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Live Bloog 2: Wisconsin Recall Television Bloogaloo

Dreamboat Scott Walker

“Hey” — Barack Obama.

Hello, it is almost time for your live-bloog of the tellyvision to begin, where we will sit and watch it for the next three hours or so and all tear our hair at the same time shrieking WHERE IS WAUKESHA? (It is in Wisconsin, idiot. Everybody knows that.) No no no, WHERE ARE THE WAUKESHA VOTES? Oh right, they are in Kathy Nickolaus’s toolshed, behind the Miracle-Gro. FOR SAFETY you guys, leave Kathy Nickolaus alone!

Anyhoo, get your beverages. Your Wonkette is out of beer and wine, and the rest of her liquor bottles have one half inch of EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUSLY watery-looking liquor in the bottom of each. (Teen kid.) But there is one new bottle of Stoli, ice, and limes. See you on the flip side.

8:05 PM — This nice lady on The Ed Schultz Show is explaining that 119 % turnout is actually not a Chicago/ACORN joke, it is a possible true number, due to same-day registration. That is a good clarification to know! (GOOD FOR CHICAGO UNION THUGZ.)

8:08 PM — It is sort of annoying to watch a news show with a hooting partisan audience, maybe? (The only hooting partisan audience we like is YOU.) So we have switched it over to the nonpartisan O’Reilly Factor. Did you know he is an Independent? Sure, why not! It is “true.”

5:14 PM — Once you are done reading Charles P. Pierce, on kid troubles at the polls over at Esquire, YOU COME RIGHT BACK HERE. No lollygagging around reading the rest of his brilliances! You get home!

“This is what I did,” she told the guy from the election board, who was sitting on a window sill, while an observer from the state Democratic party looked on. “I took the turnout from 2008 and 2010 and I averaged them, and I ordered 1100 ballots for 203. They sent me 700. And I’m also thinking that my own estimate was low. So, I sent something I thought was low, and they didn’t even send me that many. The rest of them are back in the warehouse. Now, I’m thinking there’s going to be a rush at about five o’clock when people get out of work, and they’re telling me to call them when I get down to 100 ballots left. I’m going to call them when I have 200 ballots left, just to make sure there’s enough time for them to get here.”

Good luck, nice poll lady!

8:31 PM — Some person on twitterz reminds us of this greatness, dedicated to all the ACORN Thugz.

8:40 PM — This ancient person on The Ed Show tells us that Wisconsin was the first state, in 1959, to allow public unions to bargain collectively. #learning

8:50 PM — Oh. Horrors.

9:01 PM — The polls are totally not closing any time soon, so your Editrix will tell you a tragic tale of woe. (The Stoli is kicking in, we are pretty sure.) Once, in a small seaside California town, there was SUCH A CLOSE ELECTION. It was for County Supervisor. And one guy was a dick, and the other guy was an awesome veterinarian Mr. Cool Guy. And it was so close that there were a million recounts, and it came down to the provisional ballots (which you cast when for some reason they lost your name at the precinct.) Well! The county had fucked up the precincts on the sample ballots — the county had — and when people called the county registrar they were told to vote provisionally, and they did, and then they came to court and testified about all of it, and the judge, a Reagan appointee, ruled that the onus was on them to figure out their proper precincts EVEN THOUGH EVEN THE FUCKING COUNTY REGISTRAR WASN’T SURE, and invalidated all their ballots and Mr. Cool Guy Awesome Veterinarian lost, and the dick Republican won.

Our point (if we have one?) is FUCKIN ARGH YOU GUYS we think we might be already drunk. Also: this is not going to come down to “turnout.” It is going to come down to some fucking Walker-appointee judge.


9:10 PM — Your Kirsten Boyd Johnston sends you this, because she loves you.

That’s right. Fox News is scared of hippies. They probably would duck Jamie Kilstein too!

9:22 PM — Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Bullshit is fucked up and bullshit.

9:27 PM — One percent reporting! Walker 54/Barrett 46! EVERYBODY KILL YOURSELF AIYEEEEEEE!

9:31 PM — How will you kill yourself? Probably poison, don’t you think? Yes, “poison” sounds nice. TIME TO FREAK OUT. (For the next five weeks.)

9:53 PM — Confidential to the person whose Google search “Who tried to assassinate Gerald Ford” brought him to Wonket: IT WAS SQUEAKY FROMME, and the other one whose name no one knows because she was not named “Squeaky.”

9:56 PM — NBC has called the race for Scott Walker. We will believe it when we sober up and see it.

10 PM — DING DING DING! Commenter “Barto” figured out the mystery of the tragic county supervisor race. It was Bill Wallace, in Santa Barbara, and there has never been a fact in the history of the universe that has not been discovered by one commenter or another. Barto gets … nothing, as per usual.

WHO CALLS A RACE WITH 21 PERCENT? What kind of fucking nonsense is that?

10:06 PM — Seriously, we are not buying it AT ALL. We have vague hazy memories of other times a race has been called before it was won — can’t quite place where! — and we carry no brief for NBC. FO SHO.

10:10 PM — Well we for seven (please don’t make us do math) hope to fuck Tom Barrett doesn’t do anything stupid like CONCEDE before the fucking VOTES are counted. It’s just this weird hangup, we know, wanting to see the actual numbers. Haha, so silly, us!

10:27 PM — And now we shall pass out in a puddle of our own vague discontent (and limey vodka). Y’all hang out and watch the tellyvision without us. Someone please be sure to lock up when you leave.

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      1. flamingpdog

        Actually, that would be a transparietal lobotomy, but I only say that because I'm an anatomist AND an asshole.

      2. flamingpdog

        Actually, that would be a transparietal lobotomy, but I say that only because I'm an anatomist AND an asshole.

    1. flamingpdog

      One eye is definitely higher than the other. Bad swaddling technique on his mama's part.

  1. Antispandex

    The dreaded "What does it mean" moments are about to begin. Now, where did I leave the weed I was saving.

    1. fuflans

      right. this is the thing i most dread and will in fact leave the radio off for the next four days ("news cycle")

      and yes, i meant 'radio'.

    1. Boojum

      Barrett is, as of now, getting his ass beaten. I hope they counted Walker votes first.

  2. ElPinche

    I have a bad feeling that Kochnut may win. My wonkettey feelings are tingling (which is a diarrhea feeling). If he wins, I'm going zombie on someone and mail their half-eaten parts .

    1. Butch_Wagstaff

      Please save the brain. You could mail it to our beloved guv Bob McDonnell. He needs one.
      Also, a bit of a heart.

      1. DustBowlBlues

        Gov. Mattress Mary down here in the Dust Bowl could use a big chunk of each. Bitch.

          1. SorosBot

            Same here in the Northeast, plus the sun's down now anyway. I was disappointed at the clouds and had hoped I could catch a glimpse live but it was not to be.

          2. Lascauxcaveman

            Out here on the extreme NW corner, it's clear skies and blowing 20mph.

            Damn, I could be watching this thing live if I'd scored some #14 welding goggles. (The forecast for tonight said rain.)

          3. UW8316154

            Slightly east of your extreme NW corner (i.e., Skagit), mixed clouds with some clearing on the horizon.

  3. BarackMyWorld

    Live Bloog 2: Wisconsin Recall Television Bloogaloo

    Ain't no party like a Republican Party because a Republican Party always finds new people to screw.

    1. DustBowlBlues

      As they turn rich folks into millionaires and millionaires into billionaires and, therefore, enlarge their base.

  4. weejee

    leave Kathy Nickolaus alone!

    Kathy does better with stuffing than Richard J. Daley.

    / The Thanksgiving Turkey weeps

  5. Corrugated Palin

    Wisconsin has same-day registration; that percentage is "119% of voters registered pre-election".

    Not that this'll stop Breitbart from arguing it to be proof that ACORN tried to steal the election, of course.

  6. barto

    Miraculously, voter turnout in some areas is up to 119% (say whaaa?) Apparently latest librul vote fraud tactic is hiding voters in the woodshed until election time. Basterds!

    1. Antispandex

      Voter turn out is actually down 1%. The Republinuts were aiming for an even 120. More proof of Democratic election fraud. I AM THE 119% !!! (I really don't live there, but this would be a fun time to be in the Cheese State).

  7. Limeylizzie

    I am sitting in sunny LA on our deck watching hummingbirds and finches, my trusty cats, Neville and Fiona by my side and I see this fucking, cuntish, lop-sided, wall-eyed freak and I wonder if God is in His Heaven and if all is right with the world.

    1. chascates

      Didn't go to the Diamond Jubilee? I loved the family swaying to the 'Hornpipe' which I believe is actually titled 'Jack's a lad' or something like that.

          1. Limeylizzie

            Krauts, every last one of them, look at Princess Anne, British people don't look like that.

          2. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

            Bastards open their presents on Christmas Eve, because they're a bunch of sausage-munching imposters.

          3. flamingpdog

            I posted this just for you last night, Ll, but in case you didn't see it, I know you get hot over uniforms so I thought you'd like this.

          4. BearNoLike

            Offshore-country-starting… well… effing whackos, really, when you think about it.

            Seriously, though? Who would be dumb enough to invent a currency that could unite disparate cultures with similar core interests that equalize and support economies that would regularly trade anyway, and wait look a flotilla.

            Nice Hat, Old. West Ham are you serious???!?!?!@#$P#@FOOK

          5. Beanball

            Prince Phillip is a Greek. Greek, I tell you.

            And yes, the House of Windsor is actually the House of Saxe-Coburg.

            Which is wut makes them fookin Brits.

          6. Negropolis

            But, Katie Middleton is from the isles and Diana brought in some native blood, so you'll have a fairly indigenous monarch one of these days.

      1. TribecaMike

        This Jubilee thing is going over like gang-busters in the Irish-American community. (I had to invent a whole new level of snark for that one.)

      1. Limeylizzie

        I'll ask MrLimeyLizzie what he thinks about that, we've been together for 10 years so he may be over me by now.

        1. flamingpdog

          Once Rmoney gets in the (once again, and VERY) White House, you might be able to have a sister wife. How do you look in drag, Booj?

    2. Mittens Howell, III

      " fucking, cuntish, lop-sided, wall-eyed freak"

      That's a face only money could love.

        1. SorosBot

          But so what if we got 8 years of W, Nader voters got to stay pure and anyway Bush and Gore were EXACTLY THE SAME!! Obama's just as bad as Romney because he's not perfect on a few issues so vote for the racist woman-hating lunatic Ron Paul instead, because of pot and war!

          1. Diabeetis

            I don't support Paul, either, sorry. Nice try, though.

            And Gore actually lost because of the Supreme Court and vote fraud, the latter of which the Democrats were too gutless to call for investigations into.

          2. SorosBot

            And because of everyone who voted for Ralph Nader, which was the exact same fucking thing as voting for George W. Bush.

