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A Children’s Treasury Of Hot Chicago NATO Protester Communists, And Jesse Jackson

HELLO YOURadio commies and totes adorbs marrieds Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein of Citizen Radio are in Chicago stone cold marchin’ on the mansion of Ol’ Mayor Nine-Fingers hisself, and also taunting pigs. They are also taking pictures of NATO protesters, for your ‘batin. Like this guy! HELLO THIS GUY! More protester hotness after the jump!

Hey, whassup, Chicago protesters? Do you have lots of good chants? YES! Here is one! “Get those animals off those horses!” chanted the people. Also:

“2, 4, 6, 8, Walmart fuck you!”

Here are some veterans of hotness.

Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty.

And here is an awesome picture of an arrest. Look at that chick! She is BEST! And here is where we get all concern troll and disagree with most of our Occupy NATO protester pals about dudes arrested for either bomb-making equipment or “brewing” equipment: we don’t care if the cops coaxed them into it. MAYBE DON’T BOMB RAHM EMANUEL, OR ANYONE ELSE. YOU ARE NOT EMMA GOLDMAN, the end.

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  1. sbj1964

    Viva the one percent! Or as Fox News calls them "The unwashed masses".P.S that is what they call the middle class.

    1. Callyson

      I thought the term for the middle class was "extinct," or at least "endangered species."

  2. Lazy Media

    Really? Protesting NATO? Is that a thing since the Soviet Union quit funding the nuclear freeze movement (no, seriously, they were, even though hardly any nuclear freezers were sekrut commie spies)? NATO's pretty much Star Fleet if you ask me.

    1. Doktor StrangeZoom

      (Last try)

      On the other hand, Starfleet never bombed Bajoran weddings with Predator drones.

        1. bagofmice

          With the amount of money that it took to construct them, it would actually be a net savings. Seriously, even with mass production, hellfire missiles are like 800 grand each. One Kardashian wedding would be worth 21 missiles!

    1. Doktor StrangeZoom

      Where are the giant Reagan puppets?

      (OK, other than trying to get the Republican nomination…)

      1. DrunkIrishman

        Or one of George H.W. Bush with everyone yelling, "NEW WORLD ORDER! NEW WORLD ORDER!"

    2. fuflans

      i just heard an adorable moppet demand nato pull its troops from iraq.

      (he really was adorable…)

    1. PsycWench

      I believe the correct phrase is "discriminated agin'". But that's OK, not every one needs to speak Mississippian.

    2. Negropolis

      And, she'd actually be right, for all of the wrong reasons. Power never much cares for anyone who questions it, period, and if the rabble gets too loud, they'll try to crush you, black, white or otherwise.

      Truth is, unless those marching kids are going into finance, the powers that be couldn't care less about them…except that they are getting a little bit uppity, now…the kids are getting an education some of us already aquired concerning what happens when power stops noticing you or notices you in the wrong way.

  3. BlueStateLibel

    Why protest NATO, I'm lost on this. Well, it's a beautiful spring day, why not I guess.

        1. imissopus

          Well, it's technically a military alliance, so if you are a person opposed to military action under any circumstances, it makes sense. NATO has done peace-keeping as well as military campaigns (see Bosnia, where it organized airstrikes to try and end the war and then sent in troops as peacekeepers.) It's sort of weird to say "we are protesting NATO as a whole" when I think the objection is more to the military stuff that goes on (technically it's a NATO alliance in Afghanistan for example, though everyone knows the vast majority of military ops there are US troops.) But street protesters aren't going to make subtle distinctions.

          1. radio-of-owls

            What do we want?

            To end the military component of a transnational alliance of North Atlantic nations which conducts both military and peacekeeping missions in various places around the world!!

            When do we want it?

            In a reasonable time frame that allows for the safe and orderly withdrawal of NATO military forces from the places where they are currently deployed, though not necessarily peacekeeping forces so long as they are not engaged in offensive operations!!

          2. BarbdarTFlagass

            Saw this one somewhere:

            What do we want!?!?
            TIME TRAVEL!!
            When do we want it!?!?!
            THAT'S IRRELEVANT!!!

