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Scandal: Obama Campaign Mentioning Osama’s Death To Help Win Reelection

A CBS radio reporter sent White House press secretary Jay Carney, along with President Obama and Vice President Biden, to detention today. It’s called accountability, folks. Their crime: Mentioning the death of Osama bin Laden in speeches so often that it’s beginning to look like they’re using this for what experts call “political advantage.” If true, this would be… illegal… bad… something else… huh?

We’ve scanned thousands of pages in the Political Press Corps’ Almanac of Dumb Little Prissy Rules About Campaign Etiquette and still can’t find anything that says, “If your administration kills Osama bin Laden, you are not allowed to use this to your political advantage in the ensuing election.” Jay Carney doesn’t seem to have heard of this rule, either. Maybe they just forgot to include it? It will have to be added to the almanac, right now, and with a broader scope. “Presidential administrations are strictly prohibited from campaigning on popular things they’ve done” — that should cover it. Now let’s all fold our hands and pray for everyone to get along.

[“Is Obama campaigning on Bin Laden death?”, CBS]

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    1. Chichikovovich

      Don't give Romney any ideas: "Once again, Obama is projecting weakness to the world. Sure, he killed Osama bin Laden, but did he have sex with his corpse? I would have!"

  1. Schmannnity

    If Bush had killed Osama Bin laden, you can bet Cheney would have been drinking from his skull at every public appearance.

      1. MissNancyPriss

        It would be the seal, the face of the one thousand dollar bill and emblazoned on skull cups in every home department of every wal mart from sea to shining sea.

    1. Chichikovovich

      How soon they forget: "Rumsey dumsey, rumsey dumsey, Colonel Johnson killed Tecumseh!”

    2. fuflans

      HAHAHAHAA i was JUST reading charles taylor's bio and apparently that was (almost) his campaign slogan – the one that swept him into the presidency in 1997:

      "He killed my ma, he killed my pa, I will vote for him."

      maybe bamz should think about this.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      Funny that Obama can't mention Bin Laden, but the wingnuts can carry on about Breitbart.
      Apparently, like with the GOPtards' "Stand Yer Ground" laws, it's all about who you kill.

  2. Beowoof

    Oh they are only pissed because they thought he said Obama was dead. It is unseemly to let your disappointment show that much.

  3. Callyson

    "Is there any discomfort at the White House about politicizing the decisions and everything else that surrounded the takedown of bin Laden?"

    Yeah, we're actually very embarrassed to remind people of President Obama's successes in an election where his foreign policy cred is being attacked.


    1. Naked_Bunny

      Obama should be more demur, like Bush, who never even mentioned defeating Saddam Hussein during the 2004 campaign.

  4. edgydrifter

    Muhammed Ali said it best: "It's not bragging if you can back it up." Then again, he was a Muslim just like Obama, so go figure.

  5. OC_Surf_Serf

    Bush can run on trying to defeat him but Obama can't mention actually killing him…

    Can I haz that damn scary liberal media they are always going on about?

    1. edgydrifter

      That's because Bush talking about it was purely aspirational.
      Obama mentioning it after the fact is plain tacky, obviously.

    2. Tundra Grifter

      Actually, during the Presidential debate with Sen. Kerry, President Bush denied he'd ever said he didn't care about Osama Been Forgotten.

  6. SorosBot

    Certainly no Republican would ever have politicized 9/11 or Osama bim Laden; why George Bush's entire reelection campaign wasn't based on "Osama gonna get you if you elect Kerry!"

    1. Wile E. Quixote

      Yes, and the Bush administration never had Homeland Security change the color of the terrorist threat for political gain either.

      1. SorosBot

        Nope, they certainly didn't whip out a color change and reports of a vague threat every time some good news for Kerry came in, then immediately stop using the system after the election. Never.

    2. fuflans

      this is one of the few unalloyed delights of the obama presidency: thinking of bamz at last year's whcd – and then thinking of the chicken hawks dealing with the fact that the socialist muslim fist bumping terririst got america's enemy #1.

    1. Chichikovovich

      Exactly – I can hear the wingnut chorus now: " Bush never said he killed Osama bin Laden, and you know that the elite liberal east coast Ivy League liberal America-hating liberal media would have shredded Bush if he talked about how he did it. But of course they're perfectly fine with Hussein Obama going around saying it. More evidence (as if we needed any) of the left-wing bias conservatives have to face."

  7. BaldarTFlagass

    Whereas the Bush Administration never killed him but dropped his name all the time to gain political advantage.

    I'm your boogie man
    That's what I am…

  8. Groupshrug

    Just to be clear: Obama can not claim responsibility for killing Osama Bin Laden but GWB can claim responsibility for being our fearless leader on 9/11.

  9. CountryClubJihadi

    Osama as the Bumper Sticker for the campaign, bitch? The Bumper Sticker says "Run Mitt. Run" and it goes on the front of the car.

