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Romney Camp Outraged That Journalists Covering Him

Romney holding his speechHave you been paying attention to the controversy caused by the Washington Post’s article on Mitt Romney’s venture capitalism firm Bain Capital? Probably not because you, like so many other Americans, can’t stand reading about Mitt Romney due to his general awfulness. So your Wonkette will fill you in on the details: what happened was that Tom Hamburger of the Washington Post wrote a story last week about Bain Capital and how it invested companies that created jobs in places like India and China and Singapore while creatively destroying jobs in the U.S. The Romney campaign reacted by demanding that the Washington Post retract the article, because Mitt is a JOB CREATOR and deserves unquestioning fealty. Sadly, the Post did not agree.

A spokesperson for The Washington Post said Wednesday the newspaper would not be retracting a controversial report about Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital despite a request from the candidate’s campaign. The announcement came after members of Romney’s staff met with senior editors in Washington on Wednesday afternoon to ask them to withdraw the article.

“We will not be issuing a retraction,” Post communications director Kris Coratti said, adding she could not discuss additional details of the meeting.

Also, it should be noted that the Romney campaigned declined many opportunities to comment while the article was being written, preferring instead to comment on it after it was published because that was apparently the better option, and not at all one that made them look like petulant whiny entitled children. They also declined to comment on the meeting wherein they voiced their desire for a retraction to the article they declined to comment on in the first place.

The Romney campaign has declined to comment on the matter.

After that, the Romney campaign, whose candidate is nothing if not a paragon of truthfulness, took to the airwaves to complain that the article was “misleading”: apparently, offshoring and outsourcing are actually different processes through which American workers lose their jobs. This is something that Romney would know about since he spent time in the “real world” and can read a balance sheet.

“This is a fundamentally flawed story that does not differentiate between domestic outsourcing versus offshoring nor versus work done overseas to support U.S. exports,” said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul in a statement. “Mitt Romney spent 25 years in the real world economy so he understands why jobs come and they go. As president, he will implement policies that make it easier and more attractive for companies to create jobs here at home. President Obama’s attacks on profit and job creators make it less attractive to create jobs in the U.S.”

Then the campaign wrote a response to the article that it wanted retracted, which Jennifer Rubin was kind enough to include in its entirety in her column, because she is a Journalist. We look forward to updating you on the Romney campaign’s continued petulance on this matter going forward.

[The Hill]

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Kris E. Benson writes about politics for Wonkette and is pursuing a doctorate in philosophy. This will come in handy for when they finally open that philosophy factory in the next town over. @Kris_E_Benson

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        1. James Michael Curley

          Just flashed on you as Marlene Deitrick in "Witness for the Prosecution"

          "Wanna kiss me, ducky?"

        1. BaldarTCrabass

          Well, I'd like to add a clever remark about (Milo) bombing our own (industrial) base right here, but I am still too giddy from this morning to really come with something good. Dangit.

          1. Tundra Grifter

            It's like being ten- or twelve-years-old and having your parents wake you saying "Get up! We're going to Disneyland!"

    1. AncienReggie

      Erick ibn Erick has worked it out that Roberts did the right a favor by twisting the decision to make the mandate a "tax" rather than an inclusion. Now the nutjobs can run against the Bammer as a tax jacker!

    2. Nostrildamus

      If they do, we should strongly encourage them. Perhaps the right and left can agree on something here.

  1. Pragmatist2

    Mitt's backup plan is to buy the Post and outsource all its reporting jobs to India.

  2. ChernobylSoup

    The difference between outsourcing and offshoring doesn't much matter when you're out of work, does it? That's like the doctor saying you're not dying of pancreatic cancer, no no no, you're dying of prostate cancer.

    1. GeorgiaBurning

      Offshoring is when you move the jobs overseas, outsourcing is when you hire someone else to do it. Either way the jobs are gone, but outsourcing generates a lot more consulting fees.

  3. Crank_Tango

    I'm tired of hearing about romney too. Isn't he the guy who lost to the guy who lost to obama because he suspended his campaign and picked the snowkunt?

    1. James Michael Curley

      He picked the Wasilla Priscilla and then suspended his campaign because it was important to study the financial crises and attend the Bush dog and pony show. During which he said absolutely nothing for the whole 1 1/2 hours.

  4. Estproph

    The really shocking and scary thing from the last year: Romney was the best, most presidential candidate the repubs put up.

    1. prommie

      Ah, but that just makes me nostalgic for 1984, when the Democrats came up with Mondale!

      1. Estproph

        True, but he dropped out so early for complete lack of support that I forgot about him.