          3. Doktor StrangeZoom

            You want the lungs of a sherpa? I can get you the lungs of a sherpa, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me. Hell, I can get you the lungs of a sherpa by 3 o'clock this afternoon…

          4. Negropolis

            Wouldn't NATO without a military component basically be another UN? You know, the same UN that couldn't keep Rwanda from falling to hell, and even if it had really wanted to is designed to take so long to ramp up that they probably couldn't have?

            I'm not a hawk by any means, but I'm not sure NATO having military capability is the problem. Seems to me that the problem is often that the US has undue influence in decision making, and the other nation's seem to have a hard time telling us no.

          5. glamourdammerung

            I still remember folks getting angry about Germany specifically going into a country to end a regime that was practicing "ethnic cleansing".

            Some folks just seem to want to complain about the use of military force no matter what the circumstances.

          6. Chichikovovich

            The UN could have done a lot if it had its original contingent of 5000 well-supplied soldiers. After the US, Belgium and France decided to pull out all of their troops, leaving the UN with 500 lightly armed men with hardly any working vehicles or gasoline, many of whom were poorly trained and didn't want to be there, it was all the UN could do to save a few tens of thousands, though that is still worth doing, of course. (Though it should be added that according to Dallaire the Ghanians and Tunisians were especially resourceful and heroic, and one of his lieutenants, M'Baye, was so ingenious, resourceful and brave in saving thousands that he would have already had several Hollywood movies about him if he were American rather than Senegalese.)

          7. wondering where i am

            What do we want?

            M'baye movie

            When do we want it?

            In time for the next Oscars.

          8. Negropolis

            There is already a movie about the Rwandan Genocide featuring **gasp** a blah actor playing a heroic Rwandan, so I'm not sure I buy that a story hasn't been told because it doesn't feature a heroic American character.

    1. Terry

      It's a multi national organization. You're an anarchist. Do you really have a choice?

          1. Chet Kincaid

            I saw Animal House exactly once, when it came out. When I finally transferred from community college to "boarding college" my junior year, I was surrounded by white boys who took all aspects of the film as aspirational, setting up the debacle that became the '80s. Good times.

      1. bagofmice

        Homemade hooch is simply a more drinkable tax dodge, unlike offshoring corporate profits. Of course, when you travel offshore, the drinks are on the company card.

      2. Butch_Wagstaff

        And for the non-drinkers, there's raw milk. But I don't think anarchists who are vegans are into that.

  4. Crank_Tango

    These kids should really be protesting the Ring of Fire. Cuz damn, that shit burns.

  5. FakaktaSouth

    Mohawk guy makes me laugh, as I can find people his parents' age (maybe his actual parents?) who were sporting that same style when they were babyAnarchists too.

    I love an enduring trend. I also like to imagine what people look like when getting their mohawks to stand straight up. All leaning over the bathroom counter, ironing board, or sofa, whatever, spreading their hair out proportionally, having their buds spray it for 'em, you know, cause they're a badass scary-punk guy and they need the right hair-do.

    1. Fare la Volpe

      Honey, please don't take the mystique of the bad boy away from me. Let me have bad boys for just a little bit longer.

    2. tessiee

      "I also like to imagine what people look like when getting their mohawks to stand straight up. All leaning over the bathroom counter, ironing board, or sofa, whatever, spreading their hair out proportionally, having their buds spray it for 'em, you know, cause they're a badass scary-punk guy and they need the right hair-do."

      There's an Ace Backwords cartoon where one of those guys is walking around with the Mohawk and the pierces and the black leather vest with no shirt underneath, and these two tourists want to take a picture of him: "Oh, Honey! Look at that guy! Isn't that an adorable 'widdle' haircut?"

    3. PsycWench

      I had a student, years ago, who sported a mohawk that was dyed bright colors (which varied). When you're rocking a bright mohawk it is imperative that you use something to make it stand up, because when you're running late and you skip the 'do, the effect is very My Pretty Pony.

