Who got all the Pulitzer Prizes for Investigative Reporting before John Stossel came along to show us all how it is done? Did they even have Pulitzers back then, and if so, why did they bother? Here, Stossel, in the greatest undercover gig of all time — like Serpico times Mel Gibson’s Mr. Cool Disguise — makes himself look very homeless and smelly to prove that people should not give money to homelesses because they are probably all just a bunch of John Stossels. It is called “logic,” and why don’t you try it!

So what is John Stossel’s point exactly? Can’t really tell, it is sort of a mess! But it seems to be that compassionate people gave him money even though he is not homeless, so they should not have compassion for people who actually are homeless, because some people (like John Stossel) are disgusting liars.

Stossel, as a good Libertarian should, admits the rich are the biggest freeloaders of all — like himself, with his federal flood insurance for having a beach house. And yet, oddly, his Fox & Friends segment on “freeloaders” is not about rich people soaking the gubmint for a little piece more, but instead is about the much greater social problem: freeloading by the homeless, just freeloading all over the streets, having a sweet, grand time, living it up like crazy. (HAHA literally “like crazy.” That is pretty much how homeless people live. Of course, if it hadn’t been for St. Ronald Reagan, many of the homeless could be freeloading all over California’s long-shuttered insane asylums!)

Anyway, if you see a homeless today, please kick it, for America, and Jesus.


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