    1. Fox n Fiends

      Can you imagine what the conservitards would be saying if Obama was a Mormon? it would be 24/7 attacks. And an attack on Moroni is an attack of Jehova!

    2. Guppy

      Actually, if there's one thing Mormon Jesus hates (other than being clever), it's clandestine groups meeting secretly, in the "quiet rooms" that Romney likes to hang out at.

      The man has trouble getting even his own religion right.

  5. freakishlywrong

    I'll have a little more respect for the "press" when one of them grows a pair and confronts Mittens about Obamacare Romneycare. And no, David Gregory, I'm not looking at you.

  6. Hera Sent Me

    "I fired you and ruined your life by outsourcing your job" is little different from "I fired you and ruined your life by offshoring your job" if you're the one whose life was ruined.

  7. tessiee

    Yet another thing we have senile uncle Ronnie to thank for — the idea that it's somehow bad form for journalists to ask questions and publish their findings.

    These fuckers have so much of a sense of entitlement that they think it's everybody else's responsibility to help them lie and evade accountability for their actions.

  8. GeorgiaBurning

    First rule of RomneyClub- You do not talk about Mitt Romney.
    Second rule of RomneyClub- You DO NOT talk about Mitt Romney.

    1. Nostrildamus

      Third rule of RomneyClub- If, by chance, you do talk about Mitt Romney, you usually doze off.

  9. iburl

    Spin the Rmoney wheel! Where will he land? Is he pro-life or pro-choice? Is he against offshoring jobs or for it? Is he for insurance mandates or against them? Nobody can guess! Everyone's a winna!

  10. Ducksworthy

    Rawmoney is clearly Kang. The big news will be who he names as his running mate. I'm guessing it will be Kodos if they can control the drooling.

  11. Tundra Grifter

    I stole this from a poster on Media Matters.

    The same right wing nutz whining about the Supreme Court decision on Health Care Reform told liberals to shut up about the 2000 ruling in Bush vs. Gore.

    1. CapeClod

      They are also talking about moving to Canada because of this ruling, which is odd if they are leaving to avoid universal health care.

  12. Goonemeritus

    “Apparently, offshoring and outsourcing are actually different processes through which American workers lose their jobs.”

    Much like shooting someone in the face is different than beating them to death with a jewel encrusted dildo.

  13. Tundra Grifter

    The only thing that got Ron Paul madder than having the media cover him was having the media ignore him.

    Or maybe it was the other way around…

      1. Tundra Grifter

        Kinda like (r)Money as governor of Massachusetts, when he was for and against gay marriage at the same time?

        Is that the political equivalent of a Shocker?

  14. Jus_Wonderin

    Since a President's faith is such an important part of why Presidents are chosen, can we get Romney to begin to explain his religious beliefs to us???

    1. Ducksworthy

      That would require him to appear in his ermine robes and crown as Emperor Mitt of the Planet Kolob. So it might be a little confusing. I suspect WND got this one right. http://www.wnd.com/2011/10/354721/

      Turns out the first Mormon I ever met (knowingly) was recruiting for the CIA. Its now full of them.

  15. Ducksworthy

    Twenty-five years in the real world economy and he's only a multi-billionaire? What a failure.

  16. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    You would think that with all his money, Romney could simply surround himself with reporters like Jeff Gannon. It would be a win/win. He would get the reporting he wants, and his Republican operatives would get the rent boys they want.

  17. anniegetyerfun

    Actually, if the Romney campaign can disprove this (and they might be able to, as noted by Jennifer Rubin), then they can complain endlessly about the lamestream media and their constant bias against conservatives. It behooves them to allow something to be published that they can successfully rebutt, rather than trying to contribute to the writing process.

    1. Chet Kincaid

      Hollow victory. The Wingnuts are lukewarm at best on Romney, and the Bain reporting and ads are penetrating even their thick skulls. Not to mention that Mittens's Primary Pals were hammering him on this shit for months.

    2. Chichikovovich

      Most of the "argument" Rubin reports requires hairsplittingly fine decisions to give the appearance of a response. "Did Bain do x? During the specific period when Romney was actually working there [when he was not working there but continued to have a financial interest doesn't count???] the companies they invested in only did this other thing x' which – we now assert – is fundamentally different from x, however much people generally regard them as absolutely the same thing."

      When lines are drawn this exactly and finely, by professional distinction-drawers, you can assume that outside those lines is where the embarrassing stuff happens. For example, the company did lots of offshoring before and after but during the specific period of Bain investments, during the specific period of Romney's involvement they were only expanding the offshored facilities, not establishing them, etc. etc.

