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George H.W. Bush Flunky Still Mad About Democrats And Their Weed

Not learning about being an American

Before George H.W. Bush became America’s lovable old “sensible Republican” grandpa, he was an angry, out-of-touch Republican president, who was flabbergasted to lose in ’92 to a fat pot-smoking southerner whom he publicly called a “bozo.” For most of his term, Bush’s chief of staff was unpleasant former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, who was eventually fired (on George W. Bush’s suggestion) because he used government jets for personal travel to ski resorts, constantly. Probably he was very upset to not get to participate in the campaign against crazed reefer fiend Bill Clinton, so he’s super excited, in his current role as Romney’s “surrogate” (don’t worry, this means he talks up Romney on TV, not that he is carrying Mitt’s baby) to just totally slam on Barack Obama for being high all the time!

There is lots to love about this video, but what we like best is the implication that Barack Obama doesn’t understand the “American system” because he (a) spent his youth in Hawaii, which is part of America, (b) spent his youth getting high, like roughly 40 percent of all Americans, and (c) lived in Indonesia between the ages of six and ten (the perfect time to learn about capitalism) at a time when Indonesia was ruled by an anti-Communist U.S. backed dictator. We guess that’s more than one thing, but we love it all.

Later, John Sununu went on some other TV show and talked about how Barack Obama needs to learn how to be an American, because he has no private sector experience. We were about to make fun of a guy who took lots of private jet trips to ski resorts on the government’s dime for saying this, but high-level private sector execs totally assume that use of a private jet ought to be a part of one’s compensation, so never mind.

Anyway, John Sununu is an actual Arab (the Christian kind, but still) who was born in Cuba (pre-Castro, but still), so we vote that we get this lady to follow Romney around asking why he implanted his baby in an Arab Communist’s belly, via forbidden science. [TPM]

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Josh was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, leaving him with a love of chicken wings and a tendency to say “pop”. He taught ancient Greek and Roman history to undergraduates before fleeing from academia in terror; worked for a failed San Francisco dot-com that neglected to supply him with stock options or an Aeron chair; lived in Berlin, where he mostly ate Indian and Ethiopian food; finished in third place on his sole Jeopardy! appearance (the correct answer was “Golda Meir”); and was named 2007 Blogger of the Year by The Week, for obvious reasons. Josh is the creator/editor of COMICS CURMUDGEON (which you should read) and does geeky editing and writing about geeky things such as "the Java programming industry for JavaWorld." He lives in Baltimore with his wife Amber and his cat Hoagie.

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          1. Nibbler of Niblonia

            didn't you see the episode? the mutant, the slut, and the robot saved them.

  1. supernoun

    God damn these Youngs and their illicit street drugs getting up in my Capitol and making me feel old, says John Su-No-No

  2. Mittens Howell, III

    Are you sure Sununu's not carrying Mitt Romney's baby? Have you checked on top of his car?

    1. CthuNHu

      This is the selfsame bloated philatelist toad-demon who called current NH governor John Lynch (D!) "the worst governor ever."

      Yeah, that's the same Gov. Lynch who's kept about a 70% approval rating through his record four consecutive terms, beating an incumbent Republican gazillionaire governor in a squeaker for his first, and winning the rest by margins of 47%, 42% and, against a strong serious establishment-picked candidate (with Mr. Sununu being the NHGOP chair at the time) in a monster GOP year, 7.6%.

      John H. Sununu is as honest as he is skinny and pretty, is what I am saying here.

  3. DrunkIrishman

    That fat piece of shit has only been good for his role in Naked Gun. I hope he chokes on Barbara Bush's cock.

  4. ph7

    The bogeyman argument only works for people you don't know, for crissakes. Obama's been our Uncle for four years now. If he was going to touch us inappropriately, he would have done it by now.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      According to the wingnuts, the fact that Obama hasn't PERSONALLY come to your home and taken away your guns and white women is because he is saving that for his second term.

      1. ph7

        I'm concerned that the white woman living in my house has a similar fantasy involving Barack coming into our home to take her.

      2. MittBorg

        Well, what can I say, annie, it's been great knowing ya. Write us from the WH if he lets you, after November. (Thinks: lucky bitch!)

