Smell the GloveJust because America’s Greatest Rock-and-Roll-er, 63-year-old poontang sniffer ‘The Nuge,’ maybe sorta threatened the president (the other possible interpretation of his wang-dang NRA remarks is that the president would by next year illegally put him in jail for nothing, because of how he is Hitler and Castro combined) is no reason to cancel his show at Fort Knox, says somebody who would know, and that somebody is The Nuge himself.

When you cancel a Ted Nugent concert you cancel The Troops, and America, because they are three and the same! “To think that there’s a bureaucrat in the United States Army that would consider the use or abuse of First Amendment rights in determining who is going to perform at an Army base is an insult and defiles the sacrifices of those heroes who fought for the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights,” Nugent said. Heroes like TED NUGENT!

Hey Cenk [Last Name], why don’t you tell us about the time Ted Nugent literally shit his pants to stay out of Vietnam?

Cool, thanks. [CNSNews]

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