        1. ChuckieJesus

          Ho shit, I rocked a Skrillex back in 1986. I believe I looked just as unfuckable, too.

    4. SayItWithWookies

      I knew a guy who said he used glue — not sure if he diluted it, but I always imagined it was the same sort of mixture you harden papier-mache with.

      1. caitifty

        White wood glue for the bulk of it (it's water soluble so it comes out eventually) and crazy glue for the tips.

  6. Blueb4sunrise

    It is times like these that I wonder: What is our editrix wearing on a Sunday morning?

      1. M. Szyslak

        I remember. College students could really scurry around wit .223s zingin past em. Good old days.

  7. Doktor StrangeZoom

    Second photo: Who is War Norm, and when he goes to Cheers, does everyone shout his name?

    1. iburl

      1) Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf, genius inventor of the "Move our 200,000 troops behind your 1000 troops and attack you from the rear" manouver?

      2) Yes.

  8. FraAnima

    So your brother's bound and gagged, and they've chained him to a chair. What's it to ya?

    1. V572 Is this him?

      They no longer show the kind of unrestrained zeal you saw in 1968, when Mayor Daley egged them on. Remember when they "cleared" Grant Park by driving the protesters across Michigan Avenue and through the windows of the Conrad Hilton?

      I was watching it with my father, both of us outraged. "Look at what they're doing!' I said. "If I were I cop and I saw you," he said [I had long hair then, natch] I'd do the same thing."

      Family moments live forever.

    1. Designer_Rants

      Don't forget them Christian "God Hates Fags" lawyers from Colorado. They get the permits, and if anyone messes with them, they sue and pay for the next several "protests" with the settlement (shakedown) monies.

  9. Maman

    I am sorry, but I have to say that a public service was done arresting the twits who thought to BUY molotov cocktails from the cops. If you can't figure out how to make one, you will only hurt yourself and innocents.

    1. V572 Is this him?

      Or maybe the cops encouraged the prospective Bolsheviks to initiate the purchase. Not that the CPD would ever, ever practice entrapment. That would be wrong!

      1. Maman

        Did you see the pics of these brainiacs? I don't think entrapment was involved. Besides, what decent anarchist can't figure out beer bottles, gas and rags.

        1. V572 Is this him?

          Yeah, I was thinking “too dumb to know how to make a Molotov cocktail” = “dumb enough to offer money to an undercover cop to get it done.” So you wonder, as with so many of our recent “successes” in the Domestic Theater of Operations of the Global War on Terrorism, may have been wishful thinking on the part of the GWOTers.

        2. An_Outhouse

          They were probably underage and needed someone to buy the bottles that come with beer inside them.

    2. flamingpdog

      True story: Back in 1980, some lunatic(s) fire-bombed the clinic my now ex-wife worked at in Boulder. Was it an abortion clinic? No, it was a spay and neuter clinic. No one ever could figure that one out.

      1. tessiee

        "it was a spay and neuter clinic. No one ever could figure that one out."

        For pets or people?

    3. Arkoday

      You seen the price of gas lately? Maybe the fuzz had discount coupons. Better deal.

    1. tessiee

      Number 1, stop being coy. It's you, and we all know it's you.
      Number 2, how does that cat balance on your head relative to the Mohawk 'do?

  10. mavenmaven

    Chicago Glamour Hot Tip: Remember to shave your underarms before going to protest, because you never know!

    1. tessiee

      Or to NOT shave them, to show that you're alternative and such.
      Slightly OT: what's with the "alternative" type wimmenz who shave their *legs*, but not their *pits*?

      1. ChuckieJesus

        my pits are rockin', they get long, black, and smooth, like pussy hair in shunga. the legs only grow hair sparsely on the shins and stick out in all different directions due to the wavy hair gene. not as aesthetically pleasing.

        you're welcome.

