Please send me to jail.

Did we all have a good time watching Dubya make some funneez at the White House today? It was pretty good! He was all like, haha, you know and I know and everybody knows that I was pretty much the worst at being the preznit, for reals, hilares, just Mr. Jokey Jokey about what a terrible job he did. He’s somehow easier to take out of office than he was in, no? But enough about that! Please get out your MSPaint, because we feel this portrait is just missing … something. Couldn’t say what, because then you would just steal it, and we would get 470 pictures of GWB with his cock in his hand, and we do not want to see that. The contest will be open until 5 p.m. Friday. Winners get nothing, as per usual. Send to with the subject line “This is not a portrait of George W. Bush with his cock in his hand.” Amen.

UPDATE: Some of you seem unclear that this fine contest entails actually MAKING A PICTURE instead of just shouting nouns at us in the tipline. Don’t get us wrong, we love nouns. But those are probably better for the comments than the contest.

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