  10. Bluestatelibel

    You know who else campaigned on killing their enemies? (Honestly, I don't know, just curious.)

    1. Chichikovovich

      I think I can get a lot of mileage from this one on this thread:

      "Rumsey dumsey, rumsey dumsey, Colonel. Johnson killed Tecumseh!”

    2. Generation[redacted]

      Look I voted for the Governator because I thought he was going to "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." But like most politicians, he promised more than he could deliver.

  11. SayItWithWookies

    I can see the problem — mentioning that they killed Osama bin Laden is tacitly blaming the Dubya administration for the failure to have killed him. In much the same way that mentioning ending the recession is blaming Dubya for causing it, and mentioning getting us out of Iraq is blaming Dubya for not having been able to do that, and mentioning passing the Lily Ledbetter Act is blaming Dubya for keeping it from passing.

    So the problem is that it's cowardly — see, if Dubya could win an election on a solid four-year record of colossal failure, it's just kind of sissyish of the Obama administration to run solely on its successes. Play fair, guys — really.

    1. ManchuCandidate

      Dubya was responsible for a lot of bad shit that Obamer's been trying to clean up.

      It's like they were a bunch of incompetent motherfuckers who didn't have the ability to manage even an ice cream truck.

  12. FakaktaSouth

    Oh hell no, I am not listening to the assholes STILL CHANTING "Tear down this wall" bitch about a DAMN thing PresO is talking about. Not happening.

  13. LetUsBray

    Question about posts deleted by administrators: Are 'clusterfuck' and 'dumbassery' now forbidden words?

    EDIT: Not as forbidden as whatever else I posted. Huh.

    1. Boojum

      You probably posted about higher math, involving sines and cosines and Signs Of The DEMON OBAMA!!!1!1!1!!!!1!!'

  14. sbj1964

    Nearly a year later ,and when seal team 6 took out Bin Laden I still want to go out ,and dance naked in the streeet! Hey,don't judge me.The best day ever!

      1. sbj1964

        Those pics are all over the web,Ex wives can be a bitch.The clown in the background was a paid professional.That's all I have too say.

      1. V572 Fehrnstrom

        We're not allowed to think about that. Or "trials," or "evidence," or "due process." Sure, we have a decent argument for killing him on sight. But think of how the world would regard us if we'd given him a trial.

        Of course the dudes at Gitmo forever would be all "Hey what about us, Barry?"

        1. HistoriCat

          Can you imagine the pants-pissing fit the Republicans in Congress would have had? They nearly wet themselves when Holder was talking about holding trials in NYC – actually capturing OBL would have probably left them sobbing in corners, begging for their mommies.

          1. Boojum

            What's sad is that this is the kind of wingnut comment that is made in all seriousness. Snark, meet Paranoia; Paranoia, Snark.

  15. owhatever

    Cold, incisive reporting, asking the uncomfortable questions of those in power. Or, put another way, he's just a dumb fuck.

  16. EtchySketchy

    Then I demand Romney stops mentioning "The America that Americas exceptionally because it's the Americanest America, and how he believes in it Americally."

    1. V572 Fehrnstrom

      Preferably mahogany paneled rooms at the Harvard Club, with only rich white males in attendance.

      The way it's always been.

  17. rocktonsam

    Since Bammerz inherited the OBL problem and killed him, shouldn't George Bush Jr. get the all credit?

  18. Wile E. Quixote

    We’ve scanned thousands of pages in the Political Press Corps’ Almanac of Dumb Little Prissy Rules About Campaign Etiquette and still can’t find anything that says, “If your administration kills Osama bin Laden, you are not allowed to use this to your political advantage in the ensuing election.” Jay Carney doesn’t seem to have heard of this rule, either. Maybe they just forgot to include it? It will have to be added to the almanac, right now, and with a broader scope. “Presidential administrations are strictly prohibited from campaigning on popular things they’ve done” — that should cover it. Now let’s all fold our hands and pray for everyone to get along.

    Well duh, what you're supposed to do is campaign on popular things that you haven't done but have claimed to have done, like "Mission Accomplished."

  19. bagofmice

    Compare and contrast:

    Landing on an aircraft carrier when the war rages on and surges years later is "Mission Accomplished".

    Killing the 911 planners and ending the Iraq war is "Politicization".

  20. Hera Sent Me

    George W. Bush was able to run for re-election on the basis he finally learned not to pronounce it "new-KEW-ler'".

    Oh wait, he never learned that. Never mind.

  21. Radiotherapy

    Bush/Cheney killed like 500,000 + civilians in their foreign policy "triumphs." But at least they had the dignity and respect to brag about it in quiet rooms.

      1. Radiotherapy

        Thank you so much for shooting me in the face with that buckshot of an article. I hope it didn't upset you at all Mr. D_R.

  22. JackObin

    I'm waiting for them to ask Romney what color hair dye he uses, and if the mormons prohibit such stimulation of hair folicles.