  11. flamingpdog

    ♫ Oh, bomb, oh, bomb, Emmanuel,
    And ransom captive Chicago,
    That mourns in lonely exile here
    Until the Son of Kenya appear.
    Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
    Shall come to you, O streets of Chicago! ♫

      1. flamingpdog

        Thanks. Believe or not, the fourth verse of that song begins:

        Oh, come O Rod of Jesse's stem,
        From ev'ry foe deliver them
        That trust your mighty pow'r to save;

      1. flamingpdog

        Fellow sciurid – haven't seen ya in a while!

        And by the time they finished filming Emmanuelle XIV or whatever, there had been more Emmanuelles than Dr. Whos.

  12. Fare la Volpe

    God damn you to communist hell, Rebecca (what would commie hell be? Disneyland?). You're posting tons of sexy anarchist bad boy spank bank fodder and I'm working the weekend shift. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-

    Those biceps, man. Those fucking biceps.
    *bites lip until it bleeds*

    1. ThundercatHo

      Go check out Tom and Lorenzo, they have David Beckham in a suit, in the rain.

      1. Fare la Volpe

        Mr. Beckham graced my dorm room wall for much of my undergrad experience, and he is coming with me to Michigan.

        It really should be a crime to be that handsome.

        1. tessiee

          It is, and the punishment is being married to what'serface, the one who looks like the wire monkey in the Harry Harlow experiments.

    2. anniegetyerfun

      There is literally nothing about that guy that meets my normal fapping standards (other than the tattoos), but I would hit that. Repeatedly.

    1. FakaktaSouth

      Definitely. Always the mark of the my most successful relationships – the ones with a bunch of shit I think needs fixing. At your tender sweet age – I'd advise fuck and run in all cases, always. Yay!

    2. HistoriBarb

      That's what they all say … they're no good for you! Why don't you find a nice boy and settle down?

      1. Fare la Volpe

        And while you're at it, maybe you could find a nice Jewish boy to please your mother? But what do I matter? I only carried you for 9 months and cared for you 18 long years. Go do what you want to do; don't even think about me.

        1. HistoriBarb

          I'll just be sitting here, alone in the dark. You go on and live your life and maybe once in a while think of your poor mother's broken heart.

          1. tessiee

            No, go on.
            Go, run off, have fun with your cool friends.
            I'll be fine — really.
            I'll just sit here…
            in the dark…
            until the Pope calls.

        2. Doktor StrangeZoom

          Mama Rosen was telling her friends how disappointed she was that her only son had just told her he was gay. "On the other hand," she said, brightening, "He's marrying a doctor!"

      1. V572 Is this him?

        One of Abbie Hoffman’s greatest moments was when rained down loose dollar bills on the trading floor of the NYSE, and the traders cheered and groveled and fought over them like summer interns at Bain Capital. Thereby was the true nature of market capitalism exposed, and it became necessary to glass in the balcony.Your other references are unknown to me, although Abby Lincoln yielded to the Google. Is she good?

    1. Negropolis

      In my opinion, you'd hear "in my day" quite a few times in reference to how the protestors were protesting.

  13. DrunkIrishman

    Why is it that every punk anarchist looks like he's either a methhead or severely anorexic?

  14. SayItWithWookies

    NATO's biggest failure, as far as I'm concerned, was letting Dubya bully them into ponying up more troops and equipment to send to Afghanistan so he could ignore it and run off to make Iraqi oil safe from its citizens. That and having an insignia that looks like it belongs on a 1950s refrigerator.

    1. Negropolis

      NATO's biggest failure, as far as I'm concerned, was letting Dubya bully them into ponying up more troops and equipment to send to Afghanistan so he could ignore it and run off to make Iraqi oil safe from its citizens.

      Bingo. I fault NATO not for being some shadowy, behind-the-scenes puppetmaster, but for offering a legitimacy to US military misadventures they'd otherwise not have. Europe needs to grow some balls, and tell us to fuck-off when we need to be told such a thing. That's the difference between real friends and fake friends. You don't egg a real friend into a fight you know he or she can't win.

    2. NellCote71

      You are so right about the insignia. The other, too, I guess, but the logo, definitely.

  15. Monsieur_Grumpe

    Bombing is out of style kids. Try the old standard of a flaming bag of poop.

