President Obama is definitely a jerk, now. Why did he record a video message today praising the Boston Red Sox, their fans, and their stadium, when all of those things are pure evil? The President should be ashamed to associate himself with such a diabolical Hitler-y terrorist organization that hates happiness, and freedom. It’s not like those people are capable of appreciating friendly compliments, anyway. Because according to the never-wrong Twitter machine, the daytime-drunk fans booed when Obama’s message played on the Jumbotron at today’s Fenway Park 100th Anniversary game. Where’s the news? This is what Boston sports fans do when they see any person.

We’re still waiting for cell-phone videos of this booing to materialize. You can be sure that when they do, the echoing boos will be muted by the ceaseless lunatic screaming of the morons shooting the videos. (“SO YOU THINK YOUAH SPECIAL, COLLEGE BOY? BOO EHH DONUTS…”) Until then, here’s some classic footage from 2008, when Sarah Palin’s handlers apparently thought that Philadelphia Flyers fans were polite people.

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