Crybaby Car Robber/Firebug Darrell Issa: Obama Administration ‘Most Corrupt In History’

  blue eyes crying in the rain

Cry, Cry Baby.Well, he would know, amirite? Anyway, you are probably wondering what Ol’ Good Government Bama did THIS time — aside from just cold unapologetically insisting on being a registered Democrat — and it is this: that awful Vegas boondoggle by those GSA idiots (which everyone agrees was terrible and ridiculous), and the investment in Solyndra, a green energy company that went bankrupt. And … that’s it? Yes, that is it. So the terrible and ridiculous (everyone agrees!) GSA event that cost in the realm of $800,000, and an investment in Solyndra that soured, puts Obama above the Teapot Dome scandal, above Abramoff, above Tricky Dick Nixon, and above St. Ronald Reagan’s Iran Contra, November Surprise, and 138 officials convicted of criminal misconduct? It is good to know we have such a fair-minded gentlemen not at all prone to histrionics and crying chairing the House Oversight Committee!

Here is Darrell Issa crying like a little girl who did not get a pony when he was bigfooted out of the California gubernatorial race by Herr Babysitter. Your editrix watched the whole thing on the teevee at the time, and swears he blubbered for a solid 10 minutes. It was hilarious.


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