  16. mrblifil

    They could each of them use a kindly lecture from Joe the Plumber about the importance of our nation's tax code, which is the fairest since humans devised taking up collections.

  17. johnnyzhivago

    NATO is the only thing standing between the Chocolate Producing Nations and global communism. Your commie hates chocolate – and I guess these punks do too.

      1. deanbooth

        Actually, I was thinking of Gertrude Stein. When told his portrait didn't look like her, Picasso said, "It will."

        P.s. buttsechs

  18. Dr. Nick Riviera

    OT: Meanwhile, a bunch of alleged white supremacists had the crap beaten out of them with baseball bats by people who were "anti-racist" in Tinley Park IL. My British hubby loves Ashford house, it's the only place he can get a disgusting English Breakfast! Couldn't they have harassed the white supremacists elsewhere? Also, attacking white supremacists with clubs may not be the best approach to bringing about racial unity…

    1. Negropolis

      Beckie Williams was among the victims Saturday. Williams, who said she lives near the Quad Cities, said her group is called the European Heritage Group and they are not white supremacists.

      File this under "I'm not a racist, BUT…"

      But, yeah, if they were going to beat them, they should have done it at IHOP, or, even better, a Dennys. The Ashford House looks a bit too upscale for a beatin'.

      1. HistoriBarb

        Hmmm – there are two Waffle Houses in IL (Granite City and Collinsville) but I guess that's too far away from Chicago to really get that full "heritage not hate" feel.

      1. Designer_Rants

        When police arrived, the attackers fled in three vehicles. Police stopped one vehicle near 159th Street and Harlem Avenue. Five men, all white, were arrested.

        White on white violence! Can't we all just get along?

        Also, funny how the woman who organized the "heritage" gathering did so on a forum called "whitenewsnow", and said the meeting was for "white nationalists". But she's not racist.

        1. glamourdammerung

          The site is run by the American Third Position Party which is a white supremacist organization that is currently running a pleasant fellow by the name of Merlin Miller (no, I am not making that up) who is a past Ron Paul delegate that rails against those Jews that control Hollywood.

        2. ElPinche

          I'm just glad to see Obama has successfully indoctrinated white folk to the beat the shit out of white racists.
          *sigh* So much whitey, so little time.

  19. Steverino247

    Yeah, nothing says "anarchy" like a National Defense Service Medal."

    You know, if you're going throw your medals in protest, have one you risked your balls to get.

    1. imissopus

      Yeah, isn't that one awarded to pretty much every member of the military who serves in a time of war? So every person down to the lowest company clerks who has served a hitch since 9/11 probably has one.

    2. SudsMcKenzie

      Nothing says "nothing says" as two people pretty much posting the same thing at the same time.

  20. iburl

    I'm afraid almost all of us have the ingredients of a bomb (alcohol or gas, a bottle and a rag) in other words, see you all in Gitmo.

  21. LionHeartSoyDog

    Rebz ~
    There's a better foto of your boyfriend over at RT.
    He's one of the veterans who threw back their medals.
    Best Wishes.

    "NATO protesters clash with Chicago police."
    (btw, FTP).

  22. DahBoner

    (Nina pauses dramatically)…

    "I didn't *ask* for the anal probe."

    (pauses again)

    "*I* didn't ask for the anal probe!"

    (Pauses again, makes an angry face)

    "I didn't ask for the anal *probe*!"

    (Pauses, looks sad)

    "I didn't ask for the *anal* probe."

    (She breaks character.)

    That was it. ”

    1. Negropolis

      "I am a woman of faith," Justice Melvin said after she was released without bond following a video arraignment. "My strong faith in God is the cornerstone of my life. My faith will see me through this."

      I think I'm going to throw up..

      "I entered a plea of not guilty today and I will vigorously defend these politically motivated charges," she said. "The voters overwhelmingly sent me to the Supreme Court and I will not resign because of these politically motivated charges."

      Nope. There is not thinking about it. I am going to vomit.

