(keep feeling) assassination

Ron Paul Supporter So Lonely, Would Like A Visit From The Secret Service Too Please

yeah, it's this guy, surpriseIsn’t it great how Election Season brings out the best in all of us, making us ever delight in doing more and better for our fellow man? (And womyn, ladies!) Also, isn’t it terrific how Election Season makes us all very very smart and intelligent? USA! Well, we have another winner in the newest let’s-all-murder-one-another-for-democracy sweepstakes, and that man is a prominent Ron Paul supporter, who was once endorsed by the good doctor for his own congressional bid, and he has a radio show too! (Your Wonkette needs a radio show right quick, as it will better enable us to be a batshit-insane total piece of shit.) So, Adam Kokesh, whom would you like to kill today?

“There is a way the nomination can be given to Ron Paul,” he read aloud [from an email from a young man whose name he did not give]. “There is a way to fix the situation we currently face with Obama versus Romney. Romney needs to die.”

That is against the Wonkette Rules for Commenting Radicals! STOP IT RIGHT NOW, JERKS!

In the video, Kokesh says of the email, “I have never endorsed such a plan. I have never suggested such a plan. But I cannot deny that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind as well as so many other libertarians and Ron Paul supporters of late.” […]

“Obviously this raises some interesting moral issues” [he continued]. “It sure is tempting isn’t it, to think that you could take out one life and prevent the deaths of so many others.”

You know whose mind that hasn’t crossed? And who hasn’t been tempted? Your Wonkette! Not even once! And we are getting a little (a lot) sick of all these million The Nuges and their “how could you possibly think saying we should kill Claire McCaskill is a death threat to Claire McCaskill?” and their mumbly-mumblies about the First Amendment, which, shockingly, does not actually allow for either incitement to overthrow the government of the United States or incitement to murder political candidates, weirdly enough!

Anyhoo, go on over to Buzzfeed and read the whole moronic thing (you can watch their video too!). Your Editrix has a party to attend to, now that she is in just the right mood. [Buzzfeed]

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  1. Barb

    "Romney needs to die"

    Good luck with that! I don't think the good people at Mattel who built him planned for that to happen.

    1. GOPCrusher

      Really wouldn't even have to get close. One good EMP blast might roast his circuitry.

    2. Lascauxcaveman

      I think Rmoney should die too. In thirty years or so.

      In the meantime, he should just keep reminding us daily what a callous, entitled, job-exporting plutocrat he is, so he'll never, ever, ever hold elected office again.

      1. V572 Is this him?

        He only held one elective office for one term. There's an attractive finality to that and it would be wrong to ruin it.

        Plus he's a totalitarian-tonsorial dick.

      2. RavenRant

        I am counting on the 'Meg Whitman' effect. She spent a ton of money on ads in CA, was all over the airwaves, and every time people saw her, they hated her a little more.

        And Meg was positively charming compared to Mittens.

        1. Fukui-sanYesRadio

          Do you remember all those really, really irritating anti Steve Poizner ads her campaign ran? It was an ad time carpet-bombing and that was just for the bloody primary.

          1. RavenRant

            I've blocked the details from my mind. I just remember smiling every time I saw her on TV, because she was so obnoxious, she was just burying herself. And way too arrogant to figure out that maybe the best way to win was to keep her repellent self out of the limelight.

  2. Arken

    This is exactly why I'm seriously worried about what the crazy Ronulans who say things like "Ron Paul is America's last hope" are going to do when he finally concedes.

    1. GOPCrusher

      Not just the Paultards, but the whole slew of whackadoodles out there that are just positive that their Jeebus is going to prevent the re-election of the President.
      I contend that things are going to get real jinky if the President starts pulling away with a 5 point or more come this summer.

      1. Arken

        Definitely, but the Ronulans will come before that because their candidate will have to drop out at the RNC.

      2. Terry

        They'll start forwarding even worse emails about Obama, believe any piece of tripe that suits their world view, and wait for the next election. Just like last time.

      3. BerkeleyBear

        I'm guessing O will be in full Popemobile mode the last couple months of the election – encased in bulletproof lexan at all times.

        1. RavenRant

          I sure as hell hope so. And I hope the Secret Service guys aren't hungover and/or ogling somebody when the 'patriot' makes his move.

