StatesmanWho’s looking forward to the DNC and DSCC funneling insane amounts of cash into West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s reelection this year while Joe Manchin runs on a platform of shitting on the Democratic party and voting against every significant thing the Democratic party tries to do? The Democratic party always has an interesting way with money. Of course, preserving Democratic control of the Senate by one vote is the bigger goal here, because only then will… Joe Manchin be allowed to switch parties immediately after the election and give control to the Republicans in exchange for posh committee assignments. Big picture, guys. Oh, look, now Joe Manchin says he’s not sure whether he’ll vote for Obama or Romney. “I am just waiting for it to play out,” he says. Better pour another ten million in his coffers, DSCC.

Is this guy an asset to Democrats or is this guy an asset to Democrats? Fuckin’ FDR Redux over here:

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who has done more than any other Democrat up for reelection this year to distance himself from President Obama, said he does not know if he will vote for Obama or presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney in November.

“I’ll look at the options,” Manchin said this week. The last three years “have made it pretty rough” for his state, he said.


“I am just waiting for it to play out. I am not jumping in one way or another,” Manchin said. “I’m worried about me. I’ve said it’s not a team sport. You need to go out and work for yourself.”

Okay, you’re from West Virginia so you, like Jay Rockefeller, get a pass on environmental issues. Otherwise, sorry, presidential elections are a team sport. Next year there will be a man with a pen at a desk and he will determine which things to sign and which things to veto. One man would use the pen to sign a Paul Ryan-style, welfare state-gutting bill; the other would use the pen to veto it. That’s what this election is; there’s nothing else to “play out.” Which do you think is the better path, Joe Manchin? You’re doing a great job of working for yourself.

[National Journal]

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  • Make like your doppleganger, Joe Thiesmann, and snap your leg in two, Manchin.

  • chicken_thief

    That a surveyor's rifle?

    • OneDollarJuana

      That's why they call them "marksmen".

  • Antispandex

    He sort of looks like Lee Harvey Manchin in that photo. Coincidence? or just besty's with Ted?

  • I was for him before I was against him.

  • elviouslyqueer

    Is this guy an asset?

    Fixed. And yes.

    • Callyson

      Depreciating rapidly…

  • I’ve said it’s not a team sport. You need to go out and work for yourself.


    • johnnymeatworth

      Hey now, no need to disparage gloryholes….

    • Antispandex

      You see, by working for himself, he IS benefitting his constituents. It sounds kind of elitist, sure, but if they don't like it, screw 'em!

      • So it's like capitalism, only graftier?

        • FraAnima

          And griftier, also too.

          • I'm feeling stabbier now.

            Also, shootier. Too.

    • OneDollarJuana

      He is representing his citizens. His fucking rich, Republican citizens.

    • Unfortunately, this is one state in which actually representing the citizenry might result in a worse outcome than Joe Manchin.

  • JackDempsey1

    " One man would use the pen to sign a Paul Ryan-style, welfare state-gutting bill; the other would use the pen to veto it. That’s what this election is; there’s nothing else to “play out.” "

    I'm not sure "logic" is the right strategy for dealing with West Virginians.

    • Man0nTheStreet


      Winner gets senate seat & th' skint possum on a rope hangin' over the cage!

    • What did you expect? They just joined a conference full of Kansans, Texans and Okies.

  • SorosBot

    With Liebernman retiring, I guess someone has to take up the mantle of the party-betraying douchiest alleged Democrat in the Senate.

    • McCaskill's still in there.

      • sullivanst

        Yeah but she was always an also-ran next to Ben Nelson and Schmo.

    • iburl

      Yes, how else can we pretend that Democrats really WANT to do the right thing, but gee whiz, we don't have 80 votes yet.

      • Bingo, iburl.

      • sullivanst

        Well, y'know, we could always try, uh, say, looking at what the majority of the caucus votes for.

    • Not_So_Much

      Be nice if there were less competition for the title…

  • Blueb4sunrise

    I blame John Cole.

    • yeah we should warblog him

      • Blueb4sunrise

        Oh shit, no.
        I'm declaring C.O.
        or maybe Un-C.O.

      • Heck yeah!

        I could use some covering fire.

  • Texan_Bulldog

    Way to be a team player, Joe Lieberman. I mean Joe Manchin.

  • mrpuma2u

    Where is a naked yelling Rahm Emmanuel when you need one??

