Just can't marry your *gay* cousin.
Here is the last amendment that North Carolina added to its state constitution regarding its rules for marriage, in 1875. About time for an update, you might say? A majority of North Carolinians also agree, time for a constitutional update! Now, who will explain to all those North Carolina voters exactly what an “update” is?

Because 61 percent of North Carolina voters don’t seem to get it:

Riding a Bible-influenced coalition that cut across political and racial lines, the marriage amendment stormed to approval Tuesday, making North Carolina the latest state to put stronger legal barricades before same-sex unions.

With 90 percent of the counties reporting, the constitutional amendment to make marriage between a man and a woman the “only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized” won resoundingly, 61 percent to 39 percent.

Well, that was close! North Carolina almost slipped into the 21st century for a second there. [Think Progress/Charlotte Observer]

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