Just us, or is dude kinda hot?Just who is this Bob Stein, and why is he sullying the august pixels of National Review Online with his Obama-loving and his insistence that job numbers are improving? Perhaps he would like to MOVE BACK TO CUBA, COMMIE! Here, let us read the first comment on Mr. “Stein”‘s disgusting, America-hating post together.

Bob, does the Obama campaign pay you by the word, or are you on a flat retainer? The one word that springs to mind when I read anything you write is “giddy”. I wonder if the 550K who left the labor force since January are as optimistic about our economy as you always seem to be? Probably not, eh?

And here, let us read the second!

I’m sorry, you should have turned left, that would have gotten you to the Huffington Post. This is National Review Online, we don’t need pro-Obama spin here.

Yeah, FUCK YOU, BOB STEIN, with your ‘litest “numbers” and “maths”! What has infuriated these wingnuts so? Everything. What else?

The headline payroll numbers fell short of consensus expectations in April, rising 115,000 overall and 130,000 for the private sector. However, the Labor Department once again made large upward revisions to prior months. Including these revisions, nonfarm payrolls were up 168,000 and private payrolls were up 196,000, both beating consensus expectations.

Some analysts ignore these revisions, but we think that’s a big mistake. Normal monthly revisions to the original payroll report have now been positive for ten straight months and have averaged about 40,000 per month during this period. As a result, without revisions, analysts have a systematically and downwardly biased impression about the job market.

Meanwhile, some analysts may discount the drop in the unemployment rate to 8.1 percent, given that the drop was due to a decline in the labor force. However, in the past year, the unemployment rate has dropped 0.9 percentage points (from 9 percent in April 2011), while the labor force has grown 700,000. In other words, the trend of decline in the jobless rate in the past year is not due to fewer people looking for work.

NOT ONLY does Bob Stein say those terrible things, but he then throws around phrases like “another piece of good news” and “the fact that we’re not there yet should not prevent us from recognizing the progress that we’re making.” Who is this terrible Kenyan Keynesian?

Immediately prior to joining First Trust, Mr. Stein was Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at the U.S. Treasury Department. At the Treasury Department, Mr. Stein was responsible for briefing the Secretary of the Treasury on U.S. macroeconomic developments and formulating policy proposals. Day to day, Mr. Stein was responsible for leading a team of twenty economists conducting in-depth economic analysis and research.

Between 1996 and 2002 Mr. Stein was chief economist for the Senate Budget Committee on Capitol Hill and an economist for the Senate Banking Committee and Joint Economic Committee. Prior to his tenure on Capitol Hill and the Treasury Department, Bob was a journalist for Investor’s Business Daily, where he covered the economy and authored many front page articles.

So he is just your typical idiot, basically. Next he is going to tell NRO readers that gas prices are falling too. Keep that Kevlar handy, “Stein.” [NRO]

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  • nounverb911

    First fatties, now jobs what is wrong with the National Review?

    • Stein probably just wanted to pick a fight because his hits were trailing off, and K-Lo pays for hits.

      • nounverb911

        Does she get her hits from the Genovese family?

        • Omerta, cugine. Omerta.

          • nounverb911

            Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

  • Chick-Fil-Atheist™

    Need less wingnut kvetching and moar wingnut hari-kari.

    • There has to be some way to get the lead lemming to the edge of the cliff.

      • Boojum

        Leave a trail of Twinkies and ammo?

        • Chick-Fil-Atheist™

          Hostess is too big to fail!

  • ThankYouJeebus

    You do realize that all those numbers are (gasp) Arabic.

    • Chick-Fil-Atheist™


    • Damn! America really doesn't manufacture anything anymore.

  • Barb

    Julie Gunlock will probably eat him before the day is over.

    • CapnFatback

      Not a chance. Kosher food is considered to be healthy.

      • Boojum

        Deep fry him!

        • chicken_thief

          Beer battered!

  • Come here a minute

    Even Mitt Romney knows these numbers can only be discussed in "quiet rooms". On your NRO blog you must repeatedly and exclusively write "OBAMA BAD".

  • Jus_Wonderin

    Stein? Aren't those guys good with money?

    • NorthStarSpanx

      Housewife Sarah Palin from aerobics class successfully played to the inherent prejudices against anyone by the name of Stein. Not only did the Mayor have a suspicious sounding name, his "wife" kept her maiden name and got the nattering nabobs to demand they provide their marriage certificate before the election.

  • Doktor StrangeZoom

    I wonder if tax cuts for the rich would help?

  • wakkumph

    People not fucked for jobs and starving = pro-Obama spin. Awesome.

  • Fairtackle

    He's a witch, burn him.

