When you're a Jew/You're a Jew all the wayThe fine fellows at RightWingWatch have once again brought the most delightful of horrorshows to our attention. (How do they do it every day?) Below, you will find Pat Robertson explaining that anti-Semitism is the Devil’s Work (yes?), and the Devil hates Israel because Israel is evidence of the existence of God (oookay?) because the Messiah came from there (maybe???) and “the poor Jews don’t understand that, it’s too cosmic for most of them to grasp, especially because they don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah.” (AWESOME!) But you know, not believing Jesus is the Messiah (that and med school) is kind of their thing? Robertson joins such totally sane luminaries as Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and war criminal congressman Allen “Well Looks Like I Will Have to Save These People From Themselves” West in thinking they know what is better for Jews than the Jews do.

Welcome to the club, Pat Robertson! It is surely a club that would have you, and that you would want to join.


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