trail of tearsJohn Boehner is so sad you guys. Won’t Obama PLEASE pay up and reimburse the nation for the $179,000 per hour in taxpayer munneez it costs when he goes places and talks to people? Going to colleges and firing up popular support for the extension of low interest rates on college loans is especially “pathetic,” Boehner says, because everybody knew the extension was gonna get passed! Everyone, of course, except for all the Teabaggers and GOP regulars who were voting against it. Like this guy, who is the chairman of the Education Committee!

“Bad policy based on lofty campaign promises has put us in an untenable situation,” said Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., and chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. ” We must now choose between allowing interest rates to rise or piling billions of dollars on the backs of taxpayers.”

So, you know, except for that. What else is beneath the office of the presidency today? Campaigning, teleprompters, vacations, golf, Air Force 1, being a celebrity, being “cool,” being funny, singing, wearing sharp suits, and anything Michelle does ever, because fat bitch.

But wait, Speaker Boehner, is your complaint particularly disingenuous this time? Well, lessee:

President Bush is using Air Force One for re-election travel more heavily than any predecessor, wringing maximum political mileage from a perk of office paid for by taxpayers.
While Democratic rival John Kerry digs into his campaign bank account to charter a plane to roam the country, Bush often travels at no cost to his campaign simply by declaring a trip “official” travel rather than “political.”

Gonna go with “yes.”


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