          3. tessiee

            Granting that Gore ran a pretty half-assed campaign, thereby making the election easier for Jebbie and the Supremes to steal — Nader didn't take any votes away from bush.

          4. Wile E. Quixote

            Oh for fuck's sake. Saying that Gore lost because of Nader is like saying that Gore lost because of everyone who voted for the Socialist Worker's Party in Florida. Seriously, if everyone who voted for the SWP had voted for Gore instead of the SWP candidate Gore would have won Florida. Gore lost because he was a shitty campaigner, because he picked a completely useless piece of shit as his VP and because the Supremes got involved. If Gore had won his home state of Tennesee, which Clinton/Gore won in 1996 he would have been president.

          5. Doktor StrangeZoom

            I'm way too lazy to look up the numbers, but didn't the fuckups caused by the butterfly ballots in Palm Beach County alone outnumber the intentional votes for Nader statewide?

            Mind you, Elderly Jews for Buchanan could always make a comeback.

          6. Diabeetis

            Exactly. The same people (still) bitching about Nader could just as easily as blamed the other third-party candidates running or the Floridians who didn't vote.

            Bill Bradley should have gotten the nomination, or at least been Gore's running mate.

          7. MilwaukeeKent

            Exactly right, my favorite fact from that 2000 cluster fuck is when the press polled their efforts and actually counted all the votes. Gore team just wanted to recount urban areas, because of course that's where their missing votes would be. He would have lost, Bush team, trying to run out the clock, wanted every county recounted. Done that way, Bush would have lost. We went through the glory hole and it's been weirdness ever since.

        2. Diabeetis

          Yeah, because voting for pro-capitalist Democrats (including the one currently in the White House) who have been shafting the working class and the middle class right along with the Republicans for the past four decades is no less folly.

          1. Dr. Nick Riviera

            Please. You can argue that there isn't enough of a difference between Dems and Republicans, but you can't argue that one is not significantly better for you than the other unless you are a rich white male who doesn't give a shit about anyone other than yourself.

          2. SorosBot

            Oh. so what if many poor women die in back-alley abortions after Roe v Wade is overturned, at least Diabeetis didn't have to sully himself by voting for a Democrat who is not good enough!

          3. Diabeetis

            That's a pretty ironic thing to say considering it's actually rich white male liberals who push the lesser-evil nonsense most often (because they're economically and socially cushioned from the negative consequences of broken promises and compromise from the Democratic Party). By contrast, much of the non-white and non-rich Democratic base has gotten fed up and just stays home.

            And for the record, I'm part-Latino and have been unemployed for over two years.

          4. Dr. Nick Riviera

            The most enthusiastic voters heading into the 2012 election are African Americans and teabaggers. Poor people vote in lower numbers in part because they have a nasty habit of being disenfranchised.

            And for the record I'm 100% Latino whatever that has to do with anything.

          5. Diabeetis

            Well, you're the one who seemingly implied the only ones who were angry at Obama and the Democratic Party were wealthy white progressives.

          6. Dr. Nick Riviera

            lol, no. I said the only people who could argue there is no difference are rich, white males (and let me go ahead and throw in "straight"). And that is because for every single other group there is SOMETHING that Dems offer that Republicans don't. Now, as I originally said, you can say "That's not enough! 2 parties should differ more" but you can't say "Meh, no difference at all" because the only people that could possibly be true of are rich, white, straight males-progressive or not.

          7. Diabeetis

            My black Marxist union member friend who sees no difference between the Democrats and Republicans would disagree with you on that.

          8. Wile E. Quixote

            And for the record, I'm part-Latino and have been unemployed for over two years.

            And for the record I'm a white guy and have one leg. What the fuck does that have to do with anything again?

          9. alteredimages

            It means you, the black Marxist, and the unemployed Latino better walk into a bar and start a joke soon.

          10. CapnRadio

            If it's the one where, when the bartender asks them, "What'll you have?" they answer "Black Russian," "Margarita on the rocks," and "I'm stumped," I've heard it.

          11. SorosBot

            Please. Voting third party is the exact same thing as voting for the Republicans, who much, much worse on shafting the working class (not to mention women, gay people, non-white people, etc).

            Why do you want Mitt Romney to be in charge alongside John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?

          12. Diabeetis

            Women and non-white people are getting the shaft by the Democrats, too. Try again.

          13. Diabeetis

            And you really think the Republicans are going to commit political suicide by actually seeing to it that Roe v. Wade will get overturned?

            Oh, and please explain to me how it's different when a Democratic president does the same things as his Republican predecessor (i.e. supporting more neo-liberalism and turning Afghan children into red mist).

          14. Boojum

            Yes, I do. And it is different because the Democrat works to ramp it down, instead of up. If McCain had been elected, we would be blowing up Iranians as we speak.

          15. Diabeetis

            Obama *has* been ramping it up, and we're getting ready to blow up Iranians any day now.

            So dead Afghan civilians are alright with you as long as a Democrat is in charge. Okay, got it.

          16. Boojum

            I just read all of your posts, since the beginning. You, sir or madam, are a concern troll. Begone.

          17. SorosBot

            Nah, this is a purity troll, not a concern troll; both are very annoying but they are different animals.

          18. miss_grundy

            We would also be on the way to blowing up Syrians because McCain and Romney are now interested in getting into the fight there. But they haven't volunteered their children for the fight.

          19. Designer_Radio

            Yes, and you get to not change any of that by voting with the other 2% of ideologues for a third party candidate, instead of making a difference by voting in The Much Much Lesser Of Two Evils, (or) the Party That Didn't Start The Two Longest Concurrent Wars In American History That Turn MiddleEastern Children Into Red Mist.

          20. SorosBot

            No no, see, Obama and Romney are exactly the same, see, because Obama isn't a 100% perfectly pure liberal and he hasn't used his magic powers to make Congress do whatever he wants to push through a pure liberal agenda that would never really pass.

          21. neiltheblaze

            What bothers me most about him is his refusal to wear his Superman costume. We would have had single payer.

          22. tessiee

            He should tell Congress he wants to abolish corporate taxation, disband all social services, and overturn Roe v. Wade. They'd do the exact opposite because Obama said it.

          23. Dr. Nick Riviera

            Yes, because they appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court who do their dirty work for them.

          24. SorosBot

            Oh right, so a President Romney wouldn't appoint more Supreme Court Justices like Alito and Roberts who make Scalia look moderate. And Obama doesn't do the exact same thing as W – do you think he would have ever given us health care reform? Or that Gore would have invaded Iraq, or McCain pulled out?

            We understand, you want the Republicans to ruin this country so you can claim you were pure by not sullying yourself by voting for a Democrat who is just not good enough. But don't lie to us and claim there is no difference when there are huge differences.

          25. miss_grundy

            There will always be people who will never be happy because the Dem isn't pure enough. Have these people been sleeping for the past three years? This man has been called a socialist, a communist, a Kenyan, a terrorist and everything else under the sun. He is the only one who believes in pay equity for women, the right to birth control and abortion, in health care for Americans. What does the other party want? They want this country to turn around and go back about 150 years, so that women, minorities and anybody they don't like do not have any rights in this country. There will always, always, be stupid people who will vote against their own interests. The "purists" are stupid because no one will ever be good enough. These are the people who will cut off their own noses to spite their faces.

          26. SorosBot

            I think some of the purity trolls must like being losers. They always want to complain that any given Democrat is really a Republican, regardless of their record, and would rather see Republicans in office then a Democrat who is not quite good enough for them. They'd rather have the country go to hell, so they can say they were fighting the good, pure fight and not making any of those messy compromises like actually voting for the best candidate who can actually win.

            But hey, Obama hasn't given us true socialized medicine instead of a compromise that could actually pass, legalized pot, or completely eliminated the military, therefore he's just like Romney/McCain!

          27. kingofmeh

            however cynical one is, it's pretty hard to look back and say that president gore would have been just as bad as president bush.

          28. tessiee

            Please, Gore couldn't have been worse than bush if he'd personally flown a plane into the World trade Center.

          1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

            Damn it! If only the Dems had run the undead corpse of Lombardi, they would have walked away with this!

    1. Dr. Nick Riviera

      The only things you can count on in life are death and democratic foul-ups

  8. bumfug

    If Jonah Goldberg wimps out, maybe Jamie Kilstein can beat the fuck out of Walker instead.

  9. Blueb4sunrise

    I'm listening to Townes van Zandt, so that whatever happens in Wisc., It'll be an upper.

  10. fitley

    Teabagger votes count as two because of the extra scrotum laying across their forehead.

  11. kingofmeh

    exit polls indicate obama leading romney by six points. that's good on two fronts; one, it may indicate strong D turnout, and two, a no vote can't be spun as an anti-obama vote.

  12. JackDempsey1

    Prediction: Walker will take the whole enchilada.
    And by enchilada, I mean a delicious food substance consumed in places elsewhere, but not here, and certainly not by someone who votes here, because, c'mon.
    Prediction (edit): Walker will take the whole enchilada, but will consult with several Koch operatives about how to delicately broach the subject of enchilada consumption.

    1. ThundercatHo

      If Walker does take the whole enchilada (and by enchilada I mean a giant, brass studed, superheated dildo) I hope he takes it up the ass. Repeatedly.

    2. tessiee

      I don't know, doesn't "enchilada" sound kinda…
      I predict that Walker will take a corn dog, but because of faulty depth perception, will stab himself in the forehead with the stick.

  13. coolhandnuke

    As a legally state approved (Oregon) cannabis grower, my green godesses are ready for sampling and tonight is prime for some THC….and drink my bong water Scott Walker you slimy twerp.

    1. chascates

      I look forward to making your acquaintance whenever I finally make the move to Oregon.

      1. coolhandnuke

        I'm in the North Coast Region–Manzanita–and I will extend a ripe dank olive branch to cement the bond.

  14. Diabeetis

    Perhaps Wisconsin Democrats would have had a better shot of kicking Walker out if they had voted for Kathleen Falk in the recall primary instead of, you know, the same guy who lost the first time around.

    Not that being thrown under the bus by the Democratic Party elite has helped matters, either, of course.

    1. Negropolis

      The Dem nominee could have been Jesus atop a glorious, sparkling unicorn and it would not have mattered. This isn't about who did and didn't come to the state, or who was or wasn't nominated. This is about one party afraid to shoot, and one who will waste your life on a busy , urban sidewalk in broad daylight and call it self defense. This is about one party that doesn't have any qualms about bringing ricin to a knifefight.

      When Dems can get over their qualms about what it takes to play to win, maybe we'll actually start winning consistently in competitive races instead of it looking like a crap shoot every time. When all the other side understands is power and force, and all that we're willing is to play "fair", we're going to get similar results, every time.

      Does anyone think if the tables were turned and this was the recall of a Democratic governor that there would be a significant section of the Republican electorate that would fret over the very principle of a recall? That's exactly what happened, here.

