hot gay sex orgyWELL! Thank you Wonkette operative “OkieDokieDog,” for passing along this film of great beauty and poetry. It is of a Nebraska lady getting all hot and nasty about Gay Sex Orgiers, with their P-E-N-I-S-es. They are Homiciders. And the UN/UNESCO, somehow. We do not know. But it should certainly have more than 313 views, so click where it says “READ MORE” and read more!

This lady seems very nice. She is probably your mom.

UPDATE: The video has now been marked private, maybe because the lady therein is actually schizophrenic, and goes to these meetings about two times a month, and the council waits patiently while she goes on her schizophrenic rant, and don’t we all feel terrible? So now we will provide an alternate copy, so that we may all watch and then switch from pointing and laughing to tsk-tsking about the state of mental health services in this country (thanks REAGAN!) and howl at the further cuts that are coming instead of laughing at this lady for being crazy because she actually is. Your Wonkette is not in the habit of making fun of the powerless unless they are super racist and/or rednecky, and also let’s all send $5 to a local homeless shelter or something, and then we can all feel better about having made 20,000 pageviews worth of fun of poor Jane Svoboda.

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