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Michigan’s Beloved Janice Daniels, America’s Craziest Mayor, Perhaps Does Not Have A Fine Grasp On Detail

Jeff DanielsTroy, Michigan’s, beloved treasure of a mayor, Janice Daniels, famous throughout Wonkette nation for dressing like an Iranian man, would very much like it if the Oakland County Clerk didn’t count recall signatures that the Clerk’s office says it isn’t counting anyway. Did you read that correctly. Yes, you read that correctly. Daniels, who is facing a recall for being an embarrassingly nutters homophobe, is challenging recall petition signatures that have already been tossed out.

“We’ve only done a cursory review of it because we just received it, but it appears they’re challenging signatures that we already disqualified,” [Elections Director Joe] Rozell said. “We provided them a list showing which were counted and which weren’t, but they challenged the ones we didn’t count.”

Daniels had until 4:30 yesterday afternoon to challenge recall petitions. Quite naturally, she waited until ten minutes before that deadline (4:20! that’s how The Janice rolls, bitchez!) to file her not at all insane protest against already disqualified signatures.

Maybe this is a new strategy. Having pissed off the local business community, the gays, transit riders, high school students, city staff, and Michigan’s Republican Governor maybe Daniels thinks she can win votes from County Clerk employees by making them laugh with this rather (shall we say) “queer” petition challenge. Just try to come up with a more plausible explanation, you can’t!

Let’s cherish every wonderful moment of crazy from Janice Daniels while we can. After the November 6 recall vote, she may not be around to amuse us. Sad. [Troy Patch]

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  1. mavenmaven

    "they challenged the ones we didn’t count."
    After she's deposed, she is well qualified to apprentice with James O'Keefe.

    1. comptoneffect

      You folks living in Royal Oak think you're so superior with your cool restaurants and clubs. I'll have you know that Troy-looking over the Troy website-has open playtime at the library every Monday this month.

      1. Negropolis

        I love how Troy thinks it's the shit because it's built around an upscale shopping mall. lol Oooo, Somerset Place. BFD.

      1. SorosBot

        Heh; I actually was thinking of going with that but was afraid not enough people would get the reference.

  2. Spurning Beer

    Governor Daniels isn't daffy. She's a conceptual artist. Challenging discarded signatures is like spray-painting waves, or like Salvador Dali kicking crutches out from under cripples.

    1. Negropolis

      I don't ever want to see "Governor" and "Daniels" in the same sentence unless we're talking about Indiana.

    1. BornInATrailer

      ..when she was a keyboard player for a synth-pop band?

      She actually might have stolen that outfit from Nick Rhodes.

  3. didgen

    wwhy are we so cruel as to comment on her appearance? It would take me days to put that together. Plus she nailed the I'm batshit crazy look. Even my DMV photos don't hit that.

    1. kittensdontlie

      Mark my words, she will have the last laugh as High Ambassador to Earth from the Gingrich moon colonies. Say what you will, that sucker is going to happen.

  4. IncenseDebate

    Still, I say Troy, NY, is way cooler. And some of the locals have way weirder hair and eyes/eye.

  5. coolhandnuke

    She played Jeff Daniels' mother in "Dumb and Dumber." Her scenes were cut due to her confusion with method and methhead acting.

  6. Spurning Beer

    When I was seven, I thought this joke my grandfather told was the funniest thing I ever heard:

    Man walks into a coffee shop and orders a cup of coffee with no cream. The waitress comes back and says, "I'm sorry sir, we're out of cream. You'll have to have your coffee without milk."

  7. C_R_Eature

    There's an awful lot of Crazy out there. Can we harness it, somehow, for powering our Industries?

    1. catholic4condom

      Maybe put them all on treadmills and put a dummie Barak Obama behind them and tell them to run for their lives.

  8. Oblios_Cap

    Quite naturally, she waited until ten minutes before that deadline

    It's obvious that she had better things to worry about. You've got to admire such understated confidence.

    It only looks like stupiditiy.

  9. Callyson

    4:20! that’s how The Janice rolls, bitchez!

    Isn't 4.20 a marijuana day or something? Which I'll bet her constituents could use right about now?

  10. fartknocker

    She reminds me of the batshit crazy lady who invited my wife and myself over for dinner and tried to subscribe us into the bullshit Amway ponzi scheme. Those people scare the crap out of me.

    1. montreal_bruin

      Hey, c'mon, you can sell to your friends!

      Of course, you'll wonder where they've all gone…

  11. MissTaken

    Gawd, don't you just hate it when someone is wearing the *exact* same outfit as you?

  12. Nostrildamus

    Well, if she's recalled, she can always pose for Mutually Beneficial Arrangements ads.

    1. kittensdontlie

      You can't blast through glass ceilings with conservative crazy talk alone, under that polyester might lie a bevy of smokin' babe parts that assisted her climb to the pinnacle of Troy political life. Yea…I'm just sayin'…cut that cocoon open, let's see what she's got.

  13. OneYieldRegular

    She was just following official Republican policy of disqualifying votes as often as possible.

    (Also, according to her web site, she was recently guest of honor at a lumberjack festival, so there's that).

  14. barto

    Hopefully after this is all over she can go out and buy herself somethin' purty. Not sure if that will help, but…

  15. Beowoof

    She is just pissed that she found a regular guy to marry and not a guy such as Marcus Bachman.

  16. NellCote71

    "After the November 6 recall vote, she may not be around to amuse us. Sad."

    First they take away our Palins, then our Herman Cains, our one L Michele's, our Trumps and Gingriches. And now this. Again, Obama and his failed economic policies.

  17. ElPinche

    Ew..good god almighty. It's a like a cross between Sharon Angle and an albino sasquatch.

  18. alteredimages

    countdown until she demands a mulligan and says some queer sent her the wrong list to review…

  19. Negropolis

    Jeff, imma let you finish, but don't you see some kind of irony in essentially saying that Daniels is a woman in drag, and then posting unsubstantiated second-hand rumors about Virg allegedly saying the same thing about about a (very obstructionist, fake Democratic) city council member?

  20. valthemus

    Janice's high school guidance counselor: "Always play to your strengths, dear. You should find a field where ambition is much more important than intelligence or sanity. Like politics."

  21. agelessnow

    As a Troy resident, I am embarrassed by Janice Daniels antics. We have gathered the required signatures, but there is still a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, Janice has a lot of money supporting her. We need to make sure we get her out of office. Please go to: and donate to help us with this. Any donation will help. Let's send a message that we will not tolerate people like this. A $10 donation will go a long way. I know that together we can make a statement. Thank you.

  22. agelessnow

    The recall made it on the ballot. Janice has a lot of money backers. Please help us make a statement that her behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Donate to All donations help. Thanks.

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