  5. bumfug

    The whole damn Romney campaign is like an elaborate dirty trick run by Democrats. I can hear Obama's advisors plotting in the dark of night, "…and just when the 'McCain said Mitt's worse than Palin' thing is breaking, we hand a mic to fucking Sununu and let him go nuts."

    1. MittBorg

      You ain't kidding. I thought Obama vs. McCain was hilarious. This is like, High Fucking Tragedy. Mitt can't pull one foot off a gum-wrapper without getting the other into a pile of dog crap.

      I know it's evil and mean and cruel of me to laugh so heartily, but hey.

      1. sullivanst

        Mitt can't pull one foot off a gum-wrapper without getting the other into a pile of dog crap.

        Even though his teeth were already so perfectly positioned…

  6. actor212

    "Look upon his face, ye Jonah Goldberg, and despair!
    Nothing besides remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
    The low and saggy jowls stretch far away".

          1. Vecchiojohn

            You all ought to be Pounded for such puns. Any Moore of this and I'll Lowell the boom on the lot of you.

          2. va_real

            Well, I need Goethe vote… we're having a special election today. Can I Paz the baton on to a Hardy soul who can keep up with your Cummings & goings?

        1. MittBorg

          *Someone's been hitting the coffffff-eeeee!*

          Or is it the coke? Dude, share.

          PS: I tried to hit reply just now, but it pulled up your av, so if I accidentally unfollowed you, be sure to let me know, thanks.

    1. MittBorg

      Awright. Spill the dirt.

      I mean I've read a lot about him over the years and tried to keep track of this creep, but you sound like you have *inside info.*

      1. Goonemeritus

        No, the If you Knew Sununu line was from one of our former poet laureates poems. Billy Collins

  7. DrunkIrishman

    Anyone else think Sununu looks like the bastard lovechild of actor Edward Herrmann and Star Wars gangster Jabba the Hutt?

    1. MittBorg

      I'll have to go check, but I will say that he looks like a multi-chinned librarian of my timid childlhood who sported a hideous wig.

  8. SorosBot

    Well John Sununu certainly knows how to create jobs, considering how many Jobs HW Bush created in his day.

    1. MittBorg

      But of course!~ After all, the blahs are only blahs, and who cares if they die, but one of OUR precious younguns might just ingest that weed.

      1. sullivanst

        When the whites tried to smoke weed, our guy was so concerned about their welfare he intercepted it.

  9. DrunkIrishman

    Sununu is the type of guy you just know can't control his flatulence. I pity his wife.

        1. MittBorg

          Gee Dumbya. The stories are legion of his farting on his friends, family, and myrmidons. Disgusting fucker. Nothing against a good hearty fart, mind you, it's just that it's a nasty thing to do to people down the ladder, so to speak.

  10. Callyson

    "The only people who seem to cover our comments are your station, the rest of the media seems to ignore it"

    Yeah–I haven't heard anything about how Obama is a bad American/Obama is stooping to such a low level/Obama is debasing the Presidency at all…


    1. Left_Leftie

      And whose comments is he talking about? News commentators comments? So he's saying we need to have full on news stories commenting on commentators comments?

      Circular Firing Squad indeed.

      1. MittBorg

        Girl, you trying to apply LOGIC to their comments again? HARMONY times I gotta tell you, logic and RWNJs cannot coexist in the same spacetime? Harmony?

        Srsly, if you actually try to parse what they're saying, you'll go nuts. Think of it as watching a mynah bird talking. They might actually have a fucking clue, and they might not. The miracle is, they can talk at all.

  11. SorosBot

    And idiot, Obama worked for a major law firm in Chicago, then was a professor at the University of Chicago law school. Those are both private sector jobs. So besides being immaterial, what he's saying is a lie.

      1. SorosBot

        What he's saying is a lie, but he might not be a liar, he could just be a moron who has no idea what he's talking about.

    1. MittBorg

      Um, ahem, Soros, dear. We are talking about Republicans here? THE PEOPLE WHO LIE EVERY TIME THEY OPEN THEIR FUCKING MOUTHS?

      There, I feel SO much better.

    2. sullivanst

      Not to mention, the several millions he earned from his private-sector book publisher.

  12. sbj1964

    Yo,Barrys not home dude.No dude, I'm barry! Barrys not home dude! I would not trust a President that has never tried Pot.Let alone Caffine.Mormons?

