Total bitchfaceGod what is up with that mad cow Mika Brzezinsky? More importantly, why are “Morning Joe” and MSNBC letting her be the person to moderate the panel on how the GOP blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act? Did they not notice that she is herself an un-man, and therefore must totally smear her period blood all over men’s right to earn and keep all the money, because otherwise “lawyers” and “government”?

Anyway, get a load of the lone chick on the entire show (we’re not sure why they let on even one of ’em, since punditing obviously requires physical as well as logical strength) stone cold proving that broads are too emotional and hysterical and possessed of ovaries and fallopes to be able to think clearly about things like … well, whatever they are talking about. Someone in Congress did a thing, right? We don’t know, we heard there was a new Manolo Blahnik somewhere.

Mika, you’re adorable when you’re so angry you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Cheer up, kitten. We’ll take you on a shopping spree, buy you something lacey. It’ll look even better on the floor.

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