Stay calm...

Well doesn’t this just appear to be a promising comedy setup? Let’s just end the tension right now and tell you in advance, it is. But you knew this: It is a universal law of Reason that because Michele Bachmann does not believe in it, even seemingly mundane activities like Michele Bachmann sitting on an airplane next to a person with a Twitter account must bear comedy fruit. Today’s episode (which begins after the jump) answers the question, “What is Michele Bachmann reading these days?” Hint: IS CREEPY SHARIA CREEPING?

You can read the full Twitter saga here. Your editor has actually done some of this “editing” thing for once and reversed the Twitter stream so you may read in not-reverse chronological order:

“Penny” identifies this group as the weirdo cabal behind the book Bachmann is reading, but what we notice more than anything is that she sounds so focused! Notes on napkins! It’s nice to know that she at least works hard at all that crazy. [Twitter; thanks to Wonkette commenter “Limeylizzie”]

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