      1. ElPinche

        Hiding behind Jesus – check
        Never resigning even though its clear that she's guilty as fuck – check
        Deny, deny, deny! – check

        Yup, she's a Republican beyond a reasonable doubt. I wonder if she'll ask to keep her "Justice" title in the slammer?

  23. anniegetyerfun

    OT but do you guys remember when Campbell Brown used to hang out here and try to give us virtual handjobs? I had forgotten she was alive, but she is, and married to a top Romney adviser, and as a result, has the credentials to attack Prez Obummer and his "condescension" toward women.

    Romney, on the other hand, understands women because he owns one.

    1. BarackMyWorld

      I read that and wondered "Have you LISTENED to a Romney speech, bitch?" Just based on his public statements, he thinks every woman in America is Carol Brady.

    2. glamourdammerung

      Romney, on the other hand, understands women because he owns one.

      I doubt that. After all, Romney is a Mormon.

    3. Chichikovovich

      True, Ms. Brown only discloses that she's married to a top Romney advisor well into the column rather than, say, at the beginning, but she has great advice. Say you're a single mother,and lose your job, or your business fails, wiping out all your savings in the process. Well, it is disgraceful and shows a lack of self-respect to hope the government will help. Just mooch off your family and friends instead! They'll be overjoyed to pay your bills for you.

      Now I will admit that I see one flaw in Ms. Campbell's analysis, in that most of the poor and struggling working people I know have parents, siblings and friends in the same situation as them. In some cases their parents have died. So I really think it is a more practical plan just to sell ten or twenty thousand dollars worth of stock. That will leave lots left over, and sometimes you just have to dip into principal a bit.

  24. Negropolis

    Can I just say as a card-carrying, dyed-in-the-wool liberal that I never got the memo on the whole NATO conspiracy thingy? Same with the WTO protests. It always strikes me as something should have came out of the far-right nationalist movement, here, so I can't get into it.

    I mean there is some effed-up shit happening in this world, and it ain't a conspiracy, and its certainly not being centrally perpetuated by these weak-assed organizations.

    1. BarackMyWorld

      Is the conspiracy that rich countries like being able to boss the rest of the world around?

  25. shortsandpants

    SWEET HOME, CHICAGO. No, really.

    Why are the cops still wearing the same helmets they wore when they beat the hell out of e everybody during the 1968 Dem Convention? THIS IS INJUSTICE. If Shorts' hometown crew is going to beat a bunch of non-violent-pacifists going against the Windy City grain of political ass-backwardness, these Nazi cops should at least get new, shiny helmets. You have to oppress IN STYLE, after all. Chicago's metro-sexual elite would scoff when looking down from their lakefront high-rise palaces. "The cops are giving the hippies their just deserts, but just look at that SCRATCH on his helmet," Buffy said from her 70th floor penthouse.

    1. Chet Kincaid

      Nobody cares about '68 anymore except a bunch of goddamned old hippies. And Crosby Stills and Nash, all excited that "young people" might find them relevant again and let them on their compilation album. A lot of history has happened in Chicago in 44 years, the most interesting parts of which have been completely forgotten by mopes who somehow think Daley II directly followed Daley I. People blathering on about '68 are just as tedious as bang-bang Capone Euro-trash.

    2. radio-of-owls

      "The cops are giving the hippies their just deserts, but just look at that SCRATCH on his helmet," Buffy said from her 70th floor penthouse.

      "This is it, this is the chance I've been waiting for all these miserable years," thought Marta. She glanced over to the couch where Biff lay where he passed out stone-cold drunk an hour ago. She eased her way over to the open window where Buffy was standing, wobbly from the pills and wine. Making sure not to use her hands but her lowered shoulder instead, Marta leaned into Buffy's back with just enough force to propel the startled bitch over the hip-high railing and send her plummeting from 70 stories up.


  26. misanthrope

    Awwe boys like the one with the mohawk make me want to burn my suits in a pile in my cubicle, join their cause and get a sexy angry occupy type boyf, which would be fine until he couldn't pay for the 4 or 5 Grey Goose martini's (what I ordered a salad!)I would inevitably drink on our first date. Oh I am so Maria in West Side Story!!! With more weed and liquorz!