      It will be a Pyrrhic victory indeed if Romney's camp generates an extended, in-detail debate on the difference between getting fired because of outsourcing and getting fired because of offshoring, etc. Obama's people will be overjoyed if the Bain years get gone into in great detail, even if the Post might get shown wrong on some minor point or two. Especially given that many points of the Bain response are essentially challenges to find examples of American workers who were laid off, with their jobs moved somewhere else. Does Bain really want the Post to go there?

  18. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Doesn't the Washington Post realize that Romney has money? Isn't that the only speech that counts?

  19. SorosBot

    Huh, I didn't know there was a rule that candidates for president could dictate their own media coverage.

        1. bobbert

          You like the logo, huh?

          BTW, I did not know that Full Tilt Boogie was a Ronnie joint. Thank you for that.

  20. BlueStateLibel

    And tomorrow we find out that a mysterious Chinese company has purchased the Washington Post in a leveraged buyout … enjoy writing those Bejing lifestyle stories, WaPo writers!

  21. MumbletyRadio

    while creatively destroying jobs in the U.S. The Romney campaign reacted

    Apropos of nothing: "creative" and "reactive" are acronyms of each other.

    /geek-oriented mood-altering discoveries

        1. bobbert

          Anagrammatically (Naziist): "CREA" and "REAC".

          Yes, I know those aren't anagrams, but what can you do with single words?

  22. Not_So_Much

    Offshoring, outsourcing, teabagging — you can't explain the difference. Goes in, goes out.

  23. Terry

    “This is a fundamentally flawed story that does not differentiate between domestic outsourcing versus offshoring nor versus work done overseas to support U.S. exports,”

    No, the fundamental flaw to which the Romney folks object is that the article showed the unvarnished truth about the candidate's work with Bain and that of Bain in general.

  24. Texan_Bulldog

    You mean Mittens couldn't hold the WaPo's editors down, cut their hair & demand they retract the article? #bullyfail

  25. SayItWithWookies

    Mitt can't win when the press doesn't cover him, and he can't win when the press does cover him — why the hell can't responsible journalists just make up good stuff about him and save themselves the fuss of having to go to long dreary meetings with Romney advisers who keep insisting that the facts are wrong?

  26. FakaktaSouth

    What is so amazing and downright annoying to me is how this all so succinctly points out for any literate American's (I KNOW I KNOW) understanding how a) he is the reason the state of manufacturing in the US is what it is and secondly) demonstrates how perfectly full of bullshit he is when he talks about "healthcare" or "negros" or "poor people or "uncertainty" (fuck that word forever) being the "main source of concern for job creatin'. Fuck you in your magic cult underpants Mitt you cunt.

    1. prommie

      For many smart people who disagree with us, its not a problem of knowledge or intelligence, its a matter of weighing the comparative impact of multiple causes and making some value judgments about the appropriate responses.

      The other side just sees it in terms of "thug" unions, OSHA, and the EPA imposing so many extremely high costs on US manufacturers, as opposed to manufacturers in corrupt third world countries, that it was only fair to let them cut and run. Now you know a business person with the profit-maximizing motive is always going to go for higher profits, so now lets look at what really allowed this migration of manufacturing to occur, in my next post.

    2. prommie

      So, what allowed it to happen? Congress, presidents, our politicians, who all embraced "free trade" and "globalization." This was the only thing George H.W. Bush ever did, other than playing Black Sabbath records at the Vatican's Panamanian embassy. Then NAFTA, and Clinton made free trade his biggest policy, too, while warbling that factory workers could all get training and go to work on the information superhighway. Then even W campaigned on a platform of opposing "terriers and barrifs." Once upon a time, rich countries protected their manufacturing base by imposing tarrifs on imported goods from places with different standards of living, kinda like handicapping to make it an even horserace. There was also an accurate belief that only manufacturing actually creates wealth, whereas finance is kinda a parasitic endeavor. So much for that, when balanced against immediate short term gains, though. More in the next post.

        1. prommie

          Metaphorically, maybe? And we won, kinda, the insurance companies and hospital companies did, anyway, so I ain't so fuse-lighty today.

    3. prommie

      So really, it was the GOP and the Clintons and the DLC embracing "Free Trade" for the last 30 years that let the jobs go away, and they did on orders from their masters, the finance industry, the Bain Capitals. Which industry still completely owns even the Obama administration (who has been put away for the abuses that caused the financial collapse? What significant reforms or tough new regulations have been enacted to prevent it happening again? When was the last time you heard the words "antitrust enforcement action?").

