• Forget drones, let's weaponize humanity!Can women have it all? Not yet! At least, not until I get an Iron Man suit — sorry, Iron Woman. [The Atlantic]
  • Are liberals hypocrites about national security?! How dare you, Salon! That’s so mean! Anyway, probably. I mean, liberal Hollywood’s movie Iron Man is about an arms dealer who forgoes making weapons — to turn himself into the ultimate weapon. [Salon]
  • Google is fighting to save 3,054 dead languages! That’s easy, just find 3,054 liberal arts students and give them each money to learn the languages so they can show off their skills at parties. Actually, you probably don’t even need to pay them. [Mashable]
  • Are you ready for Kindle diplomacy? The State Department is going to buy a ton of Kindles and give them out along with money for books! Unfortunately the idea of giving out foreign politicians Kindles is only great until we find out they’re all reading 50 Shades of Grey, or worse, Twilight. (Harry Potter means they become automatic allies.) [Slate]
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