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Jordanian Politician Forgets To Bring Human Shields To TV Debate

This weekend, on live TV, Jordanian MP Mohammed Shawabka was debating former MP and political activist Mansur Murad. Name calling ensued. First, Shawabka called Murad a Syrian spy. Which is kind of true. Murad openly supports Syria and is the only Jordanian who has visited Assad and continues to bring delegations to Syria. He also is the guy, in January of 2003, prior to the March 2003 Iraq invasion by US forces, who called for volunteers to come to Iraq to act as human shields against US soldiers and claimed he already had 100,000 volunteers. Nice guy!

In response to Shawabka’s insults, Murad called Shawabka an Israeli Mossad agent and a vote-buyer. When Murad said, “May your father be cursed,” well, that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. With lightning speed (must not have been wearing tie-up wingtips), Shawabka threw his shoe at Murad and then, for added measure, he pulled a shiny silver gun. In between refereeing, the valiant show host kept glancing off-camera for help but everyone must have been sleeping because the fight continued for quite a while until somebody woke up and switched to show credits. In the end, nobody was hurt, but Murad filed an attempted murder charge against Shawabka.

Where were Murad’s 100,000 human shields when he needed them?

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  1. DrunkIrishman


    Wait, this is Jordan? A Muslim country? BOMB 'EM!

  2. ChernobylSoup

    "You're a spy for Canada." "Oh yeah, you're a spy for Mexico."

    Just doesn't work as well.

  3. ChernobylSoup

    If you're going to use a cliche, use it with confidence. No 'proverbials' needed in this neck of the woods.

  4. SoBeach

    Dude pulls a gun and the other guy keeps going after him? I can't imagine ever being that pissed off.

    1. Guppy

      'Tis better to die showing foolish machismo than be seen as a coward on national television.

  5. coolhandnuke

    "Newsroom" and Sorkin should take note and try to capture the sexual tension that exists on this set.

  6. Baconzgood

    (then what happened)

    What usually happens when somebody pulls a shoe. Everybody ducks.

    -Jake Gittes-

  7. JustPixelz


    Weird. I didn't see any surveyor's marks on the other guy.

    When asked, Mitt Romney said "that isn't the kind or language or pistol I would have used."

    1. Preferred Customer

      Shortly thereafter, Mitt Romney clarified that what he meant to say is that this is precisely the kind of language and pistol he would have used.

  8. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

    What you don't see is that the slightly pudgy gunless fellow had some skittles with him.

  9. ChernobylSoup

    Things haven't been the same in Jordan since Queen Noor left the country and moved in with me.

  10. Antispandex

    Wouldn't have happened here on the high plains. Nobody pulls a gun, because the other guy is probably packing too.

    1. CommieLibunatic

      Please oh please let some Fox roundtable discussion end something like this.

      Uh… with votes?

  11. Nostrildamus

    Watching that poor guy in the middle gave me flashbacks to when I ran a band.

  12. BaldarTFlagass

    They could sure use a couple of potted plants on their set. For the guests to take cover behind.

  13. BaldarTFlagass

    There's one thing I observed in my years of travelling that part of the world: Arabic is THE best language in the whole fucking WORLD to holler at someone when you're pissed off at them.

    1. lisawines

      Even when they're just casually chatting about their grocery list, there's a lot of HHHHGHHH, GHAAAGH AND HGIIIGHS! in there.

  14. eggsacklywright

    It was a translation error. Murad did NOT say, "Your mother is the son of a camel's whelp."

  15. MissTaken

    If Ann Curry had pulled a gun on Matt Lauer a time or two she'd probably still be on Today.

  16. SorosBot

    Maybe they can sort this out by calling on the Queen of Jordan – "It's my way 'till payday!"

  17. Baconzgood

    I didn't catch a word of that. It's like they are speaking a different language.

  18. Goonemeritus

    In the end I’m sure they both just agreed to disagree and went off and had a nice diner.

  19. ttommyunger

    Talk about balls! The guy with no gun was fucking relentless. He either has a death wish or his veins run with ice water. That snubby would have stopped his clock easy at that range.

  20. mavenmaven

    The NRA has quickly filed a motion to demand the right to carry arms to television studios, movie theatres, and elementary school plays, since you clearly may need to defend yourself.

    1. SoBeach

      They say an armed society is a polite society. Maybe if the guests on our political gabfest shows were packing they would be polite to each other like they are in Jordan.

  21. mrpuma2u

    If this would happen every once in a while on "Face the Nation", their ratings would SPIKE!!!

  22. Fuck Toad

    So what I'm getting here is that the human shields thing is a bad thing, that the "nice guy!" is sarcastic, right? Because it is bad to try to keep America's brave Warfighters ™ from turning some Arab heads into goop, with a gun? Is this our Wonket's new editorial stance?

    1. lisawines

      The way I envisioned it was sending lambs to slaughter – like old-time war when each side charged each other, knowing that the guys in front would get mowed down. If you see it differently, let me know. (No snark intended)

  23. Chick-Fil-Atheist™

    All I heard were a bunch of furriners. Someone please reduce this to "the guy with the gun was the conservative", and I'll be happy.

  24. Lazy Media

    Smith and Wesson Model 60! Good choice. When it comes to sneaking a pistol into a studio, nothing does the trick like a S&W J frame. USA! USA! USA!

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