Or is that secretly Newt Gingrich in there?

Yes, friends, your beloved election girlfriend and California GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Orly Taitz has finally found the time don a suit of medieval armor, sit down with a tank of nitrous oxide pilfered from the dental office supply closet along with one hundred cigarettes and then take alternating puffs on each until she came up with her very own campaign video. You must now watch it.

WAIT first here is a preview, or more of a WARNING, that Dianne Feinstein will jump out at you like a squirrely hobbit.

We won’t tell you when! Now here is the campaign ad:

Is this perhaps a new record for most themes covered in a single campaign ad? The California state budget crisis is secretly the fault of California’s representatives in Washington; Communism; the Holocaust; Constitution rape; illee-gals; Orly is lonely; Constitution rape; and also too, she is the “Energizer bunny on steroids” according to the wheezing noises in the audio track, gross. Oh dear we are giggling, it’s like Orly Taitz has found out how to make the laughing gas contagious through the computer screen, it is MAGIC. [YouTube]

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