne, you socialist?"

        2. ChessieNefercat

          "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."

          Oh, come on! Do we have to start putting peri.ods and ze0ros in comments like I see on Huffpo?

          Edit: Apparently, yes. And J0hn is a dir.ty w0rd.
          Edit 2: And my zer0s (the word "zer0" has a 0 where the "o" should be, right now) were corrected to "o"s. H.m.m.
          Edit 3: you, Inte.nse De.bate. Are we still using Deba.te?

          1. va_real

            Didn't know they HAD the Internetz back in 1337? Oh, you mean retroactively commenting…

          2. Extemporanus

            Thank you for the poetic replies, neighbor. I'd respond to each, but the Great Wall of Plug-Ins over to the right is making Our Wonkette more impossible to use via iPad (which I'm on the majority of the time when surfing) with each passing day.

            Bon soir…

          3. BoatOfVelociraptors

            If you set onswipe_redirect=never in your query your cookie will be set to serve up old school content. What you have to worry about is the timestamp in the cookie and the IntenseDebate parsing.

          4. BoatOfVelociraptors

            The best workaround I have come across is to start a random reply, get the timeout message, and then the real reply can go through.

  22. el_donaldo

    Wonkette may be one of the very few places on the Internet where a post about climate change isn't instantly swarmed by the foot soldiers of the Cheeto-dusted army explaining how it's all a liberal delusion.

    It's easy to make fun of the little creeps, but Odin they've been effective.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      That's because they are payed by the oil companies to do nothing but that all day long.

    1. widestanceromance

      It's just like the voodoo, in that it only works if you believe in it. Silly libtards.

  23. Fraudulently_Joe

    Guy's, I think you're missing the obvious counterpoint here:

    It snowed last February. Also, Al Gore is fat, and has a house. And sometimes flies. In conclusion, God said that flooding will never happen ever, and also I misread some methodology discussion between some scientists.

    Q.E.D, Bitches!

        1. anniegetyerfun

          It's days like this that make me miss pretty much everywhere else I have ever lived.

          1. OldWhiteLies

            Well SB, when you all get tired of being parboiled, fly on over to our left coast, grab MissT and come on up and we'll get the SeaTac contingent together and show you all the fake things to enjoy about our fake temperate lil piece of earth. We'll fake drink into a fake stupor and celebrate our fakeness. Bring your skis/snowboard. Bring your recreational and tech (including cave and deep-wreck) dive gear. Bring your underwater camera in case we bump into one of our cephalapody GPOs (turns out they smile with their arms). Bring your drift diving hook and tether so you can have a go at what being a kite feels like; hooked into the old Galloping Gurdy set blocks under the Tacoma Narrows and "flying" at the end of 4 meters of climbing rope during a 4plus knot current. Bring your sea kayak, white-water kayak, river kayak, recreational [lake] kayak, and even your surf kayak. Bring your hiking boots and backpack. Bring your water ski(s). Bring your mountain climbing gear and your mountain bike. And bring the assorted helmets for all of those. Oh, and don't forget your fishing gear; freshwater (including flys both dry and wet) and saltwater. We'll fake you through all those activities and send you both off back home with fake smiles. NOBODY puts the "Holy shit, this is a kick in the ass – can we do it again? Can we?" into fake shit like we do, SB. And for at least a quarter of the year you can do any or all of those things in the same visit. Oh, and some folks think we have decent coffee, too, also.

            Cheers [and smileythingeys as necessary].

          2. BigSkullF*ckingDog

            Thems fightin words soros! And don't listen to Annie. It's not actually 59. More like 70. And not even raining! Yet.

          3. BoatOfVelociraptors

            If by fake Washington you mean you mean the place where Poly Math majors have piercings and write software, as opposed to the DC WASPs, yeah, let's fake it up.

            Have you seen a DC goth club? No colored hair!!!

    1. bobbert

      Last week I was a little worried about Global Warming, but this week it's only low 80's so suck it, Algore.

  24. SayItWithWookies

    What those silly Democrats don't realize is that it's been getting steadily warmer ever since the Supreme Court outlawed prayer in schools. But they just go on and on, saying science this and science that, totally oblivious to the real reasons things happen. Of course one day they'll find out the truth — but then it'll be too late, won't it?

  25. Preacher_Griz

    This is SUCH a non-issue

    How many times do we have to say it?? If you think the earth is getting too warm just ask God to cool it during your prayers.

    1. bobbert

      God answers all prayers.

      Sometimes He says "yes".

      Sometimes He says "no".

      Sometimes He says "HAAHAHAHAHA!!! Burn, motherfucker!"

