President Stalin delivering a fireside chatDid you hear that California — the Golden Dream by the Sea — is having a wee little problem with its economy? What happened was a million years ago some proto-Grover Norquists made it impossible to ever raise taxes in the state, both by requiring a two-thirds supermajority in the Lege and by mandating that property taxes could never go up ever. Then, on top of that, Arnold Schwarzenegger took a ballpeen hammer to a car to symbolize SMASHing the Vehicle License Fee, and whoops! The very next year, California was in the red by … the exact same amount it had foregone in Vehicle License Fees! But everybody got $134 back to go spend at Wal-Mart, so good trade! This has been a problem for California, because it is no longer able to pay for things like world-class educational systems that used to draw people to it, but obviously, all current and historic budget shortfalls are Jerry Brown’s fault because he used to be a hippie, and did you know also Al Gore invented the Internet? Haw haw haw.

Anyhoo, now Jerry Brown has announced additional cuts to education and services (he has been pretty Austere already) and also plumped for an infinitesimal rise in the sales tax, and three percent more in income taxes for Facebook founders. How did he do this? In a YOUTUBE. And that makes him just like Evita Peron. Don’t cry for him, Sacramento, etc.

Here is Dana Perino, blahing about it on Fox News:

“On one hand oh how innovative, the governor of California using new media to get a message out to the voters. […] Doing something like that, by video, is something that is done by like dictators where you don’t have to answer to the people.”

And here is Jerry Brown’s Youtube announcement, where he is trying to be Stalin times Castro plus Obama combined!

We are very sure that Dana Perino, former press secretary to George W. Bush, is not at all being something so low as “partisan” or “political” when she only objects when a Democrat doesn’t take questions. In fact, this has been a longtime tactic of LIEBERALS, and that includes all stupid Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats, when no reporters were allowed to ask him questions through the radio. Dig him up and burn him, and let it be a lesson to them all!


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