News Flash: What Is Texas Even Coming To When You Cannot Stand Your Neighbor’s Ground?


Sort of like an ambulanceIn a socialist nanny-state pussified strike at the heart of what it means to be an American man, a Texas jury has found Raul Rodriguez guilty of murder just because he went over to his neighbor’s house and stood his neighbor’s ground, killing said neighbor while simultaneously videotaping himself telling police dispatchers he was afraid for his life even though the neighbor was 20 feet away and had his hands up. It was obviously a clear “Stand Your Ground” winner, since Rodriguez was shouting “I’m standing my ground here!” before shooting his neighbor and his neighbor’s friends. HE RESTS HIS CASE! This, obviously, is all part of the Obama Administration’s plan to take away your guns and not let you march over to your neighbor’s house and kill him. ERIC HOLDER MUST RESIGN! [Yahoo, via Wonkette operative "Steverino247"]

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