  26. Tundra Grifter

    The House can vote over thirty times to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act – with no chance the Senate will even bring it to the floor; the House has time to read the US Constitution; the House has time to waste on all manner of meaningless legislation.

    But no time to actually look into something that could end life on Earth?


  27. Franknflower

    That makes me kinda sad and depressed. Don't they have gold lined gas masks or something?

  28. HippieEsq

    "Willful ignorance of the science is irresponsible and it is dangerous". By calling "the science", the Dems managed to make it sound even SCARIER to the unfrozen caveman house republicans!

  29. coolhandnuke

    According to much-noted climatologist Pat Robertson, it's those flaming homosexuals that are starting all them wild fires

  30. IonaTrailer

    "What? Obama's against it? That does it. Goodbye"

    (Fictional conversation with John Boner).

  31. GregComlish

    Now is the time to purchase 100% renewable energy for your home. At this point the marginal cost of green energy is about $0.02/kW and should be small potatoes for most employed wonketeers. It's a small price to pay and it can make a huge difference.

    DOE has a guide you can use to find suppliers near you:

    1. SorosBot

      "employed wonketeers"


      I've been unemployed and broke for so long, they idea of anything that costs more than a buck being "small potatoes" is ridiculous.

      1. GregComlish

        well, to be fair I wasn't talking about you. That's why I didn't say "broke ass unemployed wonketteers."

      2. MittBorg

        I'm worried about that, SB. Is the market for your particular skillset just low where you are? Is it a seasonal thing? SHOULD you consider moving out to the West/Left Coast, where jobs seem to be picking up? I'm actually getting calls and offers after close to a decade of no work at all in my field, so I wonder if moving out here would help. (It sure woud help your relationship!)

    2. Fraudulently_Joe

      Signed up for it years ago. Also, I "conveniently" "forget" to "mention" it to my roommates, who I then rope into paying electric by letting them have the air conditioner. "Everybody" wins!!

    3. C_R_Eature

      On my second year of 100% wind power from WGES. I got tired of feeding the Coal Companies (56% power generation by coal, in my area) and so indirectly funding Climate Change Denial. I ran the numbers and the cost pretty much evens out, since there's a yearly contract and the price stays stable for the duration. No big spikes in the high demand times. I sleep better at night, too.

  32. WhatTheHeck

    In other news relating to Karma, a giant iceberg, the size of Maine, broke off the polar ice cap striking an oil tanker carrying crude oil. But too late. The polar bears were already gone and could not applaud.

  33. SorosBot

    How dare do these Democrats and scientists claim we humans are capable of changing the climate? We all know that the weather and seasonal change are controlled by the moods of Demeter, who lets the harvest grow fallow while her daughter Persephone is off in the underworld with her husband Hades. Obviously if the climate is changing that's just because something in their relationship has changed and has maybe pissed Demeter off.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      Jeez …. ya leave the toilet seat up just once, and all Hades breaks loose. Sorry 'bout that.

  34. Fox n Fiends

    the 1930s were the hottest years on record and everyone knows that the free market turned that around.

    1. OneDollarJuana

      Actually, says that the 11 hottest years have occurred in the last 13.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      With luck, a Category 5 example of liberal media propaganda will make landfall in Tampa next month.

    1. ChessieNefercat

      You should provide a pillow for us to bang our heads on if you're going to provide quotes like that one.

  35. IonaTrailer

    "In 2004, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney introduced a statewide Climate Protection Plan, billed as “an initial step in a coordinated effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.” Two years later, however, the governor stepped away from a regional plan to reduce emissions by 10 percent by 2019 – because the plan would cost too much. "New England has the highest energy rates in the country,” he told The Boston Globe, “and [the plan] would cost us more."

    Because it would cost too much….. wait until you see your AC bill for this month…

  36. IonaTrailer

    They deny climate change for the same reasons they endorse abstinence as birth control.

  37. ph7

    Floods, drought and natural disasters do have a way of converting the welfare class to the decendent class. That's one way to tidy up a state's balance sheet.

  38. Biel_ze_Bubba

    Remember when folks used to say, "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."?

    Thank goodness the Republicans are getting away from the old way of doing things.

  39. weejee

    Rethugs want 7 sigma p-ness or GTFO. Five sigma was okay for Higgs, but this is 'Murica and we can do better. BTW, theirs are, but on they're 7 sigmas to the left side of the mean.

    1. ChessieNefercat

      Comments like that are going to have somebody heating up the twigs and branches around the stake for you, once we have achieved the Republican Utopia.