  27. George Spelvin

    I haz a snark-free comment, sorry.

    Protesting fucking NATO? What the billy-goat fuck? Okay, yes, we got the occasional eradicated wedding party, and that truly sucks, but where the fuck do you think the fucking drones come from? Belgium? (Actually, I don't know if Belgium is a member of NATO, but you get my point).

    If you don't like the use of excessive and badly controlled military violence as a response to pretty nearly any annoyance, protest the source — which is, mah fella Amurkins, us, not "NATO".

    More generally, please, have some political sense in your protesting. The point of protest demonstrations (theoretically) is to persuade those in authority to change their behavior. Consider the current scenario: (1) we have an incumbent President who is not as liberal as some of us would like, but who is unarguably a better choice than the alternative; (2) the House is effectively controlled by a sub-minority of teabaggers, abetted by a cynical Republican leadership (oppose Obama, no matter what the cost to the country); (3) there is an election coming up that may, or may not, change these things.

    Gee, what a perfect time to launch a provocative protest against a glorified front organization that, unavoidably, has to be supported by the not-so-liberal President and the minority members (that's our folks, more or less) of Congress. That really improves our electoral chances.

    1. Negropolis

      I'm generally in agreement, though, I think it's more accurate to say that they are protesting power, in general, as opposed to the "not-so-liberal President and minority members." I also think it's important to remember that most of the folks at these rallies are apolitical (as opposed to the tea party, which actually votes and only for Republicans), and they don't run on standard political time. They protest as these things come to them. If it comes in an election year, so be it.

      I know we wish they were more like the tea party, you know, wish they were essentially the foot soldiers of the Democratic Party, but they aren't. For good or for bad, this is the difference between the American right and the American left.

      1. George Spelvin

        I don't want them to be the foot soldiers of the Democratic Party, I want them to grow a fucking brain.

        We live in an increasingly polarized democratic republic. That is a fact. The available choices — that is, the choices that actually have a measurable probability of winning office — are not as robust as we would like them to be, but they are what they are (and yes, I hate that phrase, but in this case it is accurate).

        I'd hate to think that the defining characteristic of the American Left is that they're too stupid to figure out how politics works.

        1. Negropolis

          Here's the problem: you're judging their efforts from a political angle; they aren't. They were out there when Dubya was in office, they were out there when Clinton was in office, they were out there when H.W. was out there…the point being that they don't view this from the angle of a political intelligence; they simply don't operate in a political world; they don't care how this affects traditional politics. If they cared about playing within the narrow confines of our political system, they'd have hitched their broad movement to the conventional, political apparatus.

          Now, whether that is good or bad is a political question; whether they shoud be in politics is definitely worthy of debate. I just think it's kind of silly to judge them within a game that they aren't even playing. I don't think they can be judged in the way one can judge the tea party, which is playing decidedly within the game of traditional politics.

          You're basically using football rules to call a baseball game, is what I'm getting at.

    1. George Spelvin

      I don't know. Literally.

      He's never going to be able to completely erase this. In fact, if he adheres to backtracking, he'll shoot himself in the <protuberance of your choice> as a "sell-out".

    2. imissopus

      Trying to compare attacks on Bain as somehow being equal to attacking Obama on Jeremiah Wright? Wow is that freaking stupid. Maybe Booker's brain is still fried from charging into that house fire a few weeks ago. Or else Chris Christie has some pictures of him doing unspeakable things to a goat. Those are the only two explanations I can come up with.

    3. Negropolis

      You're being too kind, because this was not a brain fart.

      Apart from his saving neighbors from flame-engulfed buildings and shoveling out people during a snow storm, he's honestly not all that liberal. It was kind of similar to Fenty down in DC. There is a new strain in urban politics where these guys court out-of-city business people with conservative talk about school "reform". What they basically are-are old school Republicans, socially liberal but with a much more American conservative view on fisal issues.

