nom nom nomThis morning, let’s play some games on egalitarianism, read up on libertarian symbols such as soda, and learn how to tweet. Happy Friday!
  • Mayor Bloomberg wants to take away New Yorkers’ giant sodas — nothing over 16 oz. It’s already too late, man, we’re never all going to fit into the N train, no matter what you do. [The Daily Beast]
  • A new site called “Politiwoops” posts up all deleted politicians’ tweets in the past six months. Before you get all excited, it looks like most of them are just awkward mistakes people make when they really don’t know how Twitter works, like needing to make the url tiny to fit it in, or not sending dirty pictures because everyone can see it. [CNET]
  • Here’s an article on how well Chipotle’s doing and how that’s helping the antibiotic-free meat business. Recommendation: do not read if you don’t have a way to get to Chipotle for lunch. [NPR]
  • Ladies, do you want to hold up half the sky? Okay, not really. That feels like asking for additional back pain combined with all the dish-washing, cooking, and cleaning we have to do. (Thanks, patriarchy!) Instead, play a game and learn how to hold up half the sky metaphorically. [Mashable]
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