Your Wonkette did not go to the Vagina Monologues fun time at the Michigan State Capitol because Lansing is a long drive. Also, with that many women gathered in one place, you’re liable to attract bears. Fortunately, there were no bear attacks Monday and even more fortunately intrepid gay Todd Heywood braved this sea of vaginally endowed activists for local LGBT newspaper Between The Lines. Heywood (a fantastic journalist who’s done some incredible work on public health policy) and his employer were kind enough to share these pictures from an event Larry Craig might describe as “icky.”

When the word vagina is uttered in the men’s grill at Augusta National, it sounds like a chorus of angels singing from heaven.

Is that before or after it’s drowned in a bathtub?

Four out of five adolescent boys prefer wearing a Team Vagina baseball cap to the new Miami Marlins hat.

Thanks to Michigan’s brave lawmakers, every little girl can now dream of one day being denied the right to speak on the state House floor. USA! USA! USA!

Someone so got lucky Monday night.

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