    2. Terry

      They'll do what they do every single time Ron Paul has lost for President. This time, Paul is stepping down from the House and can travel the country fleecing his followers in person as a full time rather than part time occupation.

      1. Arken

        I hope you're right, but I have not heard this 'last hope' rhetoric from them in the past.

        1. Lascauxcaveman

          Yeah. These parent-basement-dwelling, cheetos-munching drama queens are totally gonna get apocalyptic – on their on-line World of Warcraft foes.

          1. Arken

            Not all of them are like that unfortunately. Some of them are armed too. I've seen their crazy YouTube videos.

        2. dadanarchist

          Don't worry: Atlas Shrugged 2: Go Galter is coming out, so that should keep them distracted.

    3. dadanarchist

      Hopefully they'll go back to working on Seasteading, their plans to build a Peter Thiel financed floating* liberatarian paradise.**


      *hopefully, and undoubtedly, not for long

      **only paradisiacal if heavily-armed, selfish, nerds arguing about the finer points of Randian economic theory gets you off

    4. glamourdammerung

      Do you really think they are going to notice reality for once? I would not be surprised if the paultards just go on about how any concession (assuming Papa Doc even makes one) "counts" because of some odd Emerich de Vatte quote they all got as an email forward.

      1. Arken

        You don't have to notice reality to go on a killing spree. In fact, I would suggest that people who have a grasp on reality don't go on killing sprees.

    5. Barrelhse

      Frankly, the good Doctor doesn't look like he's got a lot of miles left on him, if ya get my meaning if ya catch my drift.

      1. Arken

        Don't say that to a Ronulan. They'll tell you how he's at peak physical fitness… and like the rest of the crazy, they truly believe it.

  3. el_donaldo

    2 observations. 1) By now, who really believes that a Ron Paul presidency wouldn't lead to less freedom and not more. and 2) What's the point of those stupid chin-strap beards? You just look like you don't know the difference between your jaw and your neck.

    1. poorgradstudent

      Oh but oppression by the states is better than oppression by the federal government.

  4. anniegetyerfun

    “Obviously this raises some interesting moral issues” [he continued]. “It sure is tempting isn’t it, to think that you could take out one life and prevent the deaths of so many others.”

    I saw that episode of the Twilight Zone. Katherine Heigl jumps into the water with Baby Hitler, but then the housekeeper just buys a gypsy baby and it grows up to be Hitler anyway.

  5. Chill-A-Sketch

    He should have phrased his threat in the standard Paultard form of "Ron Paul is the only candidate who can restore the Constitution if Romney dies."

  6. MrFizzy

    Perhaps my fellow Wonkers can help me with something that I find vexing. I just cannot figure out what Romney's main facial expression means – it just doesn't fit into any conventional model that I can identify – more of a combination of "what have I gotten myself into/if I win the presidency I'm going to have to work a lot of hours and that's not gonna be good" AND "fuck all you lesser people" There's one of those pictures up on Huffpo right now.

    1. nounverb911

      Romney looks like he just farted. (and damn you for making me look at Huffpo.)

        1. nounverb911

          .– …. .- – / .- .-. . / -.– — ..- / – .-. -.– .. -. –. / – — / … .- -.– ..–..?

    2. commiegirl

      And you get comment of the day just for saying Wonkers, which is fucking miles better than that wonketeer bullshit pffft. YOU WIN SIR.

    1. Fukui-sanYesRadio

      Ah, BI. The rag that claimed Stephen Hawking would be dead by death panels if he was treated by the evil, socialist NHS.

    2. Terry

      I'm kinda hoping it's real. The GOP convention would be hilarious, perhaps verging on Lord of the Flies.

      1. Lascauxcaveman

        With all the guns in Tampa thrown into the mix.

        I'm totally watching this on teh teevee.

    3. BlueStateLibel

      I don't think much of BI – instead I read it for its very special class of incoherent wingnut comments which are truly unsurpassed in the wingnut universe.

  7. MissTaken

    Seriously, I have despised many leaders: Reagan, Bush Sr and Jr, Cheney, etc. But I have never actively hoped for their death. Well, maybe Cheney, but he was already legally dead, right?!

    What is with people who's thoughts goes right to "So-and-So must die"? Is it in the water? Is that water happens to water when there's fracking nearby?

