Hey Wonkers, remember this? The horror in Ol’ Walnuts’s eyes as he realized the tidal wave of fucking nuts to which he was in thrall? Good times! But remember also (you should, because you just watched it) how Country First stood up to that lady and actually told her something she did not want to hear? Weird, right? (VERY weird!) Well don’t worry, everything is back to normal and the pander is at its usual 11, and when a lady yesterday told Mitt Romney that President Fidel Castro Obama should be arrested for treason, he just went with it, because he is a went-with-it kind of guy!

Michelle Malkin’s hub for likeminded orcs, “Twitchy,” posted this video (along with everybody else) to make fun of the left’s “hissy fit” on the subject. First up?

When will Markos Moulitsas stop being hysterical? Never, obvs. He is a liberal man, and so has both a vagina and a full complement of oves. He probably wants free birth control and a Pell grant too.

Remember when Bamz called the Ryan Plan “deeply pessimistic” and they all bitched like little bitches for weeks about how he hurt their feelings by being mean and partisan and not agreeing with them? Us too! But let’s relive it again in all its sadface:

Still, Republicans said, did Obama have to attack the men to their faces? “Reagan had the decency to insult his enemies when he was out of town,” grumbled one GOP aide.

Suck it up, Obamatards, Obama will be arrested for treason once Rick Santorum wins Civil War II: Electric Bugaloo, that is just the way it works.


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