  13. Mumbletypeg

    I was hoping to post this earlier, perchance on the War on Huma thread but Josh you're here to help me re-up…

    Anyway, John Sununu is an actual Arab (the Christian kind)

    Somewhere in an old-folks home, actual Arab-coddlin', Gadafi-lovin', despotic has-been Farrakhan is laughing playing the world's tiniest violin in merriment~

    1. MittBorg

      Dude, I mean, dudina, it's even worse than that.

      John Sununu is a fucking PALESTINIAN. You know what Pamela Geller and her nutbag horde call Palestinians. I wonder why that harpy is keeping her beak out of this one.

      1. Mumbletypeg

        Nothing from my point of view.
        My comment is just window dressing for the fact previously unknown to me that Louis Eugene Wolcott was, early on and toward the end of his career, something of a violin virtuoso. I could qualify the "Arab" translation of Farrakhan ('charmer') to reinforce it's the culture, not persons outright, being coddled but I don't honestly have enough working knowledge of the relations between efforts toward Palestinian sovereignty, radicalizing American Moslems through NOI, Farrakhan's earlier-reaped criticism for 'pal'ing around with terrists" regarding his status w/ Gaddafi, and what have you, to reposition my comment's weaknesses. Window dressing undone. Ya caught me with my drawers down.

  14. Callyson

    "There has been no experience in his life in which he's earned a private sector paycheck that meant anything."

    Um, you know you just described the working experience of about 98% of American workers, right?

    1. MittBorg

      I'm sure Sununu doesn't even KNOW that the average family of FOUR in America has to live for a whole fucking YEAR on half of what Mitt Romney claims in tax deductions for his fucking HORSE.

      AAAAUUUUGGGH, I'm getting furious again. 'Scuse me.

        1. MittBorg

          Shoulda stuck around to see this. Instead, I went to bed in a bad, bad mood. Our 'Coot has a growth on his foot. Took him to the doctor yesterday. They aspirated it and sent it to the path lab. He came home bleeding and VERY upset, proceeded to throw up all day, and sleep. Didn't eat at all, barely drank. He's doing better this morning, but good grief, that was worrisome!

          Thanks for the pats, love. You are a darling girl.

  15. OneDollarJuana

    Does Sununu ululate while watching Mr. Sulu on Hulu and using an ulu? Just wonderin'.

  16. Monsieur_Grumpe

    Lessons On How To Be An American

    1.Get yours at the expense of others
    2.Avoid taxes
    3.Buy a Hummer made in China
    4.Vote blindly Republican
    5.Serial adultery
    6.Piss on the poor
    7.Get even more at the expense of the world

    1. va_real

      I might add a little something about anti-intellectualism & the importance of deriding/ politicizing scientific research, but otherwise, I think this is pretty complete.

    2. Vecchiojohn

      Then there's the Full Colson: be a vicious asshole, go to jail for a felony, find Jesus, get out of jail and spend the rest of your life being a vicious Christian asshole.

    1. OneYieldRegular

      Seriously, if this is the best Mitt can find, I shudder to think what his cabinet would like.

      1. GeorgiaBurning

        lots of white greasepaint, fake red noses and size 24 shoes. Plus all of them will fit into a Ford Focus limo with a funny sounding horn.

    2. sudsmckenzie

      I was imagining the star wars scene where "Uncle Owen" is picking out droids. Hopeys "worst" is the dashing Corey Booker.

      p.s. how is our lawsuit against 'The Never Ending Story going"? I'm not sure if I can keep the pool boy on.

    3. MittBorg

      When you have to send out surrogates (Pawlenty) to walk back the statements of your surrogates (Sununu), you've kind of already lost. Jus' sayin'.

    4. Butch_Wagstaff

      When I first read about this, I thought "Fuckin' Sununu"? Really? Why not just roll out some old cronies of Reagan while they're at it.
      It's like when Tag/Trog/Topps/Whatever-The-Hell-His-Name-Is Romney said that Nugent's endorsement of his dad was so awesomely cool n' stuff.

    1. MittBorg

      It ain't just you, dude. I've been friends with Republicans for a good part of my life, and most of my Republican friends have either left the party, quit voting altogether, or refuse to discuss politics any more because even THEY can't defend this kind of shit.