      One of these days, it's going to dawn on the Dems that in order to get into positions of helping people that they are going to have to want to win more than wanting to be "right."

      BTW, I'm just glad we didn't spend more money than we did for this mixed result. In a way, it's kind of a good thing that Walker and his Kochwhores had to max out their credit cards to keep his seat and lose the state senate. So, I guess we got the result we we're willing to pay for, maybe.

  15. imissopus

    OT but my Facebook alter ego had an entertaining encounter with some Paulbots while cheating on Wonkette with another blog. I very quickly got one guy to call me a communist and another to suggest that since we live in the same city, we meet up so he can kick my ass, because I am a loser whose ass NEEDS to be kicked. Then he called me an uneducated snark-trolling chode (paraphrasing that) and muttered something about Obama having unleashed the Stuxnet virus, and Stuxnet being responsible for the nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan last year, the result of which is that there is radiation in California now. What that had to do with anything I am not sure, but it was damned entertaining. Those Paulbots can be so much fun. I suppose we should thank Reagan for closing all the mental institutions, otherwise we would have missed out.

    1. cheetojeebus

      That Stuxnet is one clever mutha fukkin piece of code, geeze, able to cause a massive tsunami? Crack containment pools for stored rods..wow.

      1. imissopus

        The exact quote was Your President had a hand in creating Stuxnet and may have caused a meltdown worse than Chernobyl and the radiation is in CA… So he didn't actually SAY he was talking about Japan, though I think it's a safe bet.

        The first guy was blaming Ron Paul's poor showing in the primaries on the GOP hacking the electronic voting machines. Which actually wouldn't surprise me, but what about states that didn't use those machines? These morons are so far down the rabbit hole they're going to pop up in China.

    2. Sharkey

      You, sir or madam, are a hero and a patriot.

      I would call you out on the "cheating on Wonkette" thing, but in reality we should all be more like you.

  16. Mittens Howell, III

    Reading this thread is like walking into Cheers, except everyone is smellier and drunker.

    On the upside, Kelsey Grammer wouldn't dare show his pasty face around here.

      1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

        "How's it going Mr. Romney?"

        "I've got the old fire in the belly."


        "Well, I fired 200 people at the pork belly plant."

    1. FakaktaSouth

      I would like to state for the record that I smell fantastic, like skinny Kirstie Alley maybe, but I say dumb shit like Cliff. AND I have to tell you how much it hurts me that Frazier is such a tool in real life. Just, gross.

        1. tessiee

          No, he's the shit. I've seen him on a number of different talk shows. He's awesome in real life, too.

    2. coolhandnuke

      Last night I had a dream where I was dining with Norm, my girlfriend and Punky Brewster at the Hungry Heifer. I guess I shouldn't mix bacon and Dead Guy Ale after 10 pm.

    3. Dr. Nick Riviera

      He only shows up in the finest material like An American Carol or if there are some sexy babysitters around

    4. AncienReggie

      I'm pretty sure SorosBot is actually Kelsey Grammer. Or Woody Harrelson, I get them mixed up.

      1. SorosBot

        Hey now, I was still in high school when Cheers ended! And I'm probably more like Clavin than anyone else on the show.

        1. tessiee

          Cliff Clavin voice/accent:

          I, eh, think you're mistaken, theah, Soros. Maaa and I were watchin the History Channel, and it eh, seems that the word "Soros", theah, comes from the ancient Greek for commenta. And then the word "Bot", that's from your ancient Romans, they carried on the tradition by chiselng their comments into clay tablets from the rivahbed, theah.

    5. fuflans

      if we could all walk into Cheers the wonkette girls would hug you.

      with abandon.

      and we don't smell in any way you don't want us to…

    6. tessiee

      "On the upside, Kelsey Grammer wouldn't dare show his pasty face around here."

      Not enough strippers.

  17. Blendergoathead

    I'm cautiously optimistic, but if the count goes against Walker, I'm sure there are *just enough* "misplaced" votes waiting in various locations to bring him back into the game.

    Mmmmmm… vodka.

    1. Millennial Malaise

      Sigh. The cynic in me says that there's no way Koch Bros Inc is gonna let their big investment go to waste.

  18. randcoolcatdaddy

    I have a theory that Nature abhors too much vile rot and will eventually eliminate it. No matter what the outcome, win or lose, there will be corruption charges in Walker's future.

    Of course, that theory doesn't work with Dick Cheney or Wall Street bankers since they are Satan incarnate.

  19. chascates

    7:23 PM – Today
    Herman Cain: If Walker Loses, You May As Well Write Wisconsin Obituary
    THEHermanCain @ THEHermanCain : I told @cavuto on @Foxnews: If #scottwalker loses u may as well write obituary for #wisconsin. Dens & unions win right to keep status quo!

    1. DustBowlBlues

      Since you're covering winger tweeters, how about letting us know how Sarah explains how this upsets her, the half-term guv.

      1. chascates

        She issued a support tweet for him last week and will crow if he wins, ignore if he loses.

        1. TribecaMike

          But will she go his bail when the time comes? Or does David Koch already have that covered?

    2. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

      As opposed to working people being repeatedly skullfucked for their Ameros until they die a painful, uninsured death?

  20. alteredimages

    I resent the fact that Walker is wearing a DEVO New Traditionalists hair helmet. He is no spud.

  21. DustBowlBlues

    I refused to make dinner for the Old Man because I knew you guys would be here, but I'm sad I missed saying something rude to my favorite ginger, the barely legal age editor.

    1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

      But it is dark out, when Gingers usually scurry about safe from the sun. I"m hoping that Newell will join the fun.

      1. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

        He'll scuttle back from a darkened liquor store with smokes and vodka and be with us soon, I expect.

  22. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    You know, I used to think Wisconsin would be a neat place to live if I could stand being away from the coast, but between Scott Walker and Greta Van Sustren, I'm wondering if the Eye of Cheney shining down from Wyoming has not cast an evil spell on the entire state.

    1. weejee

      Well, the Mayor of Milwaukee when we first moved to Wisconsin was a guy name of Frank Zeidler and he was a socialist even while Joltin' Joe McCarthy, the junior senator, was pulling commies out of thin air. That took some huevos, Frank not Joe obvs.

    2. DustBowlBlues

      Oklahoma was a socialist state at the Constitutional Convention, then Bill Murray, who would go on to glory as the Guv, Alfalfa Bill Murray, (the guy I mentioned on a thread a few days ago who declared war on Texas) and a few of his cronies ran them out of the state.

        1. Beowoof

          Well most modern Americans are not aware of the right wing screwing they will have coming. I am afraid only another depression will make that clear to bring back socialism.

          1. scvirginia

            I think of history as cyclical: one generation fights to redress serious injustices & they achieve some progress. The next generation takes that progress for granted & by the 3rd generation, complete amnesia has set in & the labor leaders' grandkids are wondering why businesses must be hamstrung with needless rools, regz & worker protectionz. Then they will get screwed over & the progressive movements will once again look viable & even necessary.

        2. George Skullfry

          Probably Missoula. I know there was a branch of my commie Norsk family tree in Missoula.

    3. SorosBot

      Wayne: "So, do you come to Milwaukee often?"
      Alice Cooper: "Well, I'm a regular visitor here, but Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. The French missionaries and explorers began visiting here in the late 16th century."
      Pete: "Hey, isn't "Milwaukee" an Indian name?"
      Alice Cooper: "Yes, Pete, it is. In fact, it was originally an Algonquin term meaning "the good land.""
      Wayne: "I was not aware of that."
      Alice Cooper: "I think one of the most interesting things about Milwaukee is that it's the only American city to elect three Socialist mayors."
      Wayne (to the camera): "Does this guy know how to party or what?"

      1. George Skullfry

        In grade school in Shorewood (which abuts Milwaukee), I learned that Milwaukee meant, loosely, "place of the stinking waters". Mudflats by the lake, y'know.

  23. Jerri

    I hope the Great Dane is serving pitchers of tasty beer, because that will be entertaining TV.

      1. Jerri

        Haha, no, it is a brew-pub about two blocks from the Capitol building. They have lots of fantastic beer, a lovely little beer garden and giant, tasty nachos that I don't at all miss like the dickens right now.

        (It is where the Ed Show on MSNBC is broadcasting from right now.)

  24. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Wisconsin Recall drinking game:

    1) Every time an announcer says "It's too close to call," Drink

    2) Every time you see Scott Walker and want to slap him: Drink.

    3) Every time some pundit says this is a referendum on Obama: Drink.

    4) Every time some pundit says this represents the death of Unions: Chug.

    5) Every time someone says "We are now going to Madison": Take a bong hit.

    6) Every time someone says "Walker is leading": finish the bottle and hit yourself over the head with it.

    1. ProgressiveInga

      And for those of us who no longer drink,

      7) If Walker wins, call your sponsor

    2. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

      SLndakl assddn vodka shooters asndkj askdf aad fiwuhtk GIANT FUCKING SNAKE an aithahe nsnks. Cairo! Loasdfn pwero witn gns gdids feel a touch ill.

    3. SorosBot

      Sadly, I don't have any alcohol tonight, and the state stores have been closed for over an hour now so it's way too late to get any.

      1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

        Ah, Sorosbot, get out to the coast, I'll get you drunk and stoned. Its lotus land out here.

  25. chascates

    PBS Newshour just finished with the roll of (mainly) kids who died in Afghanistan. God damn it, can't we just declare victory and leave?!?!?

  26. Barb

    I just got back from voting here in New Mexico. The place had no A/C and the line was long. Got me a "I voted" sticker.

    1. flamingpdog

      No flag pin? Bunch o' Commonists there in the Square State With a Dangly Thing At The Bottom.

    2. MosesInvests

      Voted last week here in Tejas. Long line here, too. Got me a "Yo vote' " sticker to piss off the wingnuts (the few that we allow in the People's Republic of Austin).

  27. Jerri

    Man, I just want it to be over. This waiting is horrible. Not enough beer/antacids in the world for this right now.

  28. barto

    THIS JUST IN: busloads of Canadians being driven to WI polling locations and let out for a "smoke break". No telling what could happen here. As reported by some guy on a mobile phone in hush hush tones to Fox Gnus, he was told to get on the bus so he did it. Smart guy! Now he's an undercover reporter for a major Gnus outlet. Even smarter! Good times!

    1. TribecaMike

      The Medicine Hat contingent started brawling with the Ungava Bay crowd, and then a hockey game broke out. At least word, the death toll is in the single digits.

  29. Jerri

    "Zero percent reporting and too close to call!"

    I mean, really Rachel Maddow? Really? What the fucking fuck with that bullshit.

    (Edit: This was about 3 minutes after the polls closed with people still in line to vote, by the way.)

