What caused the Holocaust? (Or per Business Insider, “Why are the sources of anti-Semitism?”) Well, you could be boring about it and point to the rich vein of anti-Semitism going back to the Middle Ages in those parts of Bavaria where Hitler was strongest, and add in his need for an “other” to blame for Germany’s terrible economic situation after the Treaty of Versailles. But what are you, in grad school? Nope, much better to just go online and see what the militia folks are saying, like “Joe” the “Plumber” did!

Mr. The Plumber, who apparently would like some more attention, please, has a new ad out that explains that gun control caused both the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide. That is some First Class trolling there, Joe, but you forgot one tiny, teeny thing:

Jews don’t do guns.

[Via ThinkProgress]

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