She sounds nice!Everybody remember “Ching Chong Chinaman,” the poor blithe racist at UCLA who thought uploading her comedy stylings about “Asians in the library” to Youtube was the height of sophistication, until she got hounded out of college? Well Youtube is so yesterday! Now there is Twitter for your casual hilarious racism, like these tweets from Kathlyn Ehl, a policy staffer to Washington state AG (and running for governor) Rob McKenna! She sounds nice! The Stranger reports!

Of course, those weren’t Ehl’s only hilariously un-PC tweets, and as soon as The Stranger asked for comment, suddently every single person in the office was in a very important meeting, and Ehl’s unsavory twats were scrubbed. Also, “she apologized,” according to McKenna’s campaign, but she doesn’t seem to have an actual statement to that effect? Maybe we read too fast. Oh yes, here it is: The Stranger had a hard time finding it, since McKenna’s office apparently has The Stranger on some kind of No Fly List.

“My actions were not just unfortunate, they were offensive,” she told the [Seattle Times]. “It is a lesson to others that social media comments made in frustration not only can hurt others, but they exist long after the moment has passed.” She’ll reportedly keep her job.

“Social media comments made in frustration”? It IS frustrating, to be unable to properly evince your hatred of old people and people who can’t walk good and have the gall to keep trying to walk anyway! Fuck them! Also, people speaking Asian! Fuck them harder!

Kathlyn Ehl for veep please.


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