:(Poor Tom Barrett, trying to weasel his way out of getting slapped by asking for a hug instead. NO TOM BARRETT. The lady will not hug you! SHE MAD! (We would post the video here, but it is useless, and we strongly suspect that the slap was to the shoulder or something, which is not nearly as cool as a nice bright face-slap for conceding a race while people are still voting, we don’t care what “math” says.)

But is there someone else yesterday who dreamed an unpossible dream — and who hasn’t given it up yet, and never will, because the bluebirds twittering around in her brainpan have warbled new promises to her in the secret language only they understand? There is! “Fwispdaggjerglaggjerblodt,” warbled the bluebirds! “I heed your call!” said dentist/lawyer/realtor/cosmonaut Dr. Orly Taitz, DDS MFA ETA Esq.! Then, as her eye orbs spun in their sockets, she shouted to the world from her Geocities website: THE MACHINES! After all, she is only in fourth place for the “top two” spot (ugh) to fight Dianne Feinstein lady-styley. Come to her aid, Americans!

Here, have some Orly Words, which we have run through Babelfish … oh, sorry, those were not run through Babelfish, those are the words that she did write.

The secretary of State of CA will continue counting the ballots until July 13. Currently I am 4th among 23 challengers to Feinstein. I will update you on the numbers, as more ballots are received, however the numbers are suspiciously off all 4 polls taken from March 7 until June 3rd. This is the reason, why first and for most we need transparency in the voting mchines.

At the moment nobody has a clue, how these machines are programmed. There is a high probability that different values were given to votes cast for different candidates. In Germany all electronic voting machines and electronic balot counting machines were banned because those are so easily rigged.

The fact that 4 polls were conducted, will help build a case for the need to ban the electronic voting machines and bring elections back to the people. The problem is that the judges are the product of these rigged elections: either they are a direct product of rigged elections or an indirect product, as appointees of the politicians, who are themselves the result of the rigged elections . It is hard to find a judge, who will be willing to do a thing to bring transparency back to elections and to bring transparency and accountability back to the White House and remove the criminal out of the White House.

Yeah, she’s got a point about the machines. If you want to read her next five thousand words about the corrupt GOP and the criminal’s criminal birth certificate showing that he is a criminal, and also why she will now begin her Vendetta against every single person in the nation, do, by all means, go here.

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