  40. Limeylizzie

    OT But just wanted to say how much all the wishes of the Wonketteers have meant to me both today and over the last couple of days with all the worry over MrLimeyLizzie. He is doing so much better, they will release him tomorrow probably, the outcome is the best possible , considering what we first thought, everything can be helped greatly with some lifestyle tweaks. Getting rid of me is not one of the tweaks. Anyway, many of you were unbelievably kind and reached out to me, Barb and I have actually spoken on the phone and yes, she is as fabulous as you would imagine, and I want to say how much I appreciate all that everyone has done or said and how much it has meant to me, and MrLimeylizzie in absentia.So, before I weep, thanks again and what a fine bunch of cunts you all are.

    1. Extemporanus

      Thank you for the update, birthday girl, and best wishes to your beau for a full fucking recovery. To play it safe, perhaps give him some sort of warning before you jump out of your cake.

      (As an aside, my last comment to you on the matter was said jestfully, though not in jest. Should such a side effect become manifest, please don't hesitate to pick my brain.)

    2. ttommyunger

      Leave it to a Wonketeer. In 71 years I figured I'd been called every name possible, many of them hundreds of times, even nigga (a little unusual for a southern white boy), but cunt? A first; and considering the source and circumstances, I feel somewhat flattered. Glad things are looking up.

      1. sullivanst

        Just put it down to limeyness. The English have a penchant for using insults as terms of endearment.

      2. Biel_ze_Bubba

        It's Lizzie's adjectives you got to watch for … if she tacks on "dozy", you're in trouble.

    3. radio-of-owls

      Well that right there is a pretty swell birthday present, I daresay. Huzzah, mi amor y feliz cumple!

    4. C_R_Eature

      I'm wishing you and your husband well retroactively, LL, as I've just heard about this! Had to go back and study up to figure out what was going on.
      I'm glad your husband is doing so much better now and sorry you had to go through that worry and uncertainty. It truly is the worst.
      All the Best, and thanks for the "fine bunch of Cunts" comment – if you meant me too.


        1. C_R_Eature

          You should go and do something nice for yourself now, when you get the chance. Maybe go find a bench on the Hudson River Greenway and just sit and watch the boats go by on a nice day. Have lunch. It helps to push the reset button now and then.

    5. Barb

      Sis, I love you so much. I'm so glad that you and I agree about our husbands and the things in life that we don't give a hoot about and the people who matter most in our lives. I loved the e-card that you sent tonight. That was so clever. I admire a woman with your strength. My love to Mr Lizzie.

    6. MittBorg

      Thank you. I've never enjoyed being called a cunt quite so much. SO glad that you are both OK. And just remember, if Mr. Limeylizzie ever decides to get rid of you, there are MANY fine Wonketteers who will happily take you in.

  41. Biel_ze_Bubba

    No models, no nothing, just the math.
    Any teatard that disputes the above, go ahead and shoot him.

    And now a look at the facts: no theories, no models, no extrapolations — this is just reading the fucking thermometer.

    Welcome to the brave new world of 4-sigma weather. (God only knows what the first-ever 5-sigma days will be like.) Not talking about this is the only thing left for the Fucking Republican Morons.

    1. bobbert

      This is excellent. It might be worth pointing out that the axes of the second graph are "temperature anomaly" — that is, deviation from the mean — on the X, and probability on the Y.

      The most significant feature (you know this, I'm just emphasizing it), isn't the shift in the mean value, but the fact that in recent decades the distribution has become less and less Gaussian; it is now much wider than Gaussian.

      So the chance of a given value (say,any Wonker's local temperature) being 3 standard deviations from the mean is now maybe 3%, whereas in 1980 it was only a tenth of a percent. That is, in 1980 (or before), you might expect one day every couple of years to be 3 sigma hotter or colder than the average; today, you'd expect ten days per year each way. Of course, the mean itself has also increased, so the probability of extremely cold days (compared to 1980) is actually slightly reduced.

      Anyway, fewer really cold snaps, moar and longer hot spells. Oh, and the 5 sigma days will be another 2 or 3 degrees F hotter than the 4 sigma days, I imagine.

      Of course, this all comes from James Hansen, so algore is fat, lalalala I can't hear you.

      1. Biel_ze_Bubba

        Yep … the problem isn't at the top of the curve, where the average temp goes up a degree or two. It's in the tail of the curve: hundred-year storms start coming every year, and you have to actually expect, and plan for, the thousand-year storm.
        That's where the water comes over the top of the New Orleans levees, or washes Miami Beach off the face of the Earth. You have to wonder if even that would get the Republitards' attention.

        And yeah, it's Hansen … but it's actual temperatures, from actual thermometers, from NORTH AMERICA — no tree rings, nothing to question or deny or blow smoke about.