  • Callyson


  • Dudleydidwrong

    Hey, Joe. Just get the fuck out of politics and go back to junior high. Didn't you drop out of the sixth grade when you reached 21? Tough, that arithmetic stuff, isn't it? Fucking bozo is in the running for the Benedict Arnold award.

  • PuckStopsHere

    The people of West Virginia should be troubled by the somewhat self-serving statement, "I’m worried about me." Shouldn't he be "worried" about them? Was he not elected to serve them?

  • chascates

    The Dixiecrats will rise again!

  • ChernobylSoup

    "It’s like two quarter-pound stools of alien space shit crashed into a toxic waste dumpster in Stamford, Connecticut Charleston, West Virginia, fucked, and out came their mutilated, blood-soaked carcass of a baby rat-child, Senator Joseph Lieberman Joe Manchin."

  • flamingpdog

    Dude, I want the name and address of Ben Nelson's plastic surgeon!

  • Allmighty_Manos

    I can deal with conservative Democrats – I just can't deal with ones who act like evil gremlins who insist on tearing up the wires and all around fucking things up b/c they are in the inside, so to speak: i.e. Ben Nelson.

  • flamingpdog

    Joe the Manchinian Candidate.

    • He looks more like the Ballchinian Candidate

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Mittchurian Candidate?

  • Baconzgood

    Does it really suprise anyone that a Democrat from WVA would say this?

    • Giveusabob

      Considering former WVA Senator Robert Byrd tried to filibuster the Civil RIghts Act in 1964, not really.

      • Byrd at least apologized for his Klaniness. Manchin's looking for the membership application.

      • Biff

        I think the word "Civil" confused and frightened him. It reminded him of the War of the same name that he barely escaped with his life.

      • George Spelvin

        You know, that was almost sixty years ago. Byrd changed. The world has changed (a little).

        Re baconz original question: no, 'cause WVA is pretty conservative for a Dem state.

  • Beowoof

    Wow, racist much there Joe. No, just making sure he retains his appeal to the racist who won't vote for him if he supports Obama.

  • Baconzgood


    • sullivanst

      Me & the Queen of Hearts would settle for Manchintop removal.

  • If this is the most fun I can get, observing fellow Dem's "distancing themselves" from Barry who turn out just to be dilettantes in diapers, then I'll just go back to entertaining myself spying on that other sandbox, the one full of Repubs distancing themselves from Mittens like he was the Mormonic Plague.

  • chascates

    George Zimmerman to be released on $150,000 bail.

    • James Michael Curley

      With a GPS locator ankle brachlet and not until the local sheriff and police get it on and verify it is working.
      Although it is a $150,000 BOND, I don't know how much his premium will be if Florida allows such for a homicide.

      • George Spelvin

        Ooh, maybe he'll flee. Every bondman in the universe would be on this one. Big publicity.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Did the NRA provide the dough?

      • Sure looks like they provided the lawyers.

    • iburl

      I love how that works.

      "OK, we suspect you of murdering somebody and you should be in jail, BUT if you can give us a ton of money, you can shit in your own toilet tonight."


      • George Spelvin

        Okay, I hate to appear to be on Zim's side, but the concept of bail is based on the idea that you are, in fact, innocent until proven guilty, and so it's kind of unfair to keep you in lockup until your guilt or lack of guilt is determined. The bond is supposed to be set at a level that will discourage you from failing to show up to court (also, if you default, a bunch of well-armed bounty hunters will be after your ass).

        Bail is actually a pretty progressive idea. If you've ever been arrested on a bogus charge, you will understand this immediately. In this case, since Zimmie has only been charged with murder 2, the $150K is low but not completely unreasonable. If I were the judge, I'd have gone more $400K, to make the bounty more attractive. But that probably wouldn't have been judicial impartiality.

    • Man0nTheStreet

      Now he's finally free to join the Romney/Zimmerman 2012 campaign…

  • The last three years “have made it pretty rough” for his state, he said.

    Interesting, because, you know, a Senator is supposed to pull pork for his state, and there was all that Porkulus spending and I'm SURE Sen. Byrd would have gotten more than WV's fair share.

    So you're not pulling your weight, Manchin.

    • But you're definitely pulling your pork.

  • WiscDad

    Fuck the fucking fuckstick fucker. Fletcher is a Dem running against him….the DNC should pump all the VA assets into her campaign.

    • OneDollarJuana

      "Fuck the fucking fuckstick fucker." Jeez-o-peets. Just tell us how you really feel.

      • WiscDad

        New study out today says cursing is good for you

    • The DNC will always support the most right-wing candidate willing to call his or herself a Democratc, WiscDad.