  17. Callyson

    Meanwhile, the poll on the right hand side asked if I think Mitt Romney should release his taxes. After clicking "Yes, definitely," the next question was "Do you read sci – fi books?
    Um, no, I get plenty of that just from keeping up with the news…

  18. Extemporanus

    Sunusnus? Snusunu? Sunusus?

    Wait, wait…hold on. Okay…no, what? Oh, yeah, got it…



  19. SockBunny

    Because going from living with your grandparents & your single mom on food stamps in order to economize, becoming the first Black President of the Harvard Law Review, writing a bestselling book, to winning a Senate seat and the White House in a landslide of your own making isn't work – it's what lazy black men do.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Don't even get me STARTED on Welfare Queen Michelle Obama, who ran a major hospital (do NOT Google "Michelle Obama hospital", btw).

    2. Biel_ze_Bubba

      If Obama had bootstraps, they'd be in the Smithsonian by now.*

      Any white dude with exactly the same story would be beatified by the teabaggers as a fucking Horatio Alger hero. (If, that is, he somehow turned out conservative.) What makes it a totally un-American story is that a black (and moderately liberal) guy did it.

      *And teabagging racists would be bitching about it on the conservatard blogs, and howling for cuts to the Smithsonian's funding.

    3. MittBorg

      It's really delightful catching them in these contradictions. Especially since the vast majority of the people who vote Republican these days have lost all connection whatsoever to reality and can only gape like landed fish when these things are pointed out to them.

    1. OneDollarJuana

      Since most Americans vote on machines now, don't count on Dems gaining any seats.

  20. mavenmaven

    He has no idea how America works other than having been President of the United States for the last few years.

  21. LesBontemps

    If you knew what Sununu
    Knows about quantum physics and Greek
    And oil explorations and most favored nations
    And the secret handshake of Deke,
    Maybe you, too, like Sununu,
    Would adopt a principal rule,
    That you are the brightest, your light the lightest,
    And everyone else is a fool.

    –Calvin Trillin

  22. SoBeach

    Is it just me or is today's "Obama isn't American enough" crap just a dog whistle to the birthers? If so it's absolute proof Mittens is well and truly, capital "F" screwed.

    1. MittBorg

      Especially since it got such a bad reaction, Mitt had to send TIM PAWLEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ out to walk back what Sununu said. Oh, and Tim did a shitty job, reminding everyone why he lost in the early rounds.

  23. sudsmckenzie

    He's right, what does the President of the United States know about being American.

    1. fatbob54

      Well, you by a three finger lid, split it into 10 nickel bags, sell them during gym class, keep the rest and buy another nickel bag. You get free pot, and get the private sector, job creating business experience needed to be president of the US of A. Assuming you're a slick talking muslin plant who can't talk without a teleprompter who belongs to a Christian church with a minister who says bad things about America…

      1. MittBorg

        Here's what I want someone to explain to me: If President Obama was a secret Kenyan Muslim who only pretended to be a Christian so he could become President — why the FUCK would he pick a church like the one he picked? Wouldn't he want to pick some church that was REAL MAINSTREAM CHRISTIAN? Evangelical, even?

        1. RadioSlut

          Eight level chess is not easy when you're messed up on Maui Wowie and can't remember where you put the nuclear codes.

  24. OneYieldRegular

    This is an excellent strategy, and I encourage Republicans across the land to get out there and accuse everyone of not being American enough.

  25. owhatever

    Conservatives really want a secretive, whining Massachusetts moderate vulture capitalist who invented Romneycare, and not this Obama guy because, you know.

  26. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    The only people to blame for guys like this are all the girls in his high school who refused to sleep with him. Thanks a lot ladies!

  27. Left_Leftie

    20 years from now instead of a guy you would want to share a beer with it will be a guy you want to split a joint with. Barry's just ahead of the curve is all.

  28. docterry6973

    I dunno, John Sununu's words carry a lot of weight with me. I may have to rethink my support of this Obama guy.

          1. starfanglednut

            Who's next? That openly gay republican (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhaha) guy?


          2. MittBorg

            Actually, it ended with Sununu apologizing AGAIN, which is pretty fucking pathetic.

            Romney's already lost this, barring something truly hideous in the Obama camp. He keeps trying to change the subject, but sabotaging himself so that nothing gains traction. It's like watching a worm wriggling on a hook. Fascinating, but sickening, too.