  23. chascates

    AP Interview, Thursday, April 26, 2007
    Romney also said the country would be safer by only "a small percentage" and would see "a very insignificant increase in safety" if al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was caught because another terrorist would rise to power. "It's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person," Romney said. Instead, he said he supports a broader strategy to defeat the Islamic jihad movement.

  24. Naked_Bunny

    Romney probably doesn't want people to wonder if he baptized bin Laden into the LDS post mortem.

      1. not that Dewey

        That's how I envision the entire series of Presidential debates going down, should there be a series of Presidential debates.

  25. Chichikovovich

    Setting Osama B.L. aside for a moment, remember how, as the 2008 election approached, all the Fox news people and such kept repeating "Bush kept us safe" – it was clearly one of the Republican message central phrases of the week, several weeks running – when the worst terrorist act in American history happened on his watch, after he had dismissed explicit warnings? Strange how nobody on Fox is saying that "Obama kept us safe", even though (knock on wood) he's kept a clean sheet, and hasn't even needed to take the mulligan that you're apparently allowed under Fox rules.

      1. Chichikovovich

        My loud gush of laughter just convinced everyone in the coffee shop I'm nuts. The parentheses and lower case "h" are superb touches.)

  26. PuckStopsHere

    I heard on Fox that BHO hasn't kept us safe the way W did. What about that threat from the Russians? Hengh?

  27. OneYieldRegular

    Has Obama ever said anything – even "hello" – that the Republicans haven't decided to turn into a scandal?

      1. LetUsBray

        Hell, remember the caterwauling and shitting of pants over Cheeseburger-with-mustardgate?

  28. rickmaci

    Pansy Lame Stream Media doesn't like the fact that a Democrat POTUS took on an enemy with lethal force. Go drink a latte or something and dream about the Pulitzer you are never going to get.

    1. MissNancyPriss

      True, it is their worstest nightmare. A fey librul Democrat President who kills people – and black to boot.

  29. Dr. Nick Riviera

    Bush campaigned on NOT getting Osama *and* on how prettily he threw a baseball while wearing a bulletproof vest after 9/11.

  30. Monsieur_Grumpe

    It is going to be a long campaign and Hopey can't run on the killing of Osama till election day. Maybe he could reanimate Hitler for a campaign booster kill.

  31. proudgrampa

    I agree with comments above that the President has been cleaning up W's poo. Go ahead, Rmoney, defend W's record and tell us how YOU would have fixed it all. Freakin' bastard.

    1. Chichikovovich

      He's already told you: he'll cut taxes, eviscerate regulations, invade oil producing countries, increase military spending, project an unbroken attitude of mindless unremitting arrogance to foreign nations, friend and foe alike,…

      In other words, he'll do exactly what Bush did. But it will totally work this time, because what prevented it from working before are all those damned unions. And this time they'll smash Social Security and Medicare, which will make it 100% betterer.

      1. Man0nTheStreet

        "Huzzah, Lovey! Sanity has returned to Washington –
        Have the butler bring us another bottle of chilled urchin's tears!"

  32. Bluestatelibel

    Weird isn't it, how Dems nailed the country's biggest enemies – FDR and now Obama. Also add Woodrow Wilson. You'd think Repubs are a bunch of incompetents and wussies, wouldn't you?

    1. Biff

      I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that most of the saber-rattling that leads us into wars is done on the repub's watch, so the dems have to actually do the dirty work.

  33. WonkCynic

    Obama Osama is going to get you. Right now you sit in bleachers and worship him with your goo goo eyes wide shut. But at the end of the game you tired little retards are going to kneel before him and wish you hadn't bee such stupid fucking losers. Osama Obama is da boogie man vampire. And you stupid retards are the ones that invited him into your house.

    1. Boojum

      Yes, yes, that's exactly right. The Double O, as we (and FLOTUS) like to call him, is like a Tom Cruise movie and Twilight and Friday the Thirteenth all wrapped into one.

      I, for one, welcome our Kenyan Vampire Sex Fiend Magic Monster Overlords.

      1. ttommyunger

        Sincere and batshit crazy or blunt-force snark? Wonkette reports; you: don't give a fuck!

  34. DahBoner

    Are you better off now, than four years ago

    Osama: Yes!!! I was living with 3 wifes, so, uh, yeah…

  35. zormsk

    If he wanted to make political hay, he would have waited to kill the bastard right before the election.

  36. Boojum

    And the George W. Bush Center for Intelligence would certainly be a secret facility, and very difficult to find.

  37. Chichikovovich

    And, of course, it's just more messaging and spin – and it's brilliant, as much of their messaging is – because I haven't heard Obama mention Bush much at all. The Republicans realize they face the problem that, in fact, much of where we are right now is Bush's fault, and people know it. So they want to undercut that simple observation with the idea that Obama is constantly using it as an "excuse". Because nobody likes people who give excuses, even when they are, in fact, always completely exculpatory.

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