Eh, it's not their fault, probably confused him with the dude from 2 Broke GirlsHaw haw, there is a man named Nate Shinagawa and he is running for Congress if you can even believe such a thing, which these sparkling wits at WYSL cannot. Now, they don’t actually say “Me Chinese Me Play Joke” during their bit on Shinagawa’s hilarious Japanese heritage (per Right Wing Watch, he’s third generation American), and in fact the most sober of them tries to explain that it’s really just because Shinagawa is a young pup with no life experience (beyond the state county legislature, community organizing, and health care, of course), not the fact that they can’t even pronounce such a furrin name! But that’s sort of belied by the hilarity of the whole thing, which you can heart to your heart’s content right where it says “read more.”

They love you long time, Nate Shinagawa! We — eh. We were really hoping you’d be hotter.


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