  • gullywompr

    This is the worst good news ever!!!!1!1

  • memzilla

    "This is National Review Online, we don’t need pro-Obama spin facts here."


    • fuflans

      and what's bob doing at NRO?

      seriously. he doesn't need that job.

  • CapnFatback

    august pixels

    Isn't that Kathryn Lopez's stripper name?

    Or maybe it's Jonah Goldberg's. I forget.

    • Lascauxcaveman

      Either way, I hope I never find out, first hand.

    • sullivanst

      DO NOT WANT!

  • Geminisunmars

    Who cares how qualified he is to analyze the data. He looks like a cross between Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum. (Does this give away that I am an old?)

    • CapnFatback

      Right. I Feare a youngin' would not esCape a comparison to a cross between Nick Nolte and Robert De Niro.

    • nounverb911

      Did the Robert Mitchum half get arrested for pot possession?

    • (Does this give away that I am an old?)

      No — it indicates you've watched the original "Cape Fear" recently — no doubt because film critic Ann Coulter suggested the remake had too much Chreestian-bashing~

      • Lascauxcaveman

        Unlike in the original Night of the Hunter.

        • Goonemeritus

          But Heaven Knows Mr. Alison was very pro Nun.

          • NorthStarSpanx

            It's pretty hard to take Mitchum seriously as a menace when he's spending the whole movie sucking his gut in.

          • Goonemeritus

            Let’s not say anything we can’t take back here. I love that movie more than Dobos torte served by Emma Peel wearing leather.

          • Lascauxcaveman

            That was an amazing flick. I stumbled upon it without any foreknowledge one night on AMC, and it blew my mind.

          • Fisted from another who's totally hooked on that movie, Laughton's only directorial effort, not well enough received for its time.

  • OMG! NRO published a fact?????

  • Serolf_Divad

    Are you kidding me? I know a guy lost his job just last week. So these numbers have got to be phony.

    Next this guy'll be telling us that Earth's climate is warming and our distant ancestors were old world hominids.

    • nounverb911

      Your friend may have lost his job last week, but some guy in China got it, so it all evens out.

    • Jus_Wonderin

      The planet can't be warming! Given that it is flat, the sun's warming would be a static coeficient as it traveled in orbit around Earth. Right?

      • Fare la Volpe

        What's all this "orbiting" crap? The sun is Amun-Ra making his daily journey across the sky. At night he must battle the dreaded beasts of the underworld, lest our world be cloaked in the Forever Dark.

  • SayItWithWookies

    This is just further proof that the Obama legacy of failure is so hugely sweeping and terrible that even NRO feels they have to lie about it to keep the public outrage from boiling over. Only in Wisconsin is brave Scott Walker telling everyone the truth — that the economy sucks. Everyone else is just in denial.

  • I bet he's Black!

    • MosesInvests

      He's a Joo, which equals "White-skinned N*gg*r" to these people.

  • EtchySketchy

    Republican Math: Good for America = Bad for America.

  • NOT ONLY does Bob Stein say those terrible things, but he then throws around phrases like “another piece of good news”

    Shorter wingnuts: "The truthiness… IT BURNS!!"..

  • elviouslyqueer

    Cute? Check. Skinny? Check. Smart? Check. Reviled by the NRO? Check.

    Yup, would definitely hit that.

    • lulzmonger

      Me too – & I'm straight.
      Ladies, keep those towels handy!

  • prommie

    Water is wet! Wingnuts are furious! Fundamentalists are stupid! News at 11!

    • jqheywood

      It's like those bozos in Waco who walked out the other day on Bill Nye the Science Guy when he said that the moon was a reflector, not a light as it is described in Genesis. Teh Stupid, it burns.

      • sullivanst


        I guess they boycotted The Wall too. I suppose it's the devil's music anyway.

      • Fare la Volpe

        Wait…for real? Do you have video evidence of this? Please tell me you do.

  • Schmannnity

    Back to the Romney Reeducation Kamp for you, Mr. Stein. BTW, what kind of name is Stein and do you have your papers?

  • sullivanst

    He better start shopping his resume because fact-based reporting like that isn't going to keep him at NRO for long.

    So far I like him much better than Ben.

  • Slim_Pickins

    Does NRO stand for Never-Never Land on line? A place where cause and effect doesn't exist?

    What's a guy with his credentials doing writing for NRO anyway?

  • Chick-Fil-Atheist™

    Republican Operative: "Did we mention 'Fuck women'? Because these numbers are still abysmal."

    • sullivanst

      Turd Nugent did. Well, maybe not "women", just a specific woman in his case, for the horrible crime of being a producer while a journalist asked him questions.

      • Boojum

        "I’m a damn nice guy! ", he screamed in rage.

        That Nugent. Cognitive dissonance and aural dissonance, all at the same time.