    1. Boojum

      The thought of the Koch brothers experiencing the effects of inertia in relation to a sudden change in velocity has crossed my mind a time or two.

    2. SorosBot

      Somehow I political philosophy based on resentment, bigotry and fucking over everyone outside of the tribe manages to recruit a lot of violent individuals.

    3. Butch_Wagstaff

      Even at the peak of George the Second's reign, when I was hanging out in very radical lefty/liberal/anarchist circles, I never once heard anyone, even jokingly, talk about killing him.

  8. Dashboard Buddha

    "Romney needs to die"

    No skullfucking here folks…move along, move along (Wonkette Rules for Commenting Radicals!)

  9. Mittens Howell, III

    That's a pretty severe haircut, Man-Who-Hates-Romney. Is there something you'd like to share with us?

  10. Eve8Apples

    "Romney needs to die."

    Can't wait for the GOP apologists/Fox News commentators to offer up their standard explanation, "Although we wouldn't use those precise words, we can understand why this wonderful American patriot is so upset and frustrated with the direction of this country."

  11. poorgradstudent

    For some reason all these teabagging and libertarian assassination threats remind me of the most annoying kids playing tag. "No fair! It doesn't count because I said 'We all thought about it, amirite?!'"

  12. SayItWithWookies

    You know — when your utopian vision aims for everyone living together in peace and harmony, but only after a few people are bumped off, then maybe it's time to rethink your godddamn utopian vision.

    1. CthuNHu

      All of them, Katie!

      Where "them" equals "psychopathic tyrants of the precise sort that this nutjob would grovel before in a frenzy of sado-masochistic passion."

  13. Joshua Norton

    I usually quote Clarence Darrow at times like this: “I’ve never killed a man, but I’ve read many an obituary with a great deal of satisfaction.”

  14. CthuNHu

    "Whatever you do, please please please don't forward this video to the Secret Service," Kokesh concludes.

    When you wish upon a staarrrrrrrr…….

    Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said "We are aware of this issue and we are conducting the appropriate follow-up."


  15. SorosBot

    And he think that, if Romney died, Ron Paul would become the nominee because…? Somehow I doubt the delegates would choose the crazy ancient Randroid, instead of whoever they thought had the best chance of winning in November.

    1. Fare la Volpe

      If it were a contest between Ron Paul and a grilled cheese sandwich, the Republicans would be waving toaster ovens at the convention.

  16. Wile E. Quixote

    Yeah, good luck with that. The Mormodyne Systems MittBot 1000 is constructed of an advanced polymimetic alloy which not only makes the MittBot highly resistant to damage and incredibly strong but also allows the MittBot to rapidly morph through a variety of different and often mutually contradictory policy positions. The only way to take one of these out is to drop it into a vat of molten steel, and good luck with that since Bain Capital wiped out most of the steel industry and outsourced it to China.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      The only way to take one of these out is to drop it into a vat of molten steel….

      Woah. That's some serious Atlas Shrugged/Terminator fanfic just waiting to happen.

      1. Wile E. Quixote

        Damnit! Why is it that all of the women in Seattle who can come up with sick, twisted and wrong ideas like Atlas Shrugged/Terminator slashfic are already married!

  17. mavenmaven

    Yes, libertarianism, the philosophy of non-intervening in other people's lives aside from murdering them.

    1. Numbat_Dundee

      As long as you don't harm their wallet in the process. THAT wouldbe interference.

    2. anniegetyerfun

      Don't Tread on Me! Seriously, Are You Backing Over Me With Your Truck? Ouch! Ouch!

      1. Biel_ze_Bubba

        Anyone know where I can get a bumper sticker showing a boot stomping on that fucking snake?

  18. weejee

    Come on now, let's be honest, haven't you all at one time or another, pined for a wee whiff of napalm in the morning?

    / looks for swagger stick to masturbate

  19. OneYieldRegular

    Ron Paul's supporters are starting to make even the LaRouche people look sane.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      They are protesting at my local post office with the Obama is Hilter posters. I am convinced that there is simply no redeeming them, even when comparing them to other whackjobs.

      1. Fukui-sanYesRadio

        They were doing exactly the same at my local post office yesterday. Morons.