      Which just might be…Fletcher.

      That's because former Monongalia County Delegate Sheirl Fletcher, a staunch pro-life supporter with ties to the coal industry, is challenging him again. While some may dismiss Fletcher's chances, we say "Not so fast." While Joe Manchin may have had his way before with the women voters — I believe pro-life women and men will be taking a look at a well-qualified, dedicated champion Sheirl Fletcher.

      Delegate Fletcher made a reputation for herself in her time in the legislature as a committed economic and social conservative. Her longtime work in the state's coal industry alone makes her a threat to Manchin's argument that he is the state's leading advocate for coal.

      • WiscDad

        …and there ya have it. Thanks for the info.

  • MissTaken

    This is one DINO that should not be allowed to play with Pebbles and Bam-Bam.

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    “I am just waiting for it to play out."

    Sounds like a Romney man through and through. (In other words, a spineless dick.)

  • rickmaci

    Is this guy an asset or an asshat, you ask. If he is not a team player and it's all about him, then I guess you have the answer. Spawn of Joe Lie-berman. This is what happens when you don't have party discipline and you make deals with the devil-you get a pitch fork in the ass.

    • George Spelvin

      The alternative would have been a very, very rabid Republican.

      Sometimes you have to work with what you got.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Have fun with that short-term thinking, jackass — I hope the DSCC gives you all the support you deserve.

  • elviouslyqueer

    “I’ll look at the options,” Manchin said this week. The last three years “have made it pretty rough” for his state, he said.

    Oh please. This, from the governor of the state that invented barefoot, hookworm-infested, one-toothed hillbillies?

    • MissTaken

      Hey, now. Hookworms like to infest Wasilla, too!

  • West Virginia, people.

    The scenery and the animals are pretty, at least.

    • SorosBot

      Just look at the beautiful mountains; at least the ones they haven't blown up yet.

      • MissTaken

        That's the West Virginia version of "Going Topless"

        Walking around without a shirt on is the West Virginia version of "Sunday Clothes"

        • SorosBot

          I can picture the swaying moobs already.

    • Guppy

      Yes, the beautiful nature around the sand trap.

    • sullivanst

      If it's so pretty, why are the locals in such a hurry to blind themselves with moonshine?

  • coolhandnuke

    “I am just waiting for it to play out. I am not jumping in one way or another,” Manchin said.

    Manchin is quite the Democratic canary in the West Virginia coal mine.

  • pinkocommi

    Remember… if we are not all homeless, unemployed, uneducated people with cancer we will die from because we can't afford health care and air and water pollution has been allowed to run rampant, that muslin communist nazi Obama wins.

  • One man would use the pen to sign a Paul Ryan-style, welfare state-gutting bill

    Which, oh by the way, is a BAD thing for states like West Virginia who get an awful lot of, you know, Federal spending…

  • sempergrognard

    Speaking as a WV native, the thing about Manchin and West Virginia Democrats is this: he's a gladhanding "in-name-only," yeah. But WV Republicans are chronically unable to reach the national stage. Every election cycle, the state's GOP vomits up the same cast of sneering business owners and shady land developers, all invested with the charisma of a dead otter.

    The Dixiecrats get in because they're better at telling WV voters what they want to hear. It's a shame that Manchin tracks farther to the right than the dead ex-Klansman he replaced, but this is as good as it's going to get, with the two party system.

  • lochnessmonster

    He's not worried about his constituents, he's worried about himself.

  • He's cute. He thinks austerity is supposed to win you a pony. I would like to have a beer with him.

  • Biff

    Trufax: People in western West Virginia look down their noses at Ohioans.

  • BZ1

    Joe, the DINO speaks: Gronk!

  • George Spelvin

    The Founders left us a few things they might have handled differently if they were perfectly prescient. For instance. two Senators for every randomly constructed state, of whatever size or population, might not have seemed like such a great idea if they had any clue about what the North American continent looked like.

    WVA isn't really an example of the population distortion effect, but it is an example of the Founders' affection for locality. From an outsider's perspective, it's impossible to understand why West Virginians aren't all pitchfork-wielding radical unionists; but the fact is, they aren't. Joe Manchin may be pandering, or he may be authentically shit-for-brains, but in either case he's still better than the Republican alternative.

    Just ignore West Virginia (except, of course, for WVA Wonkers). Joe Manchin isn't the worst thing that could happen.

  • ttommyunger

    Well, in fairness, he IS from West Virginia. They mostly eat with their feet there, you understand. One must make allowances.

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