  30. DustBowlBlues

    0% 0%. I don't need a degree in Pol. Sci (although I do) to know that's too close to call. How about simply saying "no votes have been counted".

  31. BarackMyWorld

    Scott Walker is Ann Coulter's second favorite Wisconsin politician, after Joe McCarthy.

    1. chascates

      She really did stick up for McCarthy, she's such a nut case! From the June 1 LarryFlynt,com blog:
      When the name Ann Coulter is mentioned, a flood of words comes to mind: mean, angry, extremist, conservative, inflammatory, hideous, arrogant, male. Regarding that last adjective, we are speaking specifically of a male who is angry because he looks like a woman — sort of. You could throw the adjective ugly into the mix, but that’s probably redundant. Seriously, how many men have you seen in a dress who are good-looking?

      1. BarackMyWorld

        I'm probably in the minority on this, but I think making fun of her looks seems unnecessary considering how ugly she is on the inside.

          1. Butch_Wagstaff

            Same here. I've never cared for "Annie is a tranny!" jokes. The major reason I object to such jokes is that all the M2F transgendered persons I've met tend to be very smart & extremely tolerant individuals.
            EDIT: same for the F2M folks I ever met.

      2. tessiee

        "Seriously, how many men have you seen in a dress who are good-looking?"

        From the tv show "My So-Called Life":
        Patty: Your brother is always so difficult to get along with.
        Graham: He only acts that way because he's insecure.
        Patty: Well, that's no excuse. I mean, who Isn't insecure?
        Graham [thinks]: RuPaul?
        Patty [considers]: Yeah, actually, he seems pretty comfortable with himself.

    1. BarackMyWorld

      Every time one dies, a new Number 2 else takes their place. Like on "The Prisoner."

    2. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

      I was remarking on that earlier. When El Shrub was Presidente, it always used to be the #3 person in Al-Q getting offed, but now Bammaz did over #1, it's always the #2.

      Who volunteers for that job? Might as well call in the drone strike yourself.

    3. flamingpdog

      In Soviet Al Qaeda, your leaders are number two.
      In America, leaders number two on you.

  32. el_donaldo

    I'm out of tonic water, so I'm drinking straight gin. In solidarity, brothers and sisters, in solidarity.

    1. flamingpdog

      Our editrix lives in California. Have you ever seen the two in the same room at one time? I mean, except for the face, the neck, the boobs, the legs, (?naughty pieces – sorry, BarackMyWorld, I'm kind of in a rotten mood tonight) and the personality, they could be separated at birth!

      1. TribecaMike

        Interesting, thanks. Having once lived in the area, I got a chuckle from the article informing its readers of the pronunciation of Huachuca.

  33. coolhandnuke

    Anne Coulter: "If he loses the entire country will be California."

    Would someone please tweet this rancid crone and remind her about the Gray Davis recall and Arnold.

      1. coolhandnuke

        I believe it was Bill Maher who described Coulter's penis/pussy as looking like a combination of Spiro T Agnew, three pounds of chewed up bubble gum and Yogi Berra's catchers mitt from the '55 World Series.

    1. TribecaMike

      She knows, but as long it doesn't effect book sales and speechifying fees, she couldn't care less.

  34. CapnRadio

    8:05 PM
    8:08 PM
    5:14 PM

    Time travel on voting day? I call ACORN shenanigans! O'Keefe! O'KEEEEEEEEEEFE!

    1. PubOption

      My computer looks to be showing the time/date as GMT, so it's already Wednesday morning.

  35. Diabeetis

    Walker leads with Wisconsin households with children.

    Does having children turn one into a reactionary schmuck? It seems like that with a lot of people I know.

  36. chascates

    Robert Costa ‏@robertcostaNRO

    A girl brings in a crumpled cable bill. Fills out a sheet. Votes. ‪#milwaukee

  37. Fare la Volpe

    MSNBC is forcing Rachel to report that things are "too close to call" with only 1% in.
    CNN has Wolf Blitzer's nasty mug saying absolutely nothing, but with more repetition, redundancy, tautology.
    FOX News is screaming invective against Obama because, unlike Walker, he's not a "leader."
    And HLN is reporting on a gay porn star serial killer cannibal. Lovely.

      1. Fare la Volpe

        One of the old bitties who called in referred to the host as "Dr. Jew," so that was a plus.

  38. FakaktaSouth

    How do teevee people say "High turnout usually favors the Democrats" AND "We are a center right country." Both of those things cannot be true at the same time. And don't start with me about how sucky and right wing dems are, y'all know what I am saying.

  39. BarackMyWorld

    Not to criticize her job performance, but Alex Moe on MSNBC right now looks like she's late for home room.

  40. chascates

    At least this isn't like the GOP primaries where the winner is announced 10 seconds after the polls close.

    1. TribecaMike

      Santorum & Paul are tied for second with 12% each. Another nail -biter in Stickney!

  41. weejee

    Walker is taking Waukesha 75%:25%, surprised it is that close. Milwaukee, Racine, and others waiting to report. Don't stuff too many, just enough to win.

  42. fuflans


    i am already prepared for tragedy as nate silver is never wrong.

    plus! cabernet and wonkette for comfort! and i will turn to 'bring up the bodies' when walker starts to gloat and think about the briefness of those dress'd in authority.

  43. BarackMyWorld

    MSNBC needed to do the whole election-night roundtable thing tonight. That have been more fun than constantly going to embedded reporters all saying the same thing…

  44. MilwaukeeKent

    The two huge protests that I attended last year, the only "bad" behavior I saw were guys lining up tp pee on the Fox News remote truck. I'd have protection too. if I were them. If Walker wins we may have the first instance of a TV remote truck being turned over. These early numbers are coming from the smaller towns, so Walker leading at this point is no surprise.

      1. MilwaukeeKent

        No, despite the warm Spring (warm March, cool April, normal May). Fuck, everyone is calling it for Walker now. Few results from Milwaukee so far, a third of the vote in from Dane (Madison) County. People still in line to vote in Milwaukee!

  45. barto

    "And one guy was a dick, and the other guy was an awesome veterinarian Mr. Cool Guy"

    You're taslkin 'bout Willie Chamberlain (major dick) vs Bill Wallace (cool guy, and our vet at the time), no?

    Anyhoos, now we gots us a new major dick, goes by the name of Steve Pappas. Guy just can't take "loser" for an answer, gotsta sue, which is now his full time "job".

  46. Beowoof

    Walker hangs on, Wisconsin is fucked. Another election bought and paid for by the Coch brothers.

  47. Come here a minute

    Yes, “poison” sounds nice.

    Jumping off a bridge seems so much more scenic. Just make sure it's high enough!

  48. Barrelhse

    Latest has Walker at 52%- This will be a sad day, perhaps the end of America's middle-class. I doubt that the country can survive the extreme agenda espoused by the current GOP.

  49. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

    Wisconsin people: did Barrett run any attack ads containing bit from that Koch prank call? I was thinking something like this:

    Murphy: Right, right. Well, we’ll back you any way we can. But, uh, what we were thinking about the crowds was, uh, was planting some troublemakers.

    Walker: You know, the, well, the only problem with that — because we thought about that.

    1. MilwaukeeKent

      Not aware of any that did run with that. That conversation with the billionaire who wants Right To Work, the divide and conquer conversation, that WAS used.

  50. BarackMyWorld

    Here comes Lawrence O'Donnell to tell us how this is good for Obama…

    (I'm not exaggerating…that's literally what he said at the beginning of his show.)

  51. Negropolis

    Oh, FUCK. So, you can totally and shamelessly buy and election in America, today.

    Obama better watch his ass.

  52. Schmannnity

    Tundra Twat on Greta who says Walker heals the wounds by "keep on keepin on." Churchillian.

  53. Designer_Radio

    First time watching cable news for a very long time, this Lawrence Odonnel fellow made a funny: He said "…aspirin contraception advocate, Foster Friess."


  54. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

    Shitfuck McGee. CNN just called it for Walker.


    Only 34% reporting, but Walker leading 59% : 40%

    1. Mumbletypeg


      I always liked that word, I think it goes back to when I read it in one of the Pippi Longstocking series – no joke.

      And where is our crested-avatar'd Starfangled tonight, anyway?..

  55. chascates

    And Drudge is triumphant:


    1. TribecaMike

      Last I heard, Joseph Pulitzer hasn't published a newspaper since 1911, the year he died.

  56. Negropolis

    Will we ever be able to have nice things?

    I guess the answer to that is only if we buy them individually by private citizens, 'cause the public is fucked.

  57. Negropolis

    The very craziest thing is that there is such thing as an Obama-Walker voter, and it's a whole helluva lot of people. Obama crushed Romney in tonight's exit poll.

    God, my head hurts.

    1. Gainsbourg69

      It's the same on either side. Look how many Wisconsinites voted for the recall and against the individual mandate.

  58. alteredimages

    eh, Ifigured as much. Big money putsch from the Kochs. And Obama didn't want to rustle Wall Street by appearing to be pro union, and didn't want to give Mittens any ammo. He C'd his A at best.

  59. fuflans

    well there you go.

    i guess we got that one win in 2008 when everything was TOTALLY fucked up and…well, yeah that's it.

    on the plus side, it's easier to bitch than govern. so we have that to look forward to.

  60. chascates

    We stand with Wisconsin

    Tonight, the people of Wisconsin rebuked the liberal labor unions’ recall efforts and sent a loud message to President Obama: see you in November.

    Donate today to help fight for a better America.

  61. TribecaMike

    For weeks, if not months, the polls have shown that Walker would win. Unfortunately, they can't poll the inevitable apocalyptic groans of doom and gloom which resound when one side loses after putting in an immense amount of effort to fight the good fight, but gets outspent by 31-1.

  62. chascates

    Greg Mitchell at The Nation:
    10:10 Howard Fineman tweets: "Exits were hinting at too-close-to-call late night but in the end it was a quick call for Walker — bad news for Dems, unions and Obama."

    10:05 GOP leaders on TV claiming some Dems in Wisconsin will stay home in November, angry that Obama did so little on recall. Wonder if true….Lawrence O'Donnell opens MSNBC show by claiming big winner in Wisconsin tonight is…Obama.

    10:00 What does it mean that exit polls showed 12% edge for Obama but perhaps easy win for Walker. Anti-union fervor?

    1. Dr. Nick Riviera

      And nobody has their pulse on the minds of Democrats like GOP leaders on television. Good lord…..

    2. MilwaukeeKent

      That is all just a sense from many here that a recall in ths case is unwarranted, and the people who sensed that weren't aware of Scott Walker's history with recalls. He was all for them until he became Governor, then he "dropped the bomb" to "Divide and conquer". I thought money wouldn't matter in this, until it did, and upstate, outside of Milwaukee and Madison (and the Progs on Lake Superior) they just didn't have a dog in this fight. The people who felt a recall were unnecessary stayed home but intend to vote in November.

