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We’ll all have what she’s having, amirite Ghost Nora Ephron? Yes, Mean Jean Schmidt, the gentlelady from Ohio who was successfully primaried for apparently not being looneytunes enough for the good people of Cincinatti, had a totally public ‘gasm, in full view of God and everybody, at the incorrect CNN scoop that the Supreme Court had struck down Obamacare.

If you do not care to watch a lady of a certain age (though she does look fetching in her white shift!) shriek OH GOD OH GOD YES YES YES I’M COMING I’M TOTALLY COMING MAN I AM COMING ALL OVER YOUR FACE, then you should not have clicked play, now should you?

Sorry about that, but it’s not like we did not warn you right in the headline. Maybe you should have learned some reading comprehension in your Loch Ness Monster biology class. [NBC, via TPM]

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