  29. GeorgiaBurning

    Mittens' has a surrogate? Well, if Ann isn't complaining, ok. But that just shows how these rich guys outsource EVERYTHING.

  30. widestanceromance

    All this 'not-American' stuff is most disturbing, because it means we are at the gates of 'outside the mainstream.'

    It's coming and it's unstoppable. Get used to hearing and/or blocking it out.

      1. MittBorg

        Oh, it's just a matter of time. Any minute now, one a them Cletuses like Haley Motherfuckin' Barbour is gonna open their mouth, and … as Rick Perry might say, "Ooops."

        1. Butch_Wagstaff

          Wouldn't surprise me if some asshole, during the convention, finally says one of those words that begins with "N" (and wouldn't it be fun for the GOP if it's a delegate?)

          1. MittBorg

            It's gonna happen, man. I'm just waiting to see who it's gonna be. They've had it on the tip of their tongues for eight years now, I reckon. The pressure must be getting unbearable.

          2. MittBorg

            Yes and no. It won't make any difference to those of us who follow politics, on left or right, because we ALL know this has been coming since Obama first threw his hat into the ring. Yes, because no matter how many nutbags and teabaggers this country produces, the vast majority of Americans are pretty decent folk, who would like to believe that such things don't happen. They like to close their eyes to the dark underbelly, to the long and tragic history of racism and misogyny and bungled foreign policy, they work hard and buy the kids whatever they want, and pay no attention to troublemakers till they get in trouble.

            THOSE people have been shocked and horrified by the teabaggers and the strong streak of racism among their wingnut fellow-citizens. And they will PLOTZ when this happens live on the national media. Fucking PLOTZ.

  31. Eve8Apples

    Instead of smokin' weed, Hopey should make meth in his trailer or abuse prescription medication like real white America.

  32. Nostrildamus

    Over the past few years I've been continually depressed by the constant stream of "Obama's not really American" coming from the Right. What I finally realized was that, by now, they've shot their wad. The base just can't stay constantly terrified day in and day out – it's wearing – so each successive attack has less power than the last. It's to the point now that they just look ridiculous. They've effectively immunized Obama from further attacks of this nature, just in time for the election.

      1. NellCote71

        Imagine if his grandfather had escaped to Mexico so he could have more than one wife.

  33. didgen

    I want a president that understands my pot smoking, coffee drinking, alcohol imbibing, fornicating soul. I believe Mitt misses the point.

    1. Caelan Aegana

      What Mitt doesn't realize is that alcohol is a great cleaning solvent to get the coffee and smoke particulates off his circuitry.

    2. anniegetyerfun

      Well, I don't know – have you ever been involved in porn? I read on the internet that Mittens had specifically invested his money in kiddie porn. It's likely why he won't release his tax returns.

      1. Extemporanus

        Mitt Romney's jaw-dropping number of fluffer deductions will definitely not sit well with hardworking American parents facing skyrocketing out-of-pocket babysitter expenses.

        (Unless they're Catholic, of course, in which case they have the tax free status of their church to fall back on when in need of such services.)

        1. anniegetyerfun

          Even if I were a hardcore Catholic, there is no way I would leave my kids in the care of the Church.

          1. Extemporanus

            And that is why you're not a job creating international child sex trafficking ring kingpin like tax dodging multi-millionaire Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

            Or Pope.

  34. Mahousu

    There's a typo in the Fox News chyron – it should read "Senile Advisor to Romney Campaign."

  35. mr bojangles

    c mon john, go haley barbour and give us a sneering 'the president is a nigger' rant!!

  36. PubOption

    So, in wingnut land, it's perfectly acceptable to say that Obama has never earned a private-sector paycheck, but it's not acceptable to say the same about Ann Romney

    1. anniegetyerfun

      It's not OK, because she's not running for President, leave her out of this!

      Of course, it's OK to talk about Teresa Heinz Kerry and HER tax returns as though SHE had run for office.

  37. Fox n Fiends

    So a Mormon walks into a bar and says "I need an Arab Cuban to foreignize a Hawaiian Halfrican"….

    1. bobbert

      Great clip, even if it did remind me that Big Man is gone and fucking John Sununu is still around.

  38. rickmaci

    Hey Sununu you worthless POS. WE all know you are bitter and angry that during the '70's and 80's everyone else was having lots of fun doing chemically enhanced sex and you didn't get any. Get over it.

