Could it be true, Wonkers? A Christmas Miracle in July? Could Michele Bachmann end up being His Lord High Hairgel Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president?

Yeah, probably not, because our Mittens is many (many) things, but a stone cold idiot is not one of them? It’s cute though that he probably asked her for her tax returns and stuff, you know, made her feel special, greased her a little, it’s better to have a Michele Bachmann inside the tent shining her crazy eyes out than the terrifying opposite.

But let’s say some witchy cabal of Wonkerati managed to hex Ol’ Willard into choosing Ms. B. (And let us say for the sake of this exercise, that the Rom-mann dream team then won the election.) What would Vice President Bachmann’s portfolio be?

* Head new Task Force on Curing teh Ghey.

* Organize Department of Home Schooling.

* Start up the New Inquisition.


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