        • Chick-Fil-Atheist™

          Y'know, I had a kidney stone on Saturday. I don't remember going on a skullfuck rampage beforehand… but I'll bear that in mind.

  • Unemployment figures have a well-known liberal bias.

    • Chick-Fil-Atheist™

      Republicans, I remember the "We're getting there slowly" tone of Bush I in the months leading up to the '92 election, and the hubris of his special needs child Quayle who said "Hey, Burger King is hiring, people. GET A JOB ALREADY."

      Just remember that Clinton had charisma, Romney. Pull your fucking hounds.

  • OkieDokieDog

    He's not only hot, he's HAWT!

    • He looks like a Jewish version of me. (Sorry, but I'm taken, ladies)

      • Boojum

        Does that mean you are available to the men?

    • Meh. I like 'em a bit more beefy. I'll have to find out from Joe the Plumber's imaginary gay friends how often they get together.

  • Normal monthly revisions to the original payroll report have now been positive for ten straight months and have averaged about 40,000 per month during this period.

    And some analysts (o.k., moi, at least) will point out that thanks to the warm weather (which has nothing at all to do with global warming, or the fact that spring is showing up an average of 10 days earlier), normal seasonal adjustments for the winter are a bit "off".

    So it is cheery that Bob Stein posted his happy talk in the NRO and thereby frosted the flakes of a lot of right-wing assholes.

    The fact is, this is trickle-down economics. Same as it was when Reagan threw money at the banks in early 80s and every one else was left to be tinkled on.

    It's not working for most of us.

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The U.S. economy created just 115,000 jobs in April as hiring slacked off for a second straight month, according to the government’s latest employment figures.

    The unemployment rate edged lower to 8.1% from 8.2%, but it fell because more people stopped looking for work. Some 342,000 people dropped out of the labor force to mark the second decline in a row, the Labor Department said Friday.

    P.S. Oil prices are down below 100$ a barrel for the first time in months. So there's your silver lining. OTOH, it appears that crude traders are not buying Bob Stein's take.

    • sullivanst

      And some analysts (o.k., moi, at least) will point out that thanks to the warm weather (which has nothing at all to do with global warming, or the fact that spring is showing up an average of 10 days earlier), normal seasonal adjustments for the winter are a bit "off".

      The effect of this is that more construction happens over the course of the season, and that temporary workers in that sector earn more this year. From a strictly employment-related perspective, this is not a bad thing, and ignoring it would create a false impression.

      BTW, seasonal adjustments don't explain why the revisions have been positive for 10 consecutive months, nor why the number of people out of work but who say when asked they want a job (regardless of whether they're actively looking) has declined since April 2011 even in the face of employment-age population growth of over 3.6 million.

    • didgen

      I guess it's a good thing I don't base my opinions on those crude traders.

  • SoBeach

    The republicans' only hope this fall is to convince Americans that, despite all evidence to the contrary, we are all worse off today than we were in 2008-2009. And that Obama hates mommies. And something about gay people.

  • edgydrifter

    This is good news for the American Federation of Musicians Union Local 200.

  • prommie

    It maketh no matter what this man says, in the end. The meme de jour for The Press is "weakening of recovery is turning Romney long shot into a horserace." The Press does love a horserace, and no amount of contradictory facts will make The Press budge from its Meme.

    • SoBeach

      "…no amount of contradictory facts will make The Press budge from its Meme. "

      Until they all, all at once, move on to the next meme.

      • prommie

        All turning at once, like the leaves on the trees at the Aspen Institute.

  • cheetojeebus

    I meant, no, Uh, did i just, so those numbers…..COMMIE11111

    When you realize most, if not all of these cricket dicked idiots believe in a several thousand year old creation myth it becomes easier to see how they would be able to say this sort of thing.

  • hagajim

    At some point can we dream that the wingnuts get so furious their heads explode? We hope so.

  • MissTaken

    He's kinda hot. BUT, writing for NRO brings his temp down a few degrees. Maybe, just simmering?

  • fuflans

    so today i think i'm just going to go with posting:

    god we are stupid.

  • OneYieldRegular

    What is that guy doing writing for National Review? He's far too academic, and thus completely unqualified to provide the non-empirically-based, opinion-driven expertise National Review readers have come to expect.

  • MissTaken

    Thank you NRO for reminding us that good news for America = bad news for America.

    • anniegetyerfun

      Right? I was just thinking that I would hit that, repeatedly. And then I was wondering if I ever said that about a conservative columnist before. Because I kind of have a thing for conservative men who make me angry, but I don't think I'd ever fuck David Brooks.

  • SheriffRoscoe

    Falling gas prices doesn't take into account all the cars who have given up looking for cheaper gas.

