Oh yeah like the Reagans right?Did you get that? We hope you got that. It is pretty subtle, we know, as we at Wonket are the souls of subtlety and modesty and also not being vulgar. What we were trying to intimate in our clever headline is that the Perfect and Off-Limits Virgin Mother Ann Romney is now just being a total cunt. Oh, did someone ask her about Michelle Obama’s fancee vacations? Sure. And what did she have to say about that?

Romney was responding to a question from WJR Detroit’s Frank Beckmann, who asked Romney if her family would be vacationing abroad as frequently as the Obamas.

“I doubt that,” Romney replied. “Our vacations and our happiness come from being with our children and our grandchildren.”

You know the Obamas: always just giving those awful Obama children the slip and leaving them down at the pub or maybe at the casino where they are spending their food stamps probably, right?

Yes, Ann Romney is the soul of jerk-off pious familial piety, unlike the Obamas who are too busy sex-orgying with the King of Spain to attend to their children.

But how is the perfect and off-limits Ann Romney more in touch with her commoner public than is Ms. Queenie Marie Antoinette Obama?

Ann Romney didn’t rule out vacationing at all, noting the Romney family has their “own places for that.”

“When we take a vacation, it’ll be with our children and grandchildren,” she repeated.

We would like to know about these (presumably private and palatial and Romney-owned) “own places for that.” But more to the point, fuck you Ann Romney, you vicious old slag. [TheHill]

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