They don't have streamers at straight weddings!This Thursday, Mitt Romney’s unlikable, Bill Clinton’s talking some awkward talk, and Barack Obama is making money. This is news?
  • Unlike Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney is a terrible neighbor. Somehow he is gentrifying his already rich neighborhood and alienating his gay neighbors. He clearly needs to throw a huge, weird party with celebrities and funny people and fun drugs, like truffle oil! So basically, the presidential campaign equivalent of a White House Correspondents’ Dinner. [The New York Times]
  • Speaking of Bill, he is KILLING IT as he campaigns for the president! And by killing it, we mean he is doing a weird, clunky job of it. What happened to bringing the heat, man? [Slate]
  • Speaking of President Obama, he raised a lot of campaign funds after endorsing gay marriage. So here is the gay agenda: “We want to get married!” And here is our gay agenda: “I want to go to a gay wedding so I can show off my sweet dance moves without shame!” What? Just us? Okay. [The Daily Beast]
  • Speaking of bad dance moves, let’s talk about tree-huggers and environmental protesters for one second. Go do some actual good instead of nagging us to death about leaving the lights on when we leave a room. This goes for you too, vegans and most of the characters on Portlandia. [Grist]
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