I think I've got the black lung, Pop.Did you know? Some of Mitt Romney’s best friends own coal mines! Especially the kind that collapse and kill six workers and three (would-be) rescuers after years and years of reports and fines for unsafe work places. (The Mine Safety And Health Administration is tyranny, everyone knows that.) And that is why this coal-magnate dude Bob Murray introduced Mr. Mittens at a recent West Virginia fundraiser for big-money fatcats and hobnobbers! So is Bob Murray kind of a weirdo? Yes!

Murray’s behavior during the Crandall Canyon [Utah] recovery effort bewildered many observers and family members: he bragged about his private jet, yelled at those families and decried the notion of global climate change.

If you were wondering, crisis management firms find this to be the exact way you should deal with things when six of your workers and three attempted rescuers are stuck underground. IN OPPOSITE LAND! So you can see, with his totally appropriate things he says to people, why he and Romney are in love and will get gay-married by Joe Biden, the end. [SaltLakeTribune]

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