  63. Negropolis

    Wai,t Walker l going to end up in prison, right? If that's the case, this will make the loss much easier to swallow. If some weak-assed "indepedents" will is too weak for a recall, or it offends their silly, fucking sensibilities, the law can take out the garbage.

    Scooter's dumb as a box of rocks, mean as a snake, and crooked as a street in the medina of Marrakech. This may win you election, but let's see if it keeps you out of jail.

    1. TribecaMike

      Independent voters — can't live with 'em, can't afford to rent all the buses it would take to drive all of them over a cliff (although it's the only thing I can think of that might wake them up).

    2. glamourdammerung

      Wai,t Walker l going to end up in prison, right?

      Assuming someone does not pull that "looking forward" nonsense because they know the Republicans will scream about how it is just revenge for Walker winning the election. Though if they did, and I was Barrett, I would issue a very short, very snide version of "I told you morons so".

    1. Dr. Nick Riviera

      in my fantasies Walker's toilet explodes while he's making jailhouse gin in it

  64. Diabeetis

    You think Obama and the national Dems are going to regret leaving Wisconsin teachers twisting in the wind? Hopefully they learned something from this.

    1. Dr. Nick Riviera

      Wait…weren't you just arguing there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans? If so, what difference does it make if Barrett or Walker wins?

      1. Diabeetis

        Just because I think they're both crappy candidates doesn't mean the Democrats didn't have an opportunity to win this.

        And I normally don't argue with people about the Democratic Party's worth (or lack thereof), but seeing people still whining about Nader after twelve years sets me off. I'm not even an admirer of Nader's and that shit annoys me.

    2. TribecaMike

      The Dems were outspent 31 to 1. I doubt any amount of money the national party put it would've changed a thing.

      1. SorosBot

        No, see, it's all Obama's fault, if he had enough willpower he could have made Walker lose!

        1. George Skullfry

          II don't think so. But it was something like 31 to 7 (million), so pretty much the same for all practical purposes.

        2. imissopus

          Yeah, I've been seeing that ratio tossed around for a couple of weeks. I don't know what the Dems were thinking, but if it was along the lines of "We can either deplete our funds to match this now, or husband our resources for the fall and try to win back the House while holding the Senate and the Presidency," then that strikes me as reasonable.

          1. Dr. Nick Riviera

            Yeah, unfortunately the millionaires who funded this have very deep pockets that are never depleted.

        3. Designer_Radio

          I though Larry O'Dawg from MSNBC said something about 7:1, which is still almost encouraging, that it took a 7:1 spending ratio for them to get their landslide.

    3. Negropolis

      Are you serious? You think Obama putting himself in the middle of this clusterfuck would have changed the results? The exit polls show that Obama still has a good chunk of Walker voters. What he did was smart. It's clear now from the exists that if he would have gone in, Barrett still would have lost, and Obama would have alienated that very strange voter that votes for Walker and him both.

      1. George Skullfry

        I don't think we'll know what the final margin is until Milwaukee reports, so it may be premature to judge the effect of the DNC and Obama's hands-mostly-off policy. I'll agree that it was the safest thing to do as far as the Presidential race goes, but as a Democrat for 43 years now, I sometimes wish the national establishment would just do the right thing.

        1. Dr. Nick Riviera

          Yeah. But the truth is, Walker will do a lot less damage than Romney and a less corrupt justice system might throw ol' cross eyes in prison anyway for his various crimes.

          And I think they were using this as a test case for the difference unlimited fundraising is going to make. Because honestly…if you can't get rid of this scumbag…?

          1. George Skullfry

            Fair enough. The Presidency is a much bigger deal than a mid-level governorship (based on SCOTUS appointments alone), even for the folks in Wisconsin. I can't fault the national political organization for being political.

            I suppose it's that I grew up in, and went to college in, Wisconsin, and this result just makes me sick.

          2. imissopus

            A couple of other thoughts I've been having about this: Much of the damage Walker wanted to do he and his cronies in the legislature have already done, and no governor could wave a magic wand and undo it. And if after all the shit he pulled he still had fifty percent of the people supporting him, then you need a truly transformational figure to oppose him. Barrett is not that guy. He's a non-fiery technocrat who just lost to Walker two years ago and who threw the unions under the bus during one of the debates last week. He's only been fundraising for less than three months, while Walker has basically been fundraising since early 2011, so he had a hell of a head start no matter where that money was coming from. And Barrett still couldn't move the needle towards the Dems' column in a significant way.

            I've never been to Wisconsin, but my guess is that the damage ol' Scotty has done would take more than this recall to undo. If anything, the recall succeeding would have just enraged the other half of the population. It's a toxic morass and Obama is going to have enough of that to deal with this fall.

            So let the Repubs gloat. Remember how nuts they went after Scott Brown won? Health care reform still passed. So fuck 'em. Ol' Cross Eyes has an excellent shot at seeing a federal indictment anyway in the near future.

      2. fuflans

        i was going to say the same thing, but you said it far better than i could have (hot yoga, rex cab, etc.).

        i will only add: if he'd gone in, he would have had to own the loss (and the news i'll be ignoring for the next three days will make it a referendum on him anyway). coming up he's got a likely greek withdrawal from the euro and/or possible euro collapse, 5-4s on health care, fucking syria coming to a global crisis point AND eurovision.

        if i were playing the long game i wouldn't be fucking around with walker's recall either.

      3. George Skullfry

        So, with 98% in, we see that the turnout was about 112% of 2010, both statewide and in Milwaukee. That's actually pretty impressive for an out-of-season election.

        Unfortunately, Barrett's chances relied on an exceptionally large turnout in Milwaukee (and Dane County), and a 2010-like turnout elsewhere. Neither of these things happened. Apparently the vast amount of out-of-state GOP money was able to jack up the pro-Walker turnout. While I still believe that a more vigorous involvement by the President would have increased the turnout in Milwaukee, I have to say that it doesn't look like it could have been enough to change the result. Even with 2008-level results in Milwaukee, Barrett would still be 80 or 90K short statewide.

        So, score one for 11-dimensional chess. It would not have been worth the money and effort and commitment to lose 52-48 instead of 54-46.

        Still makes me sick, though.

  65. MilwaukeeKent

    Bear in mind "percent of precincts reporting" is one of those "Bill Gates walks into a bar and everyone is a per capita millionaire" figures, it's the percent of precincts, one precinct might have 200 registered voters (village of Nadaville) another 8,000, etc.

    1. Blueb4sunrise

      I'm not ready to be totally depressed either. Possibly because we have the open Giffords seat election next week and I'm saving some for that.

      1. Negropolis

        Surely, you are a glutton for punishment. Turns out her personally chosen replacement ain't worth shit as a politician. That big, fucking baby of a man – the one that used all kind of borderline violent and violent rhetoric against her in 2010 – will win her seat.

        1. TribecaMike

          Ron Barber is a smart and well-respected guy. That is a fairly conservative district, and nothing personal meant here, but your knowledge of southern AZ politics appears to be on a one-dimensional Hanna-Barbera level.

          1. Negropolis

            I didn't say he was stupid nor that he wasn't respected, but he's made a series of missteps that I think show that he's not a good politician. I don't know if you've been watching this nation over the last few years, but smart and well-respected don't win elections on their own.

        2. Blueb4sunrise


          and, well, to be fair, Kelly is a lying sack of shit too.

          edited for Shirley's sake.

          1. Negropolis

            I was talking about Kelly. People don't think I was referring to Barber in that second sentence, do they?

  66. BarackMyWorld

    Wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox was on "The Last Word" just now.

    When's our current overlord gonna get on the tizzube again?

  67. Negropolis

    I wish I could be sad, but I'm just kind of burning with anger, at the moment. Surely, there were a lot of legitimate right-wingers coming out to vote, but they didn't win the election. What won this election were those fence-straddling "swing voters" who don't give a shit about issues, but give a shit about process, and they won this for Walker because their tender fucking sensibilities were hurt by even the idea of holding a recall. This folks will be the death of this nation; the people that will destroy the nation because someone hurt their fee-fees.

    We'll still have Wisconsin in November, but I almost don't want them. Wisconsin, you've been relegated to Indiana-grade stupid.

    1. Dr. Nick Riviera

      I think the best evidence for that is the 12% difference between Obama and Romney.

      It's funny because they are appalled people put their nose in WI politics, but somehow missed out on almost all of Walker's money coming from out of state.

      1. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

        It's funny because they are appalled people put their nose in WI politics, but somehow missed out on almost all of Walker's money coming from out of state.

        Irreconcilable cognitive dissonance? Republicans? Say it ain't so!

    2. mormos

      it also might have had something to do with Walker outspending Barrett 25 to 1. You know, because he destroyed the unions that provide all the large sum donations for the democratic party.

      We are well and truly fucked people.

    3. Jukesgrrl

      The thing I hate the most is when working-class non-union people are jealous of people who DO have unions and vote to punish them, as if they are the problem. "Oh, if only for that teacher's union, I would have a better life." "I can't vote for Nobama because he's beholden to the AFL-CIO." You know and I know, those people wouldn't have the pay scales they have right now in their non-union jobs if it weren't for the unions. Let them move to a state where unions never even had a foothold. Instead of making $20/hr while their union neighbor is making $30/hr, they'll be making fucking $11/hr. And if they can't understand this now, they'll understand it even less when the Republicans finish their destruction of public education.

      1. fartknocker

        You have struck the proverbial nail with your hammer. This is all about eliminating the middle class. It was a sad night in Wisconsin. I hope that this is a wake up call to the middle class, but I sincerely doubt it.

        1. Jukesgrrl

          Goes back to my CONSTANT call that logic should be taught in grade schools (to replace the magical thinking most Americans currently engage in).But I'm lucky if there will even BE grade schools in the brave new world.

    4. Abernathy

      Srsly, I could have personally slapped each and every idiot I heard whining about how they oppose everything Walker stands for, but recalls are wrong.

    1. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

      I just feel sorry for the public sector workers there.

      This sucks donkey balls.

      1. flamingpdog

        I feel more than sorry. Unless Wanker gets frog-marched out of the State Capitol building pretty soon here, it's going to be payback time against the public sector workers.

  68. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

    So 59% in and 552,000 for the D.

    What happened to those million signatures? Where are those people?

    1. flamingpdog

      Robocalls told them they had already voted when they signed the recall petition and didn't need to vote again. Maybe Dems and Indies can be morons, too?

      1. Dr. Nick Riviera

        Not only did they not NEED to vote, if they voted, it would be voter fraud and they would go to jail. Helpful robocalls!

  69. tessiee

    "Confidential to the person whose Google search “Who tried to assassinate Gerald Ford” brought him to Wonket: IT WAS SQUEAKY FROMME, and the other one whose name no one knows because she was not named “Squeaky.""

