Such uncouthitryGood heavens! This electronick “” reporte suggesteth that regent-lord HRH Peggington Noonington, chief wordsmithingtonshire of the Wall Street Journal banking pamphlet, is a Communiste, as though She keepeth court with textile-craffters or Chicagoe Africkans.

Her Highness Queen Noonington also doth not beareth the street-commoner name “Patty.” Wereth that her name, She wouldst have killedington’d Herself in the Warr of Spainery Shipps, or perhaps at The Deville’s Cliffs à Do-ver. Thine “” magicko-light’ning machine must apologizeth to Madame for this dread-full smearity post haste, lest She informmeth her Barrister to proceede a Suit-of-Laws.

[ABC News]

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