        1. Negropolis

          You know, I go between thinking that these guys do this as a cynical ploy, and then believing that they actually believe this, so it's not hard for them to utter this shit. In both the case of Fenty and Booker, they had comfortable, middle-class upbringings. They got to where they are by playing off the provincial old guard in their cities, a very racial and often times corrupt old guard. DC residents found this out after, already, and I wonder if Newark residents will ever dig deeper?

          You know, if these guys really are true-believing Third Wayers/Blue Dogs, that's perfectly all right. But, voters should know their political ideologies up front, and that means that these candidates shouldn't hide them. Personally, I think there is space between the provincial urban old guard and then swinging so far too the right you get appointments like snake-oil saleswoman Michelle Rhee. I wish somebody would find that spot and run the hell out of it, because this new guard has always struck me as phoney and trying to back-door the Heritage Foundation bullshit into out city centers.

          There has been kind of an alliance made where we don't question the Bookers and Fentys, and I think this is doing liberalism and progressivism a great disservice. We need to have this discussion.

          1. weejee

            I with you on this. Although my cynicism runs deep I think Booker was talking campaign banking futures Sunday morn but honestly, not cynically. The three things most polls care about are 1) votes, 2) good press, and 3) money. On Sunday it sounded to me that Booker was speaking to item 3, those writing checks in 2014/15, to bankroll for media buys/events to obtain item 1. That said, it really don't think that long his path that Booker was a libtard who had a 3rd Way/Blue Dog epiphany. Rather this is Booker's jerb and he is trying to do what will be successful.

          2. Negropolis

            I don't think he had a conversion, either. I question whether he hasn't always been a Third Wayer given what I know of his background and what little I knew of him before he became mayor. He wasn't ever a champion of the poor in the way the Dems has been, traditionally, but more in the vein of a Republican. And, that is to say that he's either never concerned himself with the thoughts on how to best maintain social welfare, or he concerned himself with it and simply believes what many centrist Republicans (the few that are left) believe about it.

            The reason I'm not sure about the cynical angle to this is because there are plenty of urban mayors in this country who damn-near talk a social message, and who still get fat campaign checks from the business community when said mayors do their bidding, anyway. Booker didn't just stick up for business in general, but specifically private equity, which is a very narrow and Republican constituency, which further leads me to believe that this wasn't him speaking to campaign donors.

            You can play a liberal champion on television, and still get the big corporate bucks behind the scene. In fact, that's kind of the norm for both parties.

    4. oldedinvn

      Screw what party. The only chance America has is for evolution to speed up & more than 50% of the people have IQs higher than room temperature in an igloo.
      I ran.

  28. oldedinvn

    Blah. I see more tits in this commonist country.
    The police are nicer too, also.

  29. BarbdarTFlagass

    I was, uh, one of the authors of the Port Huron Statement.–The original Port Huron Statement. Not the compromised second draft. Ever hear of the Seattle Seven?

  30. BarbdarTFlagass

    If these guys think NATO is bad, wait till they get a load of Team America.

  31. GregComlish

    "defence lawyers shot back that Chicago police had trumped up the charges to frighten peaceful protesters away, telling a judge it was undercover officers known by the activists as "Mo" and "Gloves" who brought the firebombs to a South Side apartment where the men were arrested. "

    Looks like the cops planted molotov cocktails on the protestors to justify their brutal crackdown and to indite and discredit the protest movement. And apparently this succeeded since even left-leaning independent blogs like Wonkette are buying the accusations.

  32. ElPinche

    If Molotov cocktails are terrorist weapons, then I must be Osama Bin Pinche with my Flaming Gorillas last night (151, Schnapps, Kahlua, and fire)

  33. banana_bread

    True story: Mr. Banana Bread was invited to go a-protestin' but he declined in favor of drinking beer and playing Mario.

  34. Geminisunmars

    And here I always thought that it was the same product Mary used. Disillusioned Sunday.

  35. iburl

    also, don't let them ride in your car unless you want to figure out how to get old stinky egg mess off or your car ceiling.

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