    It was Arthur Bremer.
    This is the kind of stuff I remember, instead of my password, or where I left my keys.

  70. tessiee

    "there is one new bottle of Stoli, ice, and limes"

    Haw, I read this as "new bottle of Stoli, ice, and lines", as in lines laid out on the coffee table.

  71. ttommyunger

    If the voting and counting is on the level, all I can say is: Wisconsinites, you deserve everything you are going to get.

      1. Dr. Nick Riviera

        Which is a good percentage of them. And amazingly a good percentage of those that did vote for Walker are somewhat insulated from harm in the state by wealth and prestige. Weird how that works out.

      2. ttommyunger

        You know, if they did all they could have done, then now they can move out. I'm resigned to living in the Sovereign State of Dumfukistan, so I don't complain, I just deal with it as best I can.

  72. DustBowlBlues

    Is the last hope for democracy for all of us to work at the local level? We've got a Democrat who has a good shot at taking out a Republithug two counties over. The House minority leader spoke at a dinner I recently attended about that particular race and how we need to cross district lines and work on races that are possible for us.

    Is it possible to take back the country from the very bottom? No? Then this is how we're going to live forever? Thanks, Ralph Nader and Sandra Day O'Connor. (And you, too, Clinton, for screwing the D. party worse than that intern. If you'd kept your ego and your zipper under control, we'd never have Bush and this fucked SCOTUS).

    1. Negropolis

      I was thinking about this, tonight. You know, play their game; come in with a shitload of Soros/Moore/Stryker-bucks in some out-of-the-way state house/senate district, and just fucking bury the poor GOP schlub on the other side.

      Citizens United can not stand. Well, it can stand and the nation destroyed under its weight, or we can save the nation and grind Citizens United into sand.

      I hope the Dems take this as the boot-to-the-face example that the GOP and its money — or should I say the money and its GOP — will do anything, anything to win. I'm looking for revenge at the highest level, too, for this. I want Romney destroyed. NOW. And, if Reid doesn't change the rules in the Senate, after this, he can go to hell.

      1. TribecaMike

        I see your point, but when did wealthy Dem donors ever give a damn about a measly gubernatorial race? I gotta hand it to the right in that regard. They understand the importance of local and state politics.

          1. MilwaukeeKent

            They spent 40 years in the desert. Then they built all this slowly, carefully, think tank by think tank, Fox News by Talk Radio, local election by local election, disaffected white by disaffected white, out of Richard Viguery's use of Goldwater's mailing list, since1964. Demographics are against them in the long run, but meanwhile… The suburban vote just around Milwaukee nearly equals the urban vote in Milwaukee and Madison. Throw in a bunch of rural counties where Walker edges by 600 or 1000 votes and such. Shit storm.

      2. Wile E. Quixote

        The problem the Democratic party has is that it's led by George McClellan types when it needs to be led by William T. Sherman types. Or for another historical analogy it's led by Neville Chamberlain/Lord Halifax types when it needs to be led by Bomber Harris types (fuck Churchill, he was an overblown hack).

        1. Dr. Nick Riviera

          This is true. If we had a party with half the skill and gall of the Republican party, we'd never lose an election. I can't believe it's possible for a major political party to be so terrible at politics.

          1. Wile E. Quixote

            Boy the way the Beatles played. Songs that made the Hit Parade.
            Working guys, we had it made. Those were the days.
            Didn't need the police state. Everybody pulled their weight.
            Gee, our old VW ran great. Those were the days.
            Democrats had balls back then, there were sane Republicans.
            Mister, we could use a man like Lyndon Johnson again.
            People seemed to be content. Fifty dollars paid the rent.
            Take a little Sunday spin, go to watch the Dodgers win.
            Score some weed that cost you under a fin.
            Skirts were short and hair was long. Hendrix really sold a song.
            I don't know just what went wrong. Those Were The Days.

    2. Wile E. Quixote

      Is it possible to take back the country from the very bottom? No? Then this is how we're going to live forever? Thanks, Ralph Nader and Sandra Day O'Connor. (And you, too, Clinton, for screwing the D. party worse than that intern. If you'd kept your ego and your zipper under control, we'd never have Bush and this fucked SCOTUS).

      You know something, as long as there are Democrats who are so goddamned stupid and lazy to believe that Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the election in 2000 the Republicans are going to stay in power. Seriously, do you know how fucking stupid that is? Why not blame the Socialists and Socialist Worker's Party candidates, if only half of the people who voted for the Socialists and Socialist Worker's party had voted for Gore he would have eked out a victory.

      If Gore had won his home state of Tennessee, which Clinton and Gore won in 1996 he would have won in the Electoral College. If he'd any of a half dozen states that the Clinton/Gore campaign carried in 1996 he would have won re-election. Did anyone at his campaign understand how the Electoral College works? Obviously not. Gore ran a lousy campaign, he picked an absolutely worthless running mate and he should have been all over Dubya like stink on shit. Why the fuck wasn't Gore hammering on Cheney's deferments, on his drunk driving record, on his last minute move back to Wyoming so he'd qualify to be Vice President? What the fuck was that mannequin doing in 2000. Go look at the Wikipedia entries and see how badly Gore blew it. He had a great economy going for him, the budget was actually running a surplus and he lost it to a moron like Dubya and a coward like Cheney and now idiots like you present him as some sort of martyr instead of as the incompetent fucking hack of a candidate that he was.

      Yes, the Supremes got involved and they shouldn't have. But if Gore hadn't sucked the issue never would have been placed in the hands of those corrupt fucks on the court in the first place. Al Gore sucks, fuck Al Gore and fuck the morons who think that Nader cost him the election.

      1. Negropolis

        You know who sucked evern more than Al Gore? George Walker Bush, that's who. Republicans don't care if their candidates suck.

        Republicans get shit done. Horrible, fucked up shit, excuse my French. So, the kool kids can keep playing in their little isolated sandbox, pretending to build a democracy while the winners of elections (Republicans) take it away faster than they can build it. I just don't hope they have the gall to ask what happened to democracy after it's gone.

        1. Dr. Nick Riviera

          Republicans would vote for a pumpkin if it had a flag pin attached to it and an R next to its name. That is because they understand you don't just vote for the guy, you vote for his whole party.

          I remember thinking that Kerry sucked as a candidate but I got my happy ass down to the polling precinct and voted because Kerry et. al (and I would even include Edwards) and their agenda on their worst day were better than Bush and Cheney on their best.

          But whatever, heaven forbid anyone besmirch the progressive prince who called Obama an Uncle Tom.

          1. Wile E. Quixote

            I remember thinking that Kerry sucked as a candidate but I got my happy ass down to the polling precinct and voted because Kerry et. al (and I would even include Edwards) and their agenda on their worst day were better than Bush and Cheney on their best.

            Same here. And even though I caucused for President Obama in 2008 I would have voted for Hillary Clinton if she had been the Democratic nominee. What is it about the Democratic party that attracts so many goddamned pearl-clutchers (I'm looking at you Cory Booker) and purity trolls? Am I unhappy with a lot of President Obama's policies? You bet I am. Am I unhappy with the way he keeps bitching out and bending over for the national security police state (NDAA anyone)? You bet I am. Do I wish that he'd stop governing in a way that seems designed to earn the approval of David Brooks and go and kick Republican ass? Damn straight I do. Am I going to sit this election out and hope that a wonderful progressive candidate will come along who will dismantle the national security police state, kick the shit out of Wall Street and the rest of the crony capitalists who are ruining this country and whip the Republicans until they're whimpering and cringing like the worthless pack of yellow curs they are, will come along in 2016? Fuck no!

      2. George Skullfry

        Well, being one of those morons, I'd like to respond.

        First, let me agree with you that Gore ran a terrible campaign, and made a really bad decision with his VP pick. One mistake you didn't mention was his refusal to make use of Clinton for what were apparently moral reasons (while Bill still had something like 63% overall popularity). If Gore had been a better, or even more pragmatic, campaigner, the election wouldn't have been close.

        Nevertheless, Gore was who he was, the election was close, and was known to be close, and it was even known in which states it was particularly close. And this is where my irritation with Mr. Nader arises.

        I've always admired Ralph, and so I believe he is serious when he says things like "there is no difference between the D's and the R's". But I think he is wrong about that, particularly with respect to Presidents, and I think a quick examination of SCOTUS and Circuit nominations over the last sixty years will give one example why I think that.

        I also know Nader is smart, so I'm sure he is aware of that example of difference. He chooses to ignore it for rhetorical purposes, which is usually fine with me. His point about the parties' similarity is kind of an argument on average.

        But, in the very specific, non-average, 2000 election, the identity of the next President was at issue, and very closely contested in several states. In none of those states was Ralph Nader going to be the victor. In a few of them, the probable Nader voters represented a significant fraction of the estimated difference between the major party candidates. In those particular cases, Mr. Nader had the opportunity to tell his partisans in those states "You know, in this special case, the lesser of the two evils is Al", but instead he chose to continue to tell them "They're both the same, vote for me".

        I want to be clear that my irritation is not with those who voted for Mr. Nader, it is with Mr. Nader himself. I think he, like Al Gore, made a big mistake.

        I don't think Gore is a martyr; I think he ran a shitty campaign. But it is possible to think that and simultaneously to think that he could still have won the election if Nader hadn't been such a tight-ass.

        As they say, YMMV.


        1. Wile E. Quixote

          You make a lot of good points. I have an issue with this one though.

          But, in the very specific, non-average, 2000 election, the identity of the next President was at issue, and very closely contested in several states. In none of those states was Ralph Nader going to be the victor. In a few of them, the probable Nader voters represented a significant fraction of the estimated difference between the major party candidates. In those particular cases, Mr. Nader had the opportunity to tell his partisans in those states "You know, in this special case, the lesser of the two evils is Al", but instead he chose to continue to tell them "They're both the same, vote for me".

          It's not that I disagree with you about what Nader should have done in this case, it's that I don't think that it was in him to have done it. If Nader had said anything like this he would have seriously weakened the raison d'etre for his campaign, which was that you should vote for him because both parties were the same. The kind of people who buy into the "both parties are the same" logic are not the kind of people who understand nuance, if Nader had come out and said "Yeah, both parties are the same, but Gore sucks less than Bush so you guys in Florida should vote for him instead of me" his supporters would have accused him of selling out.

          There's also the fact that Nader is a huge drama queen. If he had come out and said "Well, I know that I won't win but I'm running to make a statement about how similar the Democrats and Republicans are and corporate control of our political process." he would have ended up getting about as much media coverage as the nutjobs from the Natural Law party or the Constitution Party or the Reform Party or the Libertarians did in 2000 (Want to wind up a Libertarian? Point out that in 2000 Nader managed to get seven times as many votes as their candidate, Harry Browne did, despite being on the ballot in fewer states). If there's one thing that Ralph Nader believes in it's that nobody puts Ralphy in the corner.

