Something wickedHey all you stupid liberals who love “books” and “reading” and “Ray Bradbury,” and whose Twitter feeds yesterday STOPPED TIME in its TRACKS at the news that the 187-year-old author of Something Wicked This Way Comes had finally succumbed to oldness in Los Angeles. Guess what? Ray Bradbury hated you! Or at least he hated Bill Clinton (which is not the same as hating liberals, but whatevs) and LURVED Ronnie Raygun, lurved him so much, wanted to French kiss him for being the greatest president and giving the taxes back to the people. There. Are you sad now? Did we make you weep into your fruit-juice-sweetened tofu muesli? Fuckin’ crybabies.

From Washington Whispers:

On Reagan: “Reagan was our greatest president. He lowered our taxes and gave the money back to the people.” – At Comic-Con in 2010

It’s okay, though, don’t fret overly. He was probably just totally shitballs nuts.


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