        1. not that Dewey

          "Yeah, but we used to use mercury thermometers, and now everything is semiconductor, and that creates the appearance that temperatures are rising. Urban Islands, also, too."

          -some dipshit at my work

          1. Biel_ze_Bubba

            Because no scientist would ever think of calibrating his thermometers. (Especially not one who's research is based on measuring temperature.)
            Or notice that his weather station is now in the middle of a Wal-Mart parking lot.

            The stupid is strong in that one.

          2. not that Dewey

            As far as I know, the triple-point of water hasn't changed much in the last 150 years.

    2. Biel_ze_Bubba

      That last one might be helpful, actually. My favorite is the guy who bitches about the cost of carbon controls, and in the next breath says "we'll adapt" … like that's not going to cost 100x more.

      There's small comfort in the fact that it's the most backwards states that are going to get slammed the hardest. Maybe they'll wake up when ADM decides that you just can't grow corn in Iowa anymore, or when Galveston or the Florida Keys get obliterated (again).

    3. AbandonHope

      Wait, here at work we're supposed to design for six-sigma, so I guess we're all good, right?


  42. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

    The whackdoodles on Free Republic have the explanation for the extreme weather events: it's Obama.

    Seriously, they claim God is pissed because of socialism and they predict the end times. I wonder why the weather in Cuba is so good?

  43. One_Man_Band

    "You can use facts to prove something that isn’t even mostly true and everyone knows that, ESPECIALLY the GOP."

    If I may be the Simpson's quote pendant, I believe the PROPER FORM of that phrase is:

    "Facts are meaningless. You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true."

    — Homer Simpson

  44. ttommyunger

    "Willful ignorance?" I think you give them too much credit, Dear Author. I firmly believe they have no choice in the matter.

  45. valthemus

    Why do we need science? Ancient Mayan psychics have predicted that Jesus will be arriving at National Airport before Thanksgiving and anyone with a water sign is going to be eaten by demons anyway. Who needs science? That stuff never works.

  46. a_pink_poodle

    Clearly the Arctic is a liberal hoax perpetrated by the Lame Stream media. I mean, have you ever seen an Arctic before outside of the internet and television? I've never seen it with my own eyes and we're to take the liberals word that it exists?

  47. C_R_Eature

    Zounds, these awful fuckers drive me mad. They're the modern day
    Knights Who Say NI! who just cannot hear what they don't want to hear and are willing to let the whole world burn to preserve their ideology.

    I wish I could just say "IT!" to them until they run away.

        1. not that Dewey

          Well, that won't be too much of a problem, since soon the forests will be full of herrings, and the ground will be really soft.

          1. C_R_Eature

            Soon the annual Herring run will be passing through my living room. It'll be convenient, in a way.

          2. C_R_Eature

            Roe, Roe, Roe your boat
            Gently down the hall
            Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily,
            Life is just a BALL

  48. bobbert

    On the one hand. PR claptrap. OTOH, I have no doubt that there are business units within exxonmobil that are looking into things like giant, heavily-taxpayer-subsidized solar installations on formerly public lands.

    Nobody knows better than fossil fuel companies that fossil fuels are finite.

  49. Biel_ze_Bubba

    Just finished reading "The Swerve" … cannot recommend it too highly to the Wonkeratti.

    Fascinating story (the atomic theory, and evolution and humanism, had all been figured out in 150 B.C.), but it's a tad depressing to know that two thousand years later, we're still battling religious morons over the very same ideas.

  50. mormos

    silly democrats, republicans have a plan for dealing with global warming. Ban abortion and make the womenz have as many babies as possible. That way some will survive the inevitable bottleneck when whole cities are washed away and there are massive crop failures from drought and extreme weather patterns.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      And making billionaires richer, so the walls around their compounds can be higher. (Levees around the poorz, ehh, not so much, because taxes, and socialism.)

      And something about the gheys? I have no idea how, but I'm sure that's part of the plan.

  51. rocktonsam

    willful ignorance = any repub/tea bagger/consevative/really rich guy and Fred Thompson,also

  52. HedonismBot

    I think my 5-year-old nephew must be a Republican. When the conversation takes a turn he doesn't like, he sticks his fingers in his ears and yells really loudly until the bad words stop.

  53. mwittier

    Boy, if the GOP doesn't like to hear about the weather, they better not take any calls from my mom.
    Because like a great many people her age, she seems to believe that she has sole access to forecasts, and is obligated to share them every evening in great detail, while drinking a glass of wine.

  54. CogitoErgoSumo

    Everyone calm down! When it gets too hot, just turn down the thermostat. Problem solved, Sheesh.

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