    3. Beanball

      Much as I respect you Dusty, I have to say you're full of it.

      I voted for Nader because I am not a Democrat, I do not believe in neo-liberalism or Wilsonian foreign policy or any of the Clintons or that hypocritical Gore, nor the imperial drift of the presidency since Nixon. I voted for a candidate who is opposed to all the above.

      I am a far left-winger, and I vote for whom I chose, not because you think it's pragmatic or practical or what the fuck ever.

      If Barney Frank (a raging homo) had been on the ticket, I probably would have voted for him over anybody.

      It may be shot to shit, but this is still a democracy and I vote for whom I please and not to please you.

      1. Dr. Nick Riviera

        On the one hand you get Bush, but you have a clear conscience. On the other, you get comparatively more progressive legislation but you make compromises with said conscience. And no matter which you choose, you live with the consequences and so does everyone else.

        When people lose their collective bargaining rights, women lose access to birth control, a Federal ban on marriage is put in place, you can hardly expect people to say "thanks" to you for putting your clear conscience above their actual rights. But as you said, it's a democracy and you get to choose who to vote for. Just don't expect everyone to thank you for it anymore than the 40 or so percent of Dems are going to thank the 50 or so percent of Republicans who exercised their rights tonight in Wisconsin.

        If someone gave you 100 dollar bill and you suspected it came from somewhere nefarious, you would have a couple of options (assuming there was no way to know where it came from and they gave it to you, there was no giving it back). You could tear it up and say "This is my stand, I don't accept dirty money" and keep a clean conscience. Or, you could spend it on food for the homeless. On the one hand, you've participated in a dirty process with dirty money but that homeless guy appreciates it. On the other hand, you keep your principles. It's your choice and your choice alone and nobody can take that from you. But you can't expect the homeless guy to feel great looking at the tattered remains of what could be a hot meal lying int he gutter.

        1. Beanball

          I am going to try to say this with as little drama as I can: my political position is the spearpoint of the "liberal" agenda. I have have been on the barricades for a long long time, fighting an exhausting, uphill battle, however, I am a realist and, with Alinsky, do not expect to live long enough to see the day of the Revolution.

          However, without me (and my fellow believers) with our misguided pure ideals and voting patterns, liberals would not even be where they are today, which is not really saying much, seeing as how you milquetoasts nominated that piece of shit Bill Clinton, just for starters. (Have you ever even been to a local party caucus?)

          Be resentful as you want, justify it all you like, but I don't work for or believe in the Democratic party, or buy into their so-called planks.

          The Constitution is moribund, the two-party system is a pay-to-play bait-and-switch game, and if you had any guts at all you all would be fighting for a new Constitution, one that was actually mutually beneficial, rather than the bullshit winner-take-all situation we see today.

          The Republican Party may be full of blockheads and run by Neanderthals, but at least they have the guts to say "No", and mean it.

          1. George Skullfry

            There will not be a new Constitution (read the rules) without a violent collapse of the existing structure.

            A violent revolution, even if successful, will lead to an oppressive government (cf., every revolution since the American one, which had non-replicable circumstances).

            The two-party system sucks. Do you see a lot of examples of multi-party systems that don't suck? Also, the existence of the Presidency pretty much forces the two-party system nationally (I guess the Framers had something against the parliamentary system).

            The country got much bigger (and in some areas more sparsely populated) than the Framers could have imagined. It's a problem, but for now it's a problem we have to deal with.

            Are you seriously admiring the ability of the Republicans to obstruct?

          2. Beanball

            I admire their golem-like obstinacy and obdurateness, yeah sure, just as I admire "Dr." Rivera's feeble attempts at bogus analogy and strawman arguments.

            As for the Paleoconservatives, their tactics are like a diamond piercing one's opponent's forehead. (Hey, it worked for the Vietnamese.)

          3. Dr. Nick Riviera

            lol, attacking usernames? Next thing you'll tell me Sorosbot isn't really a robot and Sexy Smurfette isn't really a Smurf. Good lord…

          4. Wile E. Quixote

            I'm not really a Quixote, but I do like to think that I possess a certain amount of wiliness.

      2. George Skullfry

        I'm not DBB. For one thing, I'm halfway into a bottle of aglianico. But I have a response to you, which is:

        1. You absolutely (at least for now) have the right to vote for whomever you choose. You should also expect to receive both praise and criticism for your choices, even as I do.

        2. I'd like to point out, however, that in the upper comment DBB did not criticize people who voted for Mr. Nader, but Mr. Nader himself. For my own reasoning on this matter, please see my reply to Wile E. above.

        3. Whether you like it or not, the electoral system bequeathed to us by the Constitution, and formalized over the last two centuries, has a strong tendency towards a two-party system at the national level. I am not arguing that this is a good thing, just that it is a thing.

        4. With respect to item 3, when you vote for a third-party candidate for a national office (Pres/VP, Senator, MC) you are effectively casting one vote for whichever major party candidate you like least. The same thing is true if you don't vote at all. Failing to vote, or voting for a non-viable candidate, is always equivalent to voting for the candidate you hate the most. I also don't claim this is good, just that it's true.

        5. Personally, I think the point of voting is to try to elect somebody (or, since I live in California, to legislate by referendum [I don't like this much]). But, voting can also be about expressing opinion, and that has certainly been important at various times.

        6. Would you mind briefly describing "Wilsonian foreign policy"?

        1. Negropolis

          You hit upon a very important point, and that is voting for a third party at the federal level, and hinted at the difference of doing the same for lower office. Our system is not set up at the presidential level, especially, for successful third party success.

          I've been wanting to get some Greens in at the Congressional and state legislative levels for some time, now, and I think it's a realistic goal if anyone was ever dead serious about it. But casting a third party vote in a presidential race is quite literally throwing away a vote, at best, and actually voting for the opposition, indirectly, at worst.

        2. Beanball

          I prepared a massive, multi-part rebuttal to your comments, but the internets keep crapping out, in the meantime, this: read Chomsky's What Uncle Sam Really Wants.

          1. Beanball

            Switched browsers, this seems to be holding a tenuous connection, so, to answer your questions as long as it holds out::

            6. In context, I really should have said "neo-Wilsonian" foreign policy, as Wilson himself was somewhat two-faced vis a vis the implementation of his stated policies, which include self-determination for former European colonies; Wilson himself used the phrase, "making the world safe for democracy," which leaves a lot of wiggle room for all sorts of shenanigans. More recently, his policy can be can be summed up colloquially in the expression "exporting democracy at the point of a gun." It was Wilson, after all, who brought the US into WWI, against the isolationist wishes of the majority of the American electorate while promptly re-instituting the Sedition Laws. Not to mention his numerous military excursions into Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. By these actions, Wilson showed his aristocratic neo-Platonic and anti-democratic elitism, while at the same time justifying his actions as being in "America's long-term interests." Again, weasel words, recently updated in the term "The Long War."

  73. marinmaven

    This is exactly how I felt after watching "The Empire Strikes Back". Now our only hope is to find the Ewoks or allow the renovated Death Star just do its thing.

  74. Ryy

    At the end of the day, facts have to be faced. The recall was defeated resoundingly. The voters have spoken twice, and stronger the second time…..

      1. George Skullfry

        It'll be closer at the finish. Milwaukee County is only 50% reported. It's not gonna change the result, but it's not going to be that resounding.

  75. DustBowlBlues

    The vote margin was wide? I turned off the teevee machine and began eating Itlalian Blood Orange Sorbet and Girl Scout lemon cookies. Being a recovering alcy, it's all I've got.

    1. Negropolis

      It's going to tighten up A LOT over the next few hours simply because the heavy Democratic areas have come back in. But, it's still likely to be a three-to-five point win, at least.

  76. flamingpdog

    Slightly OT (but it doesn't look like his campaign appearance in Wisconsin was worth Scott snot) but fuck Bill Clinton. Anybody got an extra cheese grater?

    1. finallyhappy

      yeah, he needs to shut up- he already fucked us over once. I don't care what he has done since that is good(if it is ). For all the blathering(or what they consider intelligent conversation up above here), Clinton really helped us lose the election

  77. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

    (Huh, couldn't comment for a bit there)

    Walker is going to have better numbers in the recall than in his initial election.

    and, seriously, Walker's campaign headquarters is in Waukesha? Home of that election-fiddling woman?

  78. MilwaukeeKent

    I count at least 300k to come in just from Milwaukee, Dane, Kenosha and Racine. Everyone has called this but there are a lot of votes still to come in from strong Barrett areas. I never did the Kenosha Kid.

    1. Negropolis

      It's over. It'll be nice to have the final tally, but let's not get delusional, here. Things are bad enough as they are without getting silly.

        1. Negropolis

          I'd love nothing more, tonight. Nothing. Well, maybe something, but I'm not at liberty to say what that is. lol

  79. TribecaMike

    At the risk of sounding like that creepy Nate Silver guy, it's a bit odd that in the lieutenant governor's race, the Dem, Mahlon Mitchell, has a slightly better % than Barrett.

  80. One_Man_Band

    In a futile attempt to make everybody feel better WITH HISTORY:

    "Many have tried, especially in California, but few have managed to successfully oust a U.S. governor through a recall election.

    If Wisconsin voters toss out Walker in favor of Milwaukee's Democratic mayor, Tom Barrett, it will be only the third such electoral ousting of a governor in American history."

    1. Doktor StrangeZoom

      Yup–Arizona came close to recalling Evan Mecham, but the slimy bastard managed to get himself impeached first.

  81. Negropolis

    I feel sorry for Barrett; I really do. What makes this worse is that Scooter is such a personally weak candidate, so this is ALL about the money propping up this clown. How must Barrett feel to again lose to such a horrible human being and terrible politician? It reminds me of the 2010 gubernatorial race here in Michigan where the citizens wouldn't give my city's mayor the time of day, with the only difference being that Snyder is nowhere near as shitty a person, personally, as Walker.

    1. iburl

      Maybe a lot of middle-of-the-roaders just don't like recalls. I guess it's only happened twice historically. Trying to find a silver lining in this shitstorm.

      1. MilwaukeeKent

        That's been a bigger factor than anyone thought, we were late to emphasize that Walker rode to Wisconsin prominence in a Milwaukee County recall wave in 2002. Such short memories…

    2. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

      He's a personality-less gimp of a candidate. I'm listening to him right now, although it's hard to do for long.

      His scrote-podium has the word "Forward" written large on it; I wonder if the right-leaning press will speculate on it being uber-socialist, as they've done with Bammaz? Oh, who am I kidding.

      This is awful. Money buys elections now. It's not a good sign for November. The equally non-charismatic Willard-o-matic 5000 could pull it off with the amount of money I suspect he'll raise.