      2. starfanglednut

        I got in an argument with one of those dickheads once. He was waving one of those obama hitler signs around in a heavily jewish neighborhood near my house. I asked him if he though that might be offensive to holocaust survivors, and he started going on about how he though Obama is offensive, blah blah. I called him an asshole and left.

        Weird thing was, he was a young black kid.

      1. Wile E. Quixote

        Lyndon LaRouche, the only candidate who gave up the booty in the joint to protect you from the heroin dealing British Royalty!

  20. Baconzgood

    Enjoy your party wonketters. Baconz can't attend (logistic reasons), and I like parties that involve tacos and beer, but I'm throwing a sister wonkette party in the steel city. As in I'll be eating Funions, drinking boxed wine, and reading a Barely 18 alone on my sofa in my underware.

    1. Baconzgood

      Its sweet when, with a brisk 45 min walk, you live close to work. People think I'm nuts in the office that I haven't owned a car in 5 years (the lil lady owns one, and I sometimes use the company car they gave me, but I rarely take the company car out of the company garage downtown). I'm a city slicker. The idea of having to drive to get smokes, or milk, or a newspaper makes me bananas.

        1. Baconzgood

          Baconz wishes. To be MissTaken for SorosBot my MissTaken herself…*blushin Baconz face*…. *goofey smile*….*blushing again*.

        2. SorosBot

          Hey now, my old office was only a ~20 minute walk from my place; you should know, we basically did that walk when we went to Independence Hall while you were out here (though with the stop for cheesesteaks along the way).

      1. Lascauxcaveman

        Sounds like you're a good candidate for a bicycle commute. I hear Pittsburgh has some gnarly fun hills, too. Get yourself a cheap used mountainbike, see if you like it. A multitude await you on your local Craigslist.

        Or if you're 6' or better and want an honest-to-God holy-shit amazing old-school high end lugged-steel made-in-Japan collector's item, buy this beaut. At $300 it's a great deal. Light and fast (and chrome!!)

        (OK, I'm gonna close the window now, hyperventilating and drooling simultaneously isn't healthy.)

        1. Baconzgood

          I bike to work when the mood strikes me. I have a hard tail GT Timberline. Heavy as shit, hit by a car, run off the road 8 times, wiped out more than I can count….still has the same tires that came with it 7 years ago. Thing is a beast.

          Oh go down 18th from Mt. Oliver/Knoxville. I've passed cars going down that hill. Gotta keep your fingers crossed that the light is green in the middle of the hill. Then there is Canton. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canton_Avenue

      2. Fare la Volpe

        I am the exact same. I practically had to relearn how to drive when I moved to Chattanooga after living in Nashville for 5 years. I am going insane in Chattanooga – the nearest food source is over two miles away across a busy thoroughfare, and the only sight to admire on my days off is the slow, soul-crushing wreckage of suburbia. There is nothing more wonderful than being within walking distance from anything you could ever want – food, parks, art, music, theatre. Ah, it was heaven. And even if I needed to head to another part of Nashville for a party or an event, I could get free bus travel to anywhere in the city because I was a student.

        I can't wait to move at the end of May.

  21. Barb

    I feel like going to Rebecca's party tonight and standing in the parking lot, drunk as a skunk and yelling, "stop raping people!" Then smashing my wine glass to the ground.

    Mumbletypeg, I need a getaway driver, please.

      1. Barb

        I give RavenRant a happy thumbs up for getting the reference and adding something awesome to it. Thanks!

    1. dadanarchist

      Are you going to pour one (1 bottle red wine + 1 gram cocaine) out for him while you're in LA?

  22. anniegetyerfun

    I thought it was supposed to be Romeo who was supposed to die? Well, you can't spell "Romney" without "Romeo"… and a couple more letters.

  23. YouBetcha

    I would not hit that. I like 'em crazy, but usually they have to be girls for it to work.

    1. Jerri

      Also, WTF is with these idiots? In what universe, even their backwards Ron Paul is King utopia, is this sort of thing okay? How is this ever okay? Do they think that just because the secret service was caught in sexy scandals they can't find the time to investigate people who deserve it? It's okay because they are "right?"

      Oh, America. Why do you insist on adding more entries to my "reasons to drink" list?

  24. iburl

    I'm not sure there is enough ammo around to kill everyone who would vote for almost anybody before they voted for Grandpa Goldbug.

