HELLO YOURadio commies and totes adorbs marrieds Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein of Citizen Radio are in Chicago stone cold marchin’ on the mansion of Ol’ Mayor Nine-Fingers hisself, and also taunting pigs. They are also taking pictures of NATO protesters, for your ‘batin. Like this guy! HELLO THIS GUY! More protester hotness after the jump!

Hey, whassup, Chicago protesters? Do you have lots of good chants? YES! Here is one! “Get those animals off those horses!” chanted the people. Also:

“2, 4, 6, 8, Walmart fuck you!”

Here are some veterans of hotness.

Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty.

And here is an awesome picture of an arrest. Look at that chick! She is BEST! And here is where we get all concern troll and disagree with most of our Occupy NATO protester pals about dudes arrested for either bomb-making equipment or “brewing” equipment: we don’t care if the cops coaxed them into it. MAYBE DON’T BOMB RAHM EMANUEL, OR ANYONE ELSE. YOU ARE NOT EMMA GOLDMAN, the end.

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