        1. MilwaukeeKent

          We've been thrown into reverse, it's back to the Gilded Age. Start the count-down to urchins slaving away in coal mines…or in the case of Wisconsin, fracking-sand pits.

          1. George Skullfry

            Man, as a native (although long-gone) Badger, my condolences.

            It looks like the the turnout was only a few percent greater than 2010, both statewide and in Milwaukee, so I suppose the result isn't that surprising.

            Sucks, though.

    3. Abernathy

      Don't waste your pity; Barret's impersonation of a bland lump waiting on a centrist log to return to his day job as a not particularly well liked mayor didn't help anything.

    1. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

      He actually has been. He mentioned speaking to Barrett tonight and shushed the booing.

  82. Negropolis

    I hope that Walker enjoys tonight, because it's not going to get any easier from here on out. Rage can be a quick passing fad, but entrenched bitterness can last a very long time. You've won tonight, Scott Walker, but you'll wake up tomorrow to see what you really won: a state you so badly divided that maybe no governor will ever be able to put it back together again. Thanks for that. You have also won a whole new level of scrutiny. John Doe is not going to go away, and the spectre of a trial will not be ignored.

    Koch is a helluva drug.

    1. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

      I've been reading Poli Sci, Economics, religious history, military history and books about dogs

      Winner Takes All Politics – 9/10

      It's even worse than it looks – 8/10

      Rommel's Desert War – 9/10

      The Religious History of America – 7/10

      Also some Hayek and Keynes, but I've not finished those.

      Mostly it just makes me angry as fuck that there are people who don't understand how they're fucking themselves.

      Oh yeah! Dog book – Soldier Dogs by Maria Goodavage. Mostly great fun. I just love dogs.

    2. DerrickWildcat

      Another fun war to learn about is, "The War of the Triple Alliance"
      Apparently, Paraguay decided it would be a good idea to attack Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay…the countries that surrounded Paraguay.
      This did go as well as planned.

  83. SayItWithWookies

    Well — I was hoping to see a corporate tool who relishes disenfranchising his own citizens and pretending it's the state's job to force down the cost of labor and make the poor suffer, and who outspent his opponent ten-to-one, would get righteously thrown out on his ass.

    I did, however, catch about a solid minute of the transit of Venus before the clouds covered up the sun for good. I saw one thing that only happens every hundred years. I should be happy.

    Nevertheless — fuck.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        Scott Walker's wife is Tonette.She had a “charity” fundraiser recently where she asked women of a certain class to donate their designer handbags for an auction she held at the governor's mansion.I'm not making this up.

  84. Jukesgrrl

    Do I dare hope that the FBI/Justice Department can do something about those don't-vote-because-you-already-did robocalls? I didn't think so.

    1. Wile E. Quixote

      You know, anyone who is so goddamned stupid as to fall for a robocall like that really shouldn't be voting. Seriously, if you're that goddamned stupid you don't deserve to have a voice.

    2. MilwaukeeKent

      I don't think the calls had much effect really, but I'd love to see them get nailed for it. Right now I'm remembering how Nixon swept in '72, despite Watergate bubbling under. I'm hoping Walker gets similarly shamed when his luck runs out.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        That's a good point.There are definite parallels there.Unfortunately, I don't think there are enough ethical people left in politics to compose anything like the Watergate panel anywhere today.

    3. George Skullfry

      1. Of course not.

      2. Seriously, though, anybody who fell for that, I don't know, maybe shouldn't vote?

  85. TribecaMike

    I gotta hand it to you, Wisconsinites, you showed some brass and fought the good fight. Still, I can't help but "recall" what Jim once said to Bart…

    "What did you expect, 'Welcome, sonny'? 'Make yourself at home'? 'Marry my daughter'? You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons."

    Anyway, you showed a lot of moxie and done yourselves proud.

  86. imissopus

    Bad news from California: with 13% of precincts reporting, Birther Queen Orly Taitz is far behind the top two vote-getters, DiFi and Susan Emken, a Republican who has done, um, something or other. Orly trails her by about 200,000 votes, so I don't think she's going to get there. Ah well, it was a good run.

  87. Huevos Ocupados

    "It's not getting any smarter out there—you need to come to terms with stupidity and make it work for you." – Frank Zappa

    This seems as good a place as for this quote.

    1. Steverino247

      It's certainly true where I work. I get subpoenaed to testify every so often. When it happens, I remind myself that the point of it is to make me look stupid, so the sooner I do that, the sooner I get back to work.

  88. Steverino247

    Good news from California: Orly Taitz finishes a distant 6th.

    So, while I'm sad about the recall, I can only hope Orly comes through with some more insanity about why she finished so far behind tomorrow.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      That still suggests a horrifying number of mental defectives casting ballots for her.

  89. Negropolis

    Be still my beating heart. Is it true what I'm hearing over at the Kos kids website? Are the Wisconsin state Dems on the verge of actually taking back the state senate?!

  90. MilwaukeeKent

    If anyone is still paying attention, one of the state Senate recalls, Van Wanggard v. democrat John Lehman, is hanging fire, 52.6 to 47.4 with 75 % of precincts reporting. A win there would put a brake in the Senate against Walker excesses.

    1. Negropolis

      The lead is now just a bit over eighty votes with 95% of the wards reporting…I'm going to faint.

  91. Negropolis

    The wire has called it! Wisconsin Dems win the state senate! Walker agenda REJECTED. Walker, himself? Yeah, not so much.

    It's recount territory, but we struck first.

    Went to bed too early, now didn't you Scooter?

      1. Negropolis

        Oh, it does for me. Not losing everything, and the thing we did win putting a permanent crimp in Scooter's plans makes me muy happy.

        I like symbolic victories; I like practical victories even more.

        1. LetUsBray

          Yeah, at least until some teabagging election official "finds" a bunch of votes for Van Wanker.

          1. horsedreamer_1

            That's my fear. Kloppenburg-Prosser Redux. Who'll be Racine's Kathy Nickolaus?

            (Though, an 800 vote margin for one Senate seat is healthy than a 2000 vote margin in an entire State.)

    1. GeneralLerong

      Dude, thanks for this. I think I'll have another pull from the pony to celebrate!

      Sorry, I can't deal with HTML alt text just now: http://www.journaltimes.com/news/local/govt-and-p

      Blog comment that seemed to best sum up this election was over at Hullabaloo, I think [alcohol fog 'n all] – that it was, at bottom, anti-union resentment. So progressives should resist despair, it was simply mentally-arthritic Repub oldz doing their knee-jerk "Unionz BAD" schtick.

      OK, so I prefer to think we're doomed to corporate oligarchy, but that's just me.

      1. horsedreamer_1

        Love that the unemployed guy in the article voted for Wanggard, again. Maybe he can get together with "guy who wants lower corporate taxes do small businesses will start hiring" & the two can make a Baby Rand buttbaby.

    2. Fukui-sanRadioBarb


      "Former state Sen. John Lehman, D-Racine led state incumbent Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard, with 36,255 votes to Wanggaard's 35,476 votes, according to unofficial results with all precincts reporting. "

      This is the most interested I've ever been in a state senate race, and that's just because I'm seeking solace after that fucking ALEC-Koch CUNT remains governor of WI.

      1. George Skullfry

        If I'm calculating correctly, this is above the 0.5% free recount level. Of course, I don't suppose the Repo will have any trouble coming up with the fee for a recount.

  92. MittBorg

    Your Kirsten Boyd Johnson doesn't love ME enough to even acknowledge that I have been fapping all OVER her virtual presence for weeks now.

  93. LetUsBray

    Has anyone heard anything about exit polling in Wisconsin showing a much thinner margin, like close to a dead heat?

    I heard about this on the Book of Face, so it's clearly true. Still, I'd be interested in hearing if anyone heard this anywhere else.

    1. Fukui-sanRadioBarb


      "Voters were split 52%-48% with Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, taking a slight advantage over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, the CNN exit polls showed. Asked how they would vote if the presidential election were held today, a 12-point margin emerged. President Barack Obama would have carried the state with 54% to GOP candidate Mitt Romney's 42%."

      Not too far off. More interesting is the "Obama voters must have voted for weaselcunt" portion of the electorate. What on earth is up with that?

      1. horsedreamer_1

        "Process". Democrats are too fair minded to support an "unwarranted" recall. Never mind that Walker has warrants.

        1. George Skullfry


          Hell, in California we recalled a Governor for telling the truth about how Texas oil companies were fucking us over on energy prices.

        2. George Skullfry

          Excuse the multi-level reply. Intense Debate has been doing some more strangeness to me.

      2. Dr. Nick Riviera

        Look at Indiana in 2008: Obama won, so did Bush budget director Mitch Daniels.

  94. SudsMcKenzie

    For anyone who watched the "the Ed Show" tonight, I was the handsome bon vivant with the body of a svelte pre-teen Swedish boy in the background, I left after 10 minutes because it was a bummer, and Ed's head is frightening in real life.

  95. George Skullfry

    Oh, come on. I wanted her to go against DiFi. I was waiting for the "hotter, wetter, tighter" ads. And Orly's response.

  96. George Skullfry

    Completely OT: when the comment timestamps come up as date and time, rather than "x hours ago", what the hell time zone is Intense Debate in? GMT? Geneva?

    1. Fukui-sanRadioBarb

      For me it does that sometimes (and I also can't post new topix) but then it sorts itself out.

      Who knows why?

  97. BaldarTFlagass

    Fuck. First the Spurs go down 3-2, now this. Come on extinction-event asteroid!!

  98. Terry

    Wisconsin had two shots at this, the first election and the recall. Basically, they deserve the Koch paradise they're going to get.

  99. Jerri

    Godfuckingdamnit. HOW?!! This makes no sense!

    The worst part, besides him winning and all that goes with that, will be the smug gloating we will have to endure from all his supporters and the man himself. That will be insufferable.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      Can't wait for the Dumbya-style claims of a "mandate", based on only 46% of voters wanthing the fucker thrown out of office.

  100. Biel_ze_Bubba

    Per the NYT, "Almost a fifth of the electorate was 65 or older, with only about one in 10 voters of college age."

    WTF??? Watch these ignorant/apathetic whiners complain, when they graduate to no jobs.

    1. Negropolis

      Yeah, and turnout, in general, was not good. It was above 2010 levels, but not nearly close enough to the 2008 levels Dems needed to win. It probably didn't help that the recall was held a few weeks after classes let out, either.

  101. CivicHoliday

    And not surprisingly, the MASSIVE influx of money had a major impact on the election. Sigh…Citizens United the monster had a little appetizer and is now gearing up for a big November feast…

    1. Dr. Nick Riviera

      Yeah, but that's one thing you can say for Obama-unlike Barret he's got the cash to at least be competitive with the $infinity Romney will raise

  102. Warpde

    Hey everyone.
    I just came off a 22 hr Diablo 3 binge.
    Did I miss anything impotent?

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