    • BornInATrailer


  • Fox n Fiends

    Like the dodo bird, this lone Moderate Conservative will be hunted to extinction forthwith.

  • thefrontpage

    In other economic news, the market for CCCCs (Crazy Conservative Commentators on Cable) slightly rose in April, 2012, according to Fox News Mental Health and Cable Television Analyst Theodore Nugent, of Texas. "WIth me and Victoria Jackson and Drew Carey and Patricia Heaton and Tom Selleck and others making regular appearances, the market seems to be continually strong for Crazy, Conservative Commentarors on Cable!" Nugent gushed at the annual CCCC Conference in Clearwater, Colorado (CCCC-CCC). "I love Ted!" added Ms. Jackson. "That's all I can say right now!"

  • prommie

    That Tom Selleck, I don't know, if you catch my drift; always looked to me like he might be batting for the other team, not that there's anything wrong with that . . . .

    • Wile E. Quixote

      Well he was rather fabulous as gay entertainment journalist Peter Malloy in In and Out.

  • ttommyunger

    In other news, when asked the difference between Ann Coulter and a bowling ball, Mitt replied happily: "If I had to, I could eat a bowling ball!".

    • SoBeach

      resisting urge to post the alternative punch line…

      • ttommyunger

        Go for it, nobody reads this shit anyway.

        • BornInATrailer

          "You can only put 3 fingers in a bowling ball."

          Which I guess means we're talking about Coulter's bum given she has a penis.

          • ttommyunger

            …but when both hands are inside, you can't clap. Tight, isn't it?

          • Wile E. Quixote

            Make sure you don't lose your wristwatch.

          • ttommyunger

            Another geezer speaks up in response to a 500 year-old joke.

          • Wile E. Quixote

            As a lazy tanker and total leg I'm honored to have you call me a "geezer."

          • ttommyunger

            Prolly have the bad ankles to prove it, too.

          • Wile E. Quixote

            I still have one of them at least.

          • ttommyunger

            Jumping off of them suckers bound to take it's toll over time. My son was a tanker his first (enlisted) tour.

  • owhatever

    Fuzzy math. Fuzzy math. Numbers…make…my…head…hurt. Commie rat bastard.

  • BZ1

    Positive does mean negative in the Republican lexicon, doesn't it? I'm so confused??

  • Callyson

    Meanwhile, the NYT headline is "U.S. Added Only 115,000 Jobs in April; Rate Is 8.1%" and the LA Times' is "Poor jobs growth in April indicates economy slowing."

    What was that business abut the liberal media again?

  • iburl

    If the truth is "Pro-Obama" it's "Spin".

    Kind of like how the fact that there are no magic people living in the clouds is "spin".

  • Nopantsmcgee

    Numbers go up, numbers go down. No one can explain that.

  • ElPinche

    Hahaha..this sounds crazy but it seems like Republicans only care about making Obama look bad. It almost seems they want America to fail. It can't be true, I mean, conservatives wear flag pins and are jingoistic patriotic , there's noooo way they'd be unhappy about the USA's success. Please, someone punch me in the face.

  • b[redact]opple

    See now, if this had been a Ken Layne post, "together" would not be italicized, but it would be preceded by a comma. I don't know which I prefer.

  • C_R_Eature

    Publishing good economic news during a Democratic administration? Heretic.

    Release the Kraken!

  • C_R_Eature

    Hey, Oil Companies. Nice Exploration Platform you've got there.

    Shame if something were to Happen to it.

  • BornInATrailer

    I think all the unemployment nonsense over the last few months represents an attempt to reframe what will like be a sub 8% unemployment come election. Because having the number start with a 7 will (sadly) change perception more than it really should.

  • niblick77

    I think I am going to buy some gas for my truck!

  • Robman2

    Just run the ad with Willard standing in front of nothing, standing for nothing?…in an Ohio factory shuttered when W' was decider and sheep.

    The numbers will gradually rise, and folks will NOT want a repeat of Bush or a petri dish full of Cameron/Merkel economics.

  • vtxmcrider

    The Republicans should just nail that Jew to a cross. It worked the last time.

  • Negropolis

    Kind of tangentially related to the larger issue, but I hate when folks bitch about the employment numbers when they talk about the folks that have "stopped looking for work." They always seem to forget that a not-insignificant part of this number consists of people naturally aging out of the workforce (i.e. retiring) and during particular seasons, teens and twenty-somethings dropping out of the workforce during school months. So, while it is always important to make sure the drop in unemployment is legitimate, I get a bit annoyed that no one ever seems to bring up retirement when talking about folks dropping out.

    Also, the jobs numbers would be better if conservatives were so hellbent on cutting the public sector in the middle of a fragile recovery. Also. Too.

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