  25. Troglodeity

    "Obviously, this raises some interesting moral issues." – Reinhard Heydrich at the Wannsee Conference, January 20, 1942.

  26. not that Radio

    In light of today's Non-Stop Parade of Insane Things That Have Happened or Been Said, I propose that Fukui be allowed to resume saying "machinegunned" in whatever context he pleases.

  27. metamarcisf

    Replicants are built to last just six years anyways. That's why the VP choice is so critical. Romney – Lovitz, 2012, that's the ticket !!

  28. DaRooster

    "That is against the Wonkette Rules for Commenting Radicals! STOP IT RIGHT NOW, JERKS!"

    What did you think I was gonna say… what do you think I'm 6? Well… OK… sometimes I may not control my utter madness… but sometimes it is just the Bushmill's talking.

  29. randcoolcatdaddy

    Republicans – bring you guns and a lack of proper psychiatric care and medication …. what could possibly go wrong?

  30. Rotundo_

    The libertarians that are capable of basic math and statistics are getting restless, and the efforts of the money people to recast Mittens as "You want what? Yeah, he's all that and more" to the suckers hasn't worked out as well as they wanted. I would imagine that it is going to be a really really interesting summer. Not pleasant, not reassuring, but it will be a really, ruh-heeelllly interesting summer. The 60's had the "Summer of Love" and we will have the "Summer of Chewing through the Restraints".

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      "Summer of Chewing through the Restraints"

      That really, really needs to catch on.

  31. MissTaken

    “Obviously this raises some interesting moral issues” [he continued]. “It sure is tempting isn’t it, to think that you could take out one life and prevent the deaths of so many others.”

    It's like saying you'd kill Hitler if you have a time machine, but with being serious and having the means to actually do it. And they say the Left is morally relative.

    1. Wile E. Quixote

      Hey, if you build a time machine you have to use it to try and kill Hitler. If you don't you're a dick, or a Nazi, or a Nazi dick.

  32. __kth__

    He's probably right about one thing: a lot of libertarians and Ron Paul supporters have the same psychotic fantasies.

  33. Ducksworthy

    Silly. Romney cannot die. He could be immobilized by removing his battery pack, however.

    1. Fukui-sanYesRadio

      Rather than singing "Daisy" as he goes out, oddly enough he sings the Horst Wessel Song

      Die Fahne hoch! …. Die Reihen fest geschlossen!
      SA marschiert mit … ruhig, festem …… Schritt.
      Kam'raden, …. die Rotfront …. und Reaktion …. erschossen,
      Marschier'n …….. im Geist …… in unser'n ……….. Reihen ……………….. mit

  34. rickmaci

    There sure is a lot of evil boiling in the bottom of the GOTeaP stew pot. I have real doubts they can keep the lid on after the convention when Romoney get nominated.

  35. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Hey, with Rebecca out getting drunk in LA, are we allowed to skullfuck retards until she gets back?

    1. Fukui-sanYesRadio

      I was just about to post something similar.

      The parents are out, guys! SKULLFUCKING HOUSE PARTY!

      1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

        Skullfuck party tonight!
        Skullfuck party tonight!
        Skullfuck party tonight!
        Skullfuck. party tonight!
        We're gonna have a Skullfuck. party tonight!
        We're gonna have a Skullfuck Party alright!
        We've got nothing better to do
        Than to Skullfuck and have a couple of brews

      1. Fukui-sanYesRadio

        Hang on, I'll try:

        We would need more retards for skullfucking if that's what we were talking about!

        huh, works for me, strange

  36. glamourdammerung

    I wonder if the Secret Service could just get his World of Warcraft account banned? That seems to be the most effective way of dealing with paultards that does not involve shipping them to the Libertarian paradise of Somalia.

  37. Troglodeity

    The fact that even a patriot like Adam Kokesh would do something like this is testament to how thoroughly the moral relativism of the post-national Left has permeated our culture.

      1. Redgyal

        Okay. So……if I notice their chronic sociopathic behavior does, does that make me a highly functioning autistic too?

