Here Is Your New P-E-N-I-S Lady, But About Blacks Instead Of Gays!

  the south shall rise again

Hey LADY!Have you finished with your shame spiral over the P-E-N-I-S lady, and how much fun you made of her and how you howled with laughter until we all realized huh, chick who sounds crazy was actually crazy? What were the odds??? Well here is a new lady for you to gawk over, and her name is Mema, and it is her world and we are just living in it! Mema loves to sit on her porch and tell her stories! Stories about how black people can be racist too, because there is a Black Miss America pageant! Thing is, by the third video (they autoplay back at the Youtube page, for your convenience), you sort of begin to LOVE Mema, just as she loves everyone, even Indian people — both kinds, from India and the “whooo-whoo-whoo” kind — because she is not racist! And when she declines to say the “n-word,” referring to it as “the word we’re not allowed to say anymore even though we used it when I was growing up,” it seems like actually a MAJOR VICTORY FOR HUMANITY! Good job, you guys! Mema doesn’t say the n-word! Behold this giant step for mankind, after the jump!

Mema, dudes. Click click click.


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