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Women Don’t Need 3,054 Languages To Call Men Hypocrites

  • Forget drones, let's weaponize humanity!Can women have it all? Not yet! At least, not until I get an Iron Man suit — sorry, Iron Woman. [The Atlantic]
  • Are liberals hypocrites about national security?! How dare you, Salon! That’s so mean! Anyway, probably. I mean, liberal Hollywood’s movie Iron Man is about an arms dealer who forgoes making weapons — to turn himself into the ultimate weapon. [Salon]
  • Google is fighting to save 3,054 dead languages! That’s easy, just find 3,054 liberal arts students and give them each money to learn the languages so they can show off their skills at parties. Actually, you probably don’t even need to pay them. [Mashable]
  • Are you ready for Kindle diplomacy? The State Department is going to buy a ton of Kindles and give them out along with money for books! Unfortunately the idea of giving out foreign politicians Kindles is only great until we find out they’re all reading 50 Shades of Grey, or worse, Twilight. (Harry Potter means they become automatic allies.) [Slate]
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    1. Shypixel

      I think redneck is less a language than it is a developmental disability.

      And I live in Montana, so I should know…

  1. ThundercatHo

    I'd take an Ironwoman suit, especially if it meant I could hang out with Samuel L Jackson and that Thor fellow.

  2. fartknocker

    Figures that the State Department would buy Kindles. Amazon is that fine institution that's being sued by the State of Texas for not paying over $400 million in sales tax. Of course, Big Chief Pretty Hair Perry is talking about waving the taxes if they move back to Texas so we can get some more of those fucking sweet $8.00/hour jobs.

  3. BornInATrailer

    What are you girls complaining about? You "get" to do pretty much all of the ironing still.

  4. SayItWithWookies

    I’ve always thought hawkish Democrats were trying to shake off the GOP charge that their left flank caused the U.S. to lose Vietnam. Reading “The Cause,” I realized they were actually still fighting the allegation that they lost China in 1949.

    Hey Joan — liberals have been demonized as appeasers and enablers of America's commie enemies since the fuckin' Haymarket riot if not before. China? Hell, the Lincoln Brigade enlistees, who fought in the Spanish Civil War, were called "premature anti-fascists" by the American right wing at the time. Let that bit of Romneyesque wisdom sink in — they hated Hitler too soon.

    That said, conducting war is a morally repugnant business regardless of the relative rightness of any war — maybe we're giving President Obama a pass on some of that repugnance because he's promised to hold his nose and get the dirty stuff over with as soon and as effectively as possible so we can get back to the old normal instead of the new prison-state normal.

  5. ElPinche

    Joan Walsh tries so hard sometimes. But I have to remember that BushCo is about 250 light years away in blognews cycle units.

  6. ElPinche

    Also. I say bomb Syria with Kindles filled with Palin autobiographies; Bashar al-Assad will be begging for mercy. You're welcome Obama.

  7. SigDeFlyinMonky

    Cutest trick-or-treater last year for us was the princess in an iron-man mask. Literally an iron fist in a velvet glove. Hurrah for the new empowering little girl paradigm!

  8. ttommyunger

    Language, smanguage. Just so they can understand "get me a sammich, suck my dick and shut up.", amirate?

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