  38. Wile E. Quixote

    You just have to love the ignorant, deranged and downright delusional bullshit that passes for logic amongst the teabaggerati. Remember Andrew Adler? He was the batshit insane wingnut fucktard who back in January suggested that the Israelis should kill President Obama. Adler's delusional bullshit belief was that this would serve to deliver a warning to the United States that we needed to get our minds right and attack Iran tout de suite. Adler was deranged enough to believe that if the Mossad assassinated a US president that the American people would be totally OK with it. The idea that the US might not react this way, and that the American people might in fact be somewhat pissed off if a client state that owes its very existence to the generosity and sacrifices of the United States killed our president, and might, instead of attacking Iran on behalf of Israel, do something entirely different, such as considering this an act of war and turning every IDF base into a puddle of radioactive slag, never seems to have crossed Adler's mind, probably because it was unable to hack through the all of the crazy, ignorant and delusional bullshit.

    1. Designer_Rants

      I still think about that guy sometimes… how a reporter called his little rag to ask him what the deal was with all the assassination talk. He was rather surprised that people read his newspaper.

  39. Wile E. Quixote

    Similarly we have a Ron Paul supporter opining that in order for Paul to win the nomination that Mittens must die. Let's assume that this happens and that it is due to either natural causes or a freak accident, like a loaded pet carrier flying off the roof of a passing station wagon and crushing Romney. The delusional wingnut bullshit thinking here is that the RNC would say "Damn, Mitt Romney is dead. Well, I guess that means that you're the nominee Dr. Paul. Congratulations." Now, those of us who batshit insane realize that that's not how it works, it's certainly not how it worked for the Democrats in 1968 after RFK was killed in 1968.Indeed the only way I could see this happening is if the RNC said "Fuck it, Romney was going to lose anyways. Let's go all in behind Paul and when he loses we'll finally be able to tell the Paultards 'Look, we gave your guy a chance and he got his ass handed to him. Now STFU and get your asses back to the back of the bus.'" I'm still sane enough though to realize that this is a remote possibility, and not just because it would call for a certain amount of strategic thinking in the RNC, a group that really isn't much better at political strategery than say, the DNC.

  40. RavenRant

    I am feeling slightly guilty and extremely sorry for myself. I said I could go to the party, and now I can't go. Oh, well. More beer and fried things for the others.

          1. RavenRant

            Now I'm feeling even sorrier for myself. I will definitely be there next time, come heck or high water.

  41. Wile E. Quixote

    But hey, since delusional bullshit fantasies are the order of the day let's look
    at the real fun possibility, which is that some Paul supporter takes it upon himself
    to be a modern day John Wilkes Booth with Mitt Romney as a modern day Abraham
    Lincoln. What might happen then? Well Paul would completely disavow himself
    from this person, and I have no doubt that he would do so sincerely, and not just
    opportunistically. Ron Paul is many things, but he's not a bloodthirsty Republican nutjob like Rick Perry or Frothy Mix, killing people really bothers Ron Paul. In fact Paul might drop out of the race entirely rather than have his potential nomination tainted by this act and again, I think that this would be a decision driven more by morality than expedience.

    This still leaves the mess of what the Republican party would do if a member of one wing of the party went out and killed a member of another wing of the party, and given that the Republicans are a bunch of ignorant,undisciplined, heavily-armed nutjobs with piss-poor impulse control and no foresight whatsoever it would be a fine mess indeed. So you'd have the "let's have a huge military and kill everyone who is brown and doesn't like Israel and let's have lots of cops at home and throw dope-smokers in jail because that's what Jeebus said in the Bible" wing of the party going up against the "I just want to smoke dope, do the occasional line of blow, drive really fast and not have to pay taxes or obey any government regulations" wing of the party. Which would be a lot of fun to watch if we weren't in fact, every single one of us, going to be right smack dab in the middle of it.

    I have to say, given this kind of shitstorm,that I'm totally cool with the Presidential Protection Detail of the Secret Service blowing off steam by screwing hookers and think that there ought to be a line item in their budget, call it "training and morale", to pay for it.

  42. swordfis

    OT: "
    Dr.: "Mr. Ginsberg, you need to stop masturbating."

    "Why, doctor?"

    "Because I'm trying to examine you!"

  43. Wile E. Quixote

    “There is a way the nomination can be given to Ron Paul,” he read aloud [from an email from a young man whose name he did not give]. “There is a way to fix the situation we currently face with Obama versus Romney. Romney needs to die.”