  39. Chet Kincaid

    The GOP is still taking marching orders from Limbaugh, I see. Last night, Lawrence O'Donnell covered Limbaugh advising that Romney should go after Obama's "drug use at Columbia" (which didn't happen, Obama did his weed and blow in high school). O'Donnell also helpfully pointed out that the mean age of Limbaugh listeners is 67.

    1. Pithaughn

      Tonight O'donnell will be asking, if Mitts sold Bain and it was worth 4 billion, why is he worth only 250 million now?
      My guess? If folks think someone worth 250 million is a negative, they will shit bricks when they realize there is 3.75 billion floating around somewhere. Maybe that's why no tax returns are being released.

    2. MittBorg

      As an Offishul Oldz, let me just say, I'm so glad those fuckers will be eating dirt soon. I won't share my worms with them, either.

  40. Mojopo

    Fucker was just on CNN mouthing off some more, and Wolf was all like, "Aah hmm, surely to realize, nasal "n" sound, ah, hmm." This is my punishment for working from home.

  41. RadioBowels

    I just got my laptop back from a hard drive crash, so bear with me on this rant:
    Let's not forget that the wingfucks hate H.W. Other than the chickenhawk neocons he coddled, he was a failure best not mentioned. He raised taxes, allowed the bogeyman of communism to go quietly, talked of a peace dividend, ran a limited war, was rather moderate (by today's standards) on social issues, he actually saw action in the military and was a one-termer. Like Ike and Nixon, he does not fit into their demented worldview.

      1. RadioSlut

        Thanks for sharing your experience, strength and hope. I too had to drag a POS Dell out in the last few days from out under the bed where all the books I plan to read lie in dust. I certainly would like to see those "Geniuses" at the "Bar" take an IQ test. I'm guessing 90-91 average. But the Apple process addiction is strong.

        1. Extemporanus

          You know that I'm always there for you, bro…

          Sadly, when my poisoned Apple re-ideated itself to death a short time later, all that I had to drag out from under my bed were dead cats and dog-eared fap pamphlets.

          Speaking of which…


    1. Jukesgrrl

      Yep. Palestinian. But a very special kind. Catholic … and a genius (can one be both?!). He's always bragging that he's in the Mega Society, which claims to be much more elite than the stupid Mensa that takes everyone in the top 2% of IQs. He would have been better off being a Cuban. At least that can get you a political position in Florida, a state with more clout in the Electoral College than Baby New Hampshire could dream of.

  42. Chichikovovich

    John Sununu? John Sununu. Where do I know that name? ….

    Oh, yeah! He was the guy who sold Bush Senior on the stealth appointment of his former attorney general in New Hampshire, David Souter. Said he was going to be easy to appoint because he had no paper trail and he'd be a "Slam Dunk" for conservatives.

    And face it, John, wingnut land will never, ever, ever, ever forgive you for that. They still talk about it. On Free Republic, whenever your name is mentioned, somebody is bound to bring up Souter. Denounce Obama all you like, they will never stop hating you.


  43. Neoyorquino

    We're gonna be doing a lot of doobie-rolling when we're living in a van down by the river!

  44. BoatOfVelociraptors

    When will you libtards understand? A government is put in place to pay middle management for people killing services (Blackwater/Xe, KBR, etc.), not to pay middle management to heal people.

  45. ttommyunger

    Ski Resorts? Really? I just can't picture that lardass on skis. A Toboggan, maybe; but it would have to be a really wide one.

  46. arcadesproject

    O's eyes are really spooky. The lright eye is conceited and sneering. The left eye is cold and blank. The guy in that piicture? That is not a nice guy.

    1. MittBorg

      Dood. The right eye is seeing kaleidoscopes, and the left one is seeing planets. Go roll a doobie, you'll feel (and think) better.

  47. Negropolis

    Is he still mad about Daddy Jorge Bush's cokehead for a son? God, I sure hope so.

    There is at least an entire decade that Dubya can't even remember, but it is Barack that had the drug problem? Really? Seriously? For real? But, he found Jesus at the end of a straw, so I guess that's all that matters.

  48. DahBoner

    Kids, you have a choice:

    Either smoke weed or live off your Daddy's millions by starting a business putting Americans out of work….

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