Now smash them in the temple! HA HA!What is the funniest joke you heard today? Did it have dicks in it? It probably had dicks in it. What is the best joke Iowa congressman Tom Latham has heard lately?

“There’s a bus-ful of nuns headed toward Washington to lobby againt the Ryan Plan. Could you, do you have any power to pull the bus full of nuns over and pistol-whip them?” When he finished hearing the radio-show host telling this great joke, Latham laughed so hard great gobs of emphysema flew from his lungs, that is how hard he laughed! Chortle chortle wheeze wheeze [he died].

That is such a funny joke! Did Adam Carolla tell it to him?

You know what we at Wonkette remember so fondly? When Catholic nuns in Central America were shoved from airplanes to their deaths, and also raped and murdered a bunch. (It was cool though, our ambassador to the UN, Jeane Kirkpatrick, said they weren’t “just nuns” but were also leftists.) That is why it is particularly hilarious when people threaten to do violence to the Brides of Christ for loving poors too much. It’s funny because they’re uppity bitches!


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