    Later on Kokesh went on to say that he meant that Romney needed to die with words and that Ron Paul supporters should arm themselves with their voices and that liberals should stop blood-libeling their surveyor's marks.

  44. Negropolis

    You mean to tell me that the Right has an unhealthy curiosity with murder? You don't fuckin' say!

  45. fitley

    Hey even in the midst of the totally insane debates, I never thought offing one of the cadidates would be a fast track to the White House. Sure my migraines might have ceased but I just thought that came with the territory. I was free to turn off the TV. I'm sure the SimPaulTons will be able to cause a rukus at the convention, right? They're allowing guns there, doesn't that count for anything? Geez, patience everybody, isn't it enough to watch Romney self-immolate ? Crikey.

  46. BathroomGoblin

    Supporting Ron Paul seems to be really hard on the skin.
    We use to have such a crush on him.

  47. DahBoner

    Time for a Second Amendment Solution: A Well-regulated Militia Strike to take out treasonous traitors…

  48. ttommyunger

    Fuckwits like this are no problem. Worry about the three toothless, tattooed morons in a trailer full of beer and ammunition in Bumfuck, Arkansas.

  49. ODIrony

    By National Republican Party Rule 11, Mitt Romney is now ineligible to be nominated since Mr Priebus and the RNS began publically supporting him.

    The true delegate count as of 12 May 2012 is as follows: Romney – 312; Gingrich – 24; Paul – 110; Santorum – 144; caucus or primary held but delegate selection yet to be decided – 750; caucus or primary not yet held – 638.

    Delegates are not allocated until the state parties' conventions. By National Republican Party Rule 38 no delegates are bound, despite state rules (confirmed by case of Utah delegate at the 2008 Republican National Convention by RNC top lawyer).

  50. RavenRant

    If we could get multiple Wonketteers on from around the country, it could be brilliant. Or utter soul-chilling chaos. But it would be far more entertaining than anything else on talk radio.

  51. Sharkey

    Have you ever heard the Raucous Caucus on WPFW in DC? I honestly think at least one of two of them read Wonkette. Anyway I think I might maybe be interested. But mostly because I like you, HistoriCat.

  52. Fukui-sanYesRadio

    How cool would it be hearing limeylizzie call people "disingenuous fucking cunts" in RP English? This should happen.

  53. Fukui-sanYesBardio

    Actually, I do know a site where lots of people can get on microphone at the same time and snark, with a chat window, which could be fun.

    However, I'm loathe to drive traffic away from our wonkete unless it's a liveblog or something – we owe the editrix our pageviews, really.

  54. anniegetyerfun

    That's really nice of you to say. But eventually, I would hear a playback of it, and be forced to gouge my larynx out with a spork.

  55. Designer_Rants

    I'm the same way, about my awful voice (and I was once told by a radio jock guy in the Des Moines market [THE BIGTIME!!] that I had an awesome voice for radio–maybe he was trying to gay marry me –flattery will get you at least a dick pic text). But now that I've got li'luns and have been making lots of videos of us at the zoo/vacation/museum type stuff, and then uploading them to my computer, I hear my gross voice making obnoxious syllables a lot… and I've gotten used to it. You too can acclimate yourself! It would be for the greater good. And then who knows, maybe you'll be the next Janine Garofalo! (I meant that as a compliment).

  56. Designer_Rants

    I forgot the Protip: If you don't like your voice and are shooting video of your little kids, try not to babytalk constantly. I sound like a lispier Harvey Fierstein.

    Ha! Sara Vowell. Can't be that bad, besides, she's not that bad — just very distinctive. I'm a voice connoisseur, and I hear worse every day on my local state public radio station (drives me up the wall).

  57. anniegetyerfun

    That has to be the best description ever. I mean, I don't know if it's accurate, but it's evocative.

  58. HistoriCat

    I'll have to check out Raucous Caucus. As a podcast junkie, I"m always looking for new and interesting material.

    Now Sharkey, when you say you like me … just remember I'm a big ol' ball of fluff – wouldn't even make a decent snack for a mighty shark like you!

  59. HistoriCat

    I'm not trying to take away from Wonkette! I just want to expand the offerings. Rebecca and Kirsten can record themselves talking about hair-braiding as long as they do it with snark.

    Yes, I'm easy to please.

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