These people are not actually invitedSTRATEGIC HEALTH CARE is a noble health care lobbying firm “working at the intersection of health care and government — widely respected for our expertise in congressional and regulatory matters, health policy analysis and solutions, CMS pilots and demos, federal grants development, managed care contracting and association management.” And that’s why it is holding a Capitol Hill “White Trash Reception” on July 19. “Hey y’all – get gussied up in your Sunday jorts, mullets, and fullets and come on down to the White Trash Reception,” this invitation that’s flying around the Hill reads. “Grab some suds and grub with Strategic Health Care!”

“White Trash” is a pretty clever party theme for a healthcare lobbying group now, considering how many states with masses of poor white people are opting out of the Medicaid expansion. Going with “Dress Like Stereotypes of People Who Won’t Ever Have Health Care” wouldn’t have been quite as savvy.

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