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Brutal Dictator Barack Obama Rams Messican-Loving Dream Act Down Everyone’s Throat

Perhaps you remember that heady last week of the pre-Tea Party Congress, when Harry Reid pushed about 57 major pieces of legislation through the Senate. (Nancy Pelosi had already passed them all through the House in about the first day and a half, and still had time for a mani-pedi.) But the one major piece of legislation that did not pass? The DREAM Act, the one about those terrible Messican children who come here at age eight and have the nerve to want to go to college.

Well, here comes Barack Hussein NOBAMA to shove the DREAM Act down all our throats by using his executive powers in the form of an executive order telling DHS or ICE or Disney on Ice or whomever to stop deporting kids (under 30) who were here by the age of 16, and to give them work permits instead. TYRANNY! Stalin! Fidel Castro! Quick everybody, buy more guns!

What else could this brutal tyrannical dictator achieve by fiat with his iron fist? Oh, we thought of one. He could reschedule marijuana. (HAHA don’t be ridiculose.)

In the meantime, do you think all the ‘Spanics will stop being mad at Barack Obama for having actually increased deportations to an all-time high? We don’t know. You could ask one, or ask Peggy Noonan to ask one for you. [TPM]

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    1. Dashboard Buddha

      Maybe not so much. The way things are going you're going to need a degree to get a job pushing a lawn mower around. Plus, you'll need advanced degrees to be eligible to run the tractor.

      (nope, not bitter about my job search. Not.bitter.at.all)

      1. Chow Yun Flat

        One of the worst aspects of job hunting is knowing (or at least assuming) that online applications or resume scanners automatically kick out any applicant who isn't currently employed. I dropped at lot of applications into the black hole of nothingness. I was finally able to get myself in front of someone (my main skill is convincing someone to hire me–it is downhill from there) because he was a guy who had a connection with another guy.

        It is a total buyers' market for labor and it is really easy to get discouraged. Try to fight through it, DB.

  1. EatsBabyDingos

    Ha. It's not like this is going to stop Mexico from building a border moat and fence at the Arizona border.

    1. Serolf_Divad

      If it means more apocryphal headless bodies in the Arizona desert I'm all for it, too.

    1. Serolf_Divad

      So does Marcus Bachmann, oddly enough (not quesadillas, though… unless by quesadilla you mean cock.).

      1. Serolf_Divad

        My God I cannot imagine a thing that would undermine America's security and financial well-being more than having a bunch of college educated Mexicans walking around!

  2. Limeylizzie

    I'm thinking that the great minds of Campaign Romney will be throwing tacos at POTUS today.

    1. Barb

      Sis, Sarah Palin is speaking in Vegas tonight. Todd will be able to get a hooker with teeth for a change.

      1. chicken_thief

        For "a change" or for "some change" as in coined currency. I know times are tough in Vegas…

  3. mavenmaven

    Of course that means that now Arizona redneck minutemen will start shooting up our colleges and universities, for freedoms.

    1. MacRaith

      Arizona is planning to shut down all of its colleges and universities anyway, so they'll just be shooting at empty buildings.

  4. kakotechnia

    Man, Obama is the best when he trolls the right wing for the sake of freedom. Commence countdown to GOP self-dick-punching!

  5. IncenseDebate

    You know who else wanted the children of illegal immigrants to work in their country and not leave? Hint: Charlton Heston.

  6. fawkedifiknow

    If overpaying for a college education is good enough for my kids, it's damn well good enough to do to the brown skinned types, too!!

  7. Goonemeritus

    Illegal Immigration down to zero. Attempts to restrict gun ownership zero. Increases in taxation less than zero. if you listen to talk radio the government is repopulating the country with illegals who will come and take your guns and the government will double taxes to pay for it.

  8. Jus_Wonderin

    These campaigns are always so volatile, but…I love how just a few months ago gas prices were the topic and the fact that Obama was causing the rise in prices. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    You go Barrry! Give 'em hell!

  9. Poindexter718

    ¿What's "cold election year pandering" in Mescin?
    (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

  10. SaintRond

    Bienvenedos! Bienvednedos! y Salud! Salud! Just over the border from El Paso, I am the proud owner of what might be the dirtiest unisex toilet in the entire western hemisphere, nestled in the rear of a pulqueria which itself is behind a one of our three local public dead animal removal services.

    I invite every one of you motherfuckers to fill out an application to take over the duties of our janitor who killed himself last week by drowning himself in a bucket of Fabuloso, after some wag rolled in a severed human head through the door during Happy Hour.

    Peace… God bless….

  11. Billmatic

    I'm going to have a rally against this bill at El Taqueria today at 3pm.

    Oh wait they just said no, hold on. I'm calling Mi Ranchito…brb

  12. Groupshrug

    Mitt is really going to have to put on a show to get the Hispanic vote now.

    I suggest he starts singing "Besame Mucho" at his next speaking event.

  13. fartknocker

    Russell Pearce, the recalled State Senator from Aribama, just filled his man-diaper with poo upon hearing about this.

  14. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    by using his executive powers in the form of an executive order telling DHS or ICE or Disney on Ice or whomever to stop deporting kids (under 30) who were here by the age of 16, and to give them work permits instead. TYRANNY! Stalin! Fidel Castro!

    It should be noted that Castro would not be deported from the US as long as he reached dry land.

  15. lulzmonger

    Successful troll is very successful indeed.

    That weird high-pitched sound you hear is vast legions of shady businessmen across Teh Heartland whimpering like scalded bitches.

  16. An_Outhouse

    Oh boy, fresh poutrage for the weekend! This should keep the anchor baby at Faux Noose frothing until Barry changes some other federal policy just for the entertainment value.

  17. e_z

    Now we get to see how much Rubio is willing to flip and flop to be on the ticket with Romney.

    As Mitt was for the Health Care tyranny before he was against it, Rubes was for Tyranny with his Dream Act Light which is highly similar to what Obama has now done.

    You want it Rubio, time to whore yourself up.

    1. e_z

      Didn't take that long now did it? Wonder of having Mitt's mitt up his butt made it easier.

  18. sati_demise

    Man, Obama got pissed at that reporter, so pissed he decided not to have a Q&A afterwards.

    Look at him stomp off. Damn!

  19. sati_demise

    oh I am gonna go on liveblogging immigration op w/ Obama? He was mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. Fucking RUDE reporter interrupts him, who the fuck was that anyway?

  20. not that Radio

    Breitbart offers a wonderfully retro Jessie Helms "White Hands"-style critique of Obama's DREAM Act announcement.


  21. CindynEncinitas

    Commie Girl, how many times do I have to correct you? It's Metsicans. Put down the bong and come down to Cardiff. I will buy you a beer myself and have one of my Metsican friends bring it to you!

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