Most PopularIt is hard to know who is less popular in Wonkville: lunatic hippie Rielle Hunter, or her tousled-locked boy lover, John Edwards. It is also hard to know who is less popular in the Young household — the Youngs being the couple who agreed to fake the husband’s affair with Hunter (and paternity of Edwards’ sex mistake) to cover for the once-and-future veep and Supreme Court justice, and who now seem to be having all the fun in the world testifying against him.

We are not sure what Rielle Hunter being a total asshole has to do with John Edwards’ campaign finance violations, but prosecutors are not skimping on the details. For instance!

[Cheri] Young described, too, how she and Andrew wrote several checks, including one for $8,000, to help Hunter pay for her spiritual adviser’s services. Hunter, she said, even called in the adviser for help when she complained, at a Colorado diner, that her Reuben sandwich had the wrong sauce.

But what kind of sauce was the wrong sauce for a Reuben sandwich?


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