This is your Monday Fun Post picture of famous nut Michele Bachmann dressed in some kind of furry costume whilst campaigning for reelection in Hugo, Minnesota this weekend. That’s nice. Is this because Michele Bachmann loves pork barrel spending on the pork industry, in her home state? So meta! Or maybe she is simply having a bad hair day? Ugh, your Wonkette is being sexist. Or you tell us what is happening. Caption contest!

Oh, we are just kidding. Michele Bachmann went as a human, according to some other photo she posted to her Facebook page. See look, there she is, doing a heil Hitler:

Ha ha and your Wonkette noticed that the red car and the blond lady in this photo look exactly like the red car and the blond lady from some old photo called “Michele-bachmann-hugo-parade1” in the Wonkette archives, which means maybe these photos that Michele Bachmann posted to her own Facebook page on Saturday are just photos from two years ago, who knows even.

That is what “looking through the wormhole” feels like. [Facebook]

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