      Did I mention that I have to give lots and lots of lectures?

      1. FakaktaSouth

        Right, this all makes sense. And my point was, and I did have one, besides just getting to say fuck ya to Mitt, was that he KNOWS THIS TOO, Mitt Romney and his ilk are the whoooooole reason we are where we are, yet people choose believe their lying eyes and see it all as just something Barry has done today, to the American people, with healthcare. And it makes me wanna believe in hell.

      1. prommie

        Man, you know, Tom Morrello has been calling himself a one-man revolution lately, but I don't know if the Trans Am (and I would prefer a firebird, a pre-emissions standards convertible firebird, say a 1969, a real convertible, none of that lame Burt Reynolds T-top shit) would make much of a dent unless there are more people involved. Not too into going out in a blaze of glory, even if I could say "at least for a little while sir me and her we had us some fun."

        1. Chet Kincaid

          Well of course, I meant "jumping in a Trans Am with assault rifles, shoulder-launched missiles and a map of Wal-Marts and Romney mansions with votes!!" Don't distort my words!

        2. FakaktaSouth

          Fine. I don't want to go out in a blaze of glory either, and if I got to pick the car it'd be a 69 convertible Camaro. So whatever – I don't care. I can drive all by myself (okay not a stick, shut up) but I'm getting pretty good doing all kinds of things by myself, actually. I could totally save the world without you.

  27. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    So, when Romney is defeated in November, will he outsource/offshore himself to be become President of China?

  28. SoBeach

    I worked at the company profiled in the WP article. I saw everything described in the article first hand. Yes, the company opened and expanded operations overseas. But it wasn't a case of closing sites in the US and moving their functions overseas. It was more a case of expanding operations in other regions.

    That said, everybody went to work every single day knowing that at any moment their job, their department, or their entire plant could start blinking red on a Bain spreadsheet somewhere and they'd be packing their crap and hitting the bricks. Heck, we even got management training in the proper way to handle mass layoffs (do it on Friday morning, no more than 1 hour between informing the newly ex-employees and when they're out of the building, no one is allowed to leave the building and return, etc.)

      1. SoBeach

        The article is accurate. It says that the companies added call centers and kitting/assembly operations in other parts of the world. It doesn't say that the companies then canned US workers. In most cases the companies were doing what their customers (msft, ibm, etc.) asked them to do. Business was growing in other parts of the world, and it made sense financially and logistically to locate stuff there.

        Romney is upset because his name appears too close to the word "outsourcing".

        I have all sorts of complaints about Bain, but my personal experience doesn't include watching them fire Americans and move their jobs overseas. They may have done that with other companies, but not where I worked.

    1. Guppy

      the proper way to handle mass layoffs (do it on Friday morning)

      I'm guessing they began to regret making Fridays "Bring Your Pitchfork to Work Day."

    1. proudgrampa

      He is so confused, his speech after the SCOTUS decision made him sound like a Democrat.

  29. AncienReggie

    David Korn popped a great one this morning on MSNBC, I'm told:

    "Romney has his father's great hair, but not his spine."

  30. LesBontemps

    Oh, Mittens. Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel. 'Cause now they're buying it by the barrel from China.

  31. BaldarTCrabass

    "apparently, offshoring and outsourcing are actually different processes"

    As are "fucking" and "screwing" and "fucking over."

  32. sewollef

    Meh…. show me the Rmoney.

    Last week he was pro ___, next week he'll be anti ___. The week after that, he'll be fuck knows where. Or should that be: fuck, who cares.

    See. The art of the comma! It's truly a wonderful thing, unlike mittens, who's a gormless gobshite.

  33. scvirginia

    The Romney campaign has now announced that the only reporter who will be granted access to Romney will be LZ Granderson.

  34. BaldarTFlagass

    "As president, he will implement policies that make it easier and more attractive for companies to create jobs here at home."

    Yeah, like doing away with the minimum wage, destroying unions, and giving huge tax breaks to corporations.

  35. CapeClod

    He's upset because the article failed to mention how handsome he is or how many offspring he has.

      1. Geminisunmars

        No, that's what I was doing when I was late getting home to dinner, according to my father.

  36. redarmyzombie

    Well, there's a REASON why the Romney campaign sounds like petulant whiny entitled children, and that's because…uh…because…


  37. Callyson

    Mitt Romney spent 25 years in the real world economy so he understands why jobs come and they go.

    Well, of course he does. When those jobs make money for their corporate overlords, that's why they come, and when they figure out they can make more profit by firing a bunch of people and overworking everyone else or hiring people abroad for pennies on the dollar, that's why they go…


  38. Steverino247

    OK, Romney, here's the deal. Come in to our offices in DC and we'll gather up all the editorial staff and the political reporters. You will then tell us exactly what your positions are on everything you feel is important. We will print that in our next issue. However, every time you vary from those positions, we will print on our front page what your original statement was to us and your position-of-the-day. We will also print a headline above those two columns that will read: Mitt Romney Can't Make Up His Mind. If you make us do that five times in a month, which we are confident you will, we will print a headline that reads: Mitt Romney Is Confused. Ten times in a 30 day period and we will print: Mitt Romney is a Damned Liar–Worse Than Nixon, we'll stop covering your campaign and ignore your press releases. We will deduct ten percent of our employee's salary and donate it to Obama for America.

    We await your response.

    Washington Post

  39. Chet Kincaid

    You know who else was obscenely rich, surrounded by Mormons, pissed off by "fraudulent" accounts of his life, and tried to buy the Presidency?!

    1. prommie

      Do you ever wonder if Branson will wind up wearing tissue boxes on his feet? They have similarities.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Yeah, I know. I'm not talking about a retraction. I'm talking about one of those Slate-worthy pieces where another reporter writes something like “We Why We Wrong About Bain.”

      1. bobbert

        I was going to respond at some length, but just see Chich's comment a couple spots along from here.

        I spent my career in the chip industry, and was witness to (and occasional participant in) the off-shoring of an entire manufacturing industry. It never happens like "off here / on there", because that is to risky. If the Wapoo is willing to do a little digging, I'm sure they can substantiate most of their claims. There's just a time lag to point out.

        Expansion into a lower-cost region always results in contraction (or reduced expansion) in a higher-cost region. This is something even mediocre businessmen like me understand.

  40. Chow Yun Flat

    Jobs that can be sent low cost countries–writing code in Bangalore, manufacturing plastic car parts in Guangzhou, answering customer service calls in Manila–are offshored.

    Jobs that can't be sent overseas but can be done by low wage worker casual workers in the U.S.–freight handling, truck driving, hands-on health care–are outsourced.

    Not much difference if your job was the one that was lost.

  41. barto

    If Rmoney needs a back rub and a BJ that bad he can always hop on over to Murdoch's place, or hand his copy over to CertainlyNottheNews – they seem to go with whatever.

  42. stroge

    Mitt(ens) 'Real World' experience is like saying that the cast of MTV's 27th (ugh, really?) season of 'The Real World' properly displays what it's like to be young living in America. 'Oh Ann, could you have our maid get me a new pair of 'magic socks' the one's im currently wearing are for hardwood floors only, and now that I'm sitting on the couch in the living room, I don't want to make my feet suffer without comfort.'

  43. sullivanst

    Romney campaign's petulant whining is nonsensical.

    They claim, without evidence, and in contradiction of the SEC reports on which the WaPo article was based, that the companies mentioned in the WaPo article increased their US workforces and that these jobs were "created", implying they were a net gain to the US workforce.

    Even accepting their claims at face value, their implication is garbage. The entire point of outsourcing, even domestic outsourcing, is that the outside company can perform the outsourced function more efficiently – i.e. with fewer people than performing that function in-house. There is a claim, with a certain degree of legitimacy*, that this increased efficiency will free up funds for creation of additional jobs, but the jobs "created" at an outsourcing company are basically always outnumbered by the number of jobs "creatively destroyed" inhouse, and should never in and of themselves be considered a net-increase in American jobs.

    * although as Paul Krugman has pointed out, in normal economic times even those freed-up funds will never lead to a net increase in American employment as the Fed has a target unemployment rate and tools that are usually effective in achieving it. Right now unemployment exceeds that target rate and the tools are ineffective, so right now the argument in favor of domestic outsourcing applies, but in general it does not.

  44. imissopus

    Ironically, it's Romney whining about this that has probably gotten the story thousands of additional readers who otherwise would not have ever heard about it. Way to go.

  45. ttommyunger

    Had to drop in my favorite Right Wing Watering Hole (Mulligan's, Marietta, Ga) last night to savor the SCOTUS Decision. The crying in the beer was prodigious. I didn't openly gloat since 1- It is a biker bar. 2 – The crowd was unusually surly. 3 – I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one there who was armed. 4 – My politics are well-known and since the death of my good friend, the former owner, I'm not sure how well I'll continue to be tolerated. Anyway, two things were prominent: First – they fucking hate Romney. Second – the anti-Obama vote is secure and would remain so if Charles Manson were his opponent.

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