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VIDEO! Mitt Romney Enlists In The War On Stay-At-Home-Moms (If They Are Poor And On Welfare)

America FUCK YEAHWell this is unfortunate. After the Great Mommy War (Redux) of Two-Thousand-And-Twelve, which pitted the Sanctity of Motherhood and America against one lesbo (and Barack Obama), and which was second only to the Great Wonkette Commenter Riots for the year’s most devastating skullfucking and bloodshed, it seems General Romney may have turncoated his own once-firmly held ideals and beliefs! You see, it turns out that he too thinks that stay-at-home-moms have never worked a day in their lives — at least if they are on welfare. Then all of a sudden motherhood is no longer the holiest calling and most important job in the universe! So does that make Ann Romney a welfare queen? No, because her Cadillacs are not apocryphal. Up With Chris, can you roll that ancient, long-forgotten tape from all the way back in January?

“I wanted to increase the work requirement [for people on welfare],” Romney said. “I said, for instance, that even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work. And people said, ‘Well that’s heartless,’ and I said ‘No, no, I’m willing to spend more giving daycare to allow those parents to go back to work. It’ll cost the state more providing that daycare, but I want the individuals to have the dignity of work.’”

It’s so weird, it’s almost like the Romney camp will say anything if they think it will give them an advantage, whether they believe it or not! Here, let us watch it together, and then go find a lazy stupid welfare mom to jump for being poor.

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    1. BerkeleyBear

      Didn't you hear? Obama killed all those jobs because he hatez womyns.

      Snark off – seriously, the 92 percent of job loss figure (which only works if you act like the recession started the day Obama takes office) is overwhelmingly women in public sector jobs, since private sector asshats like Mitt never bother hiring women to do anything significant in the first place.

    2. Abbystinence

      I think with all her vast experience that mothers should start dropping their kids off with Ann during the day. She seems to have this child-rearing thing down and it would give her so much more dignity.

    3. Veritas78

      How about cleaning up the poop from her 24 horses WHICH ARE THERAPY FOR HER MS, YOU SICKO LIBS?!

      Seriously, 24 horses? That seems a tad high. How many horses do most MS patients require?

  1. WorkTheSaxofone

    I think it's that Mitt is used to being the boss. Do people say, "Boss, what you just said is the opposite of what you told us last month"? Do they say, "Boss, what you just said is not true"? No, they just say, "Yes, Boss, you're right."

    In the marketplace there's no such thing as truth, there's just money.

  2. angerbear

    "Even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work." But, why, that would imply raising children isn't a… but… the war on women… oh, my head.

    1. SorosBot

      But yet, being a "stay-at-home-mom" is work when the kids are in high school or college and domestic servants do all the housework.

        1. Dudleydidwrong

          Well, one must supervise the youngest son's personal servants. You don't think he's old enough to supervise on his own, do you?

  3. Steverino247

    And every dollar of that daycare will be given to church operated daycare centers, of course.

    1. Jukesgrrl

      Faith-based Initiatives!! My favorite domestic program of all time! Let churches do work the government could/should be doing. They can charge the government a little sumpin/sumpin while piling up the bucks by paying workers less than the government would pay them (+ no insurance!). Then they can then spend their profits proselytizing to get more members and create more people who think this weasely, cheap-ass, unconstitutional idea is a win-win for everyone. Except the taxpayers, as it turns out.

  4. friendlyskies

    Apparently the "job" that the GOP holds sacred isn't motherhood, it's servicing a rich man. That's why stay-at-home moms are sanctified if they can suck rich cock properly; if they can't, off to the mines with them.

      1. friendlyskies

        Oh please. Heidi Fleiss's staff worked outside the home, at paying, private-industry jobs. Which might be considered dignified in the GOP paradigm for non-rich women, I suppose, except that they probably used contraception were therefore "sluts."

        1. Jukesgrrl

          You are speaking of the DC Madam (Deborah Jeane Palfrey). She was convicted of money laundering and racketeering while her star client Diaper Dave Vitter went back to his seat in the U.S. Senate and still claims to be a "family values" man. Ms. Palfrey committed suicide in her mother's garden shed in the face of a potential 55-year prison sentence. Let's all hear it for government support of the working woman.

          1. James Michael Curley

            Thanks. I get all the madams mixed up. I’m sure Olivia Pope will shed further light on the episode.

          2. James Michael Curley

            I had to do an image search on that guy. He has no eyebrows! I don’t know who he is but it seems he has been around and in a lot of stuff.

          3. Biel_ze_Bubba

            Hmm …. you know who else, who also knew too much, committed suicide in a garden shed?

  5. ShreditorsDesk

    Once elected, he'll sell off single moms overseas for their assets to the highest bidders, then pocket huge profits in Swiss accounts. Later, he will declare all the subsequent hordes of orphans to be 'America's greatest resource'.

          1. Ann_ObeyMe_Money

            With all the Lamingtons and TimTams and Violet Crumble in the sib's home, it'd have to be a regular PACK of dingos, mate. I don't eat junk food at home because of a natural tendency to avoirdupois, but my sister (who is as skinny as a rail-bird) seems to *live* on that shit, plus fruit. I was cooking in self-defense before I even hit the ground.

            (Hugs the pdog fondly) Ya missed me, ya furry old coot, I can tell.

  6. boobookitteh

    If the Obama campaign does anything other than just replay Romney video on the teevee as its strategy, I will be disappointed.

    1. flamingpdog

      Sorry, but even June Cleaver went over to the dark side later in life. By 1980, she was fluent in jive.

      1. HistoriCat

        Cut me some slack, Jack! Chump don' want no help, chump don't GET da' help!
        Jive ass dude don't got no brains anyhow! Shiiiiit.

  7. sbj1964

    Mrs.Romney has a full time job being a $$RICH$$ Bitch.It's so hard finding qualified Mexicans to cook,clean,and raise her children since E-verify.

  8. OkieDokieDog

    Yeah, those Cadillac welfare queen Moms will need day care for their kids since all the jobs the Teabagging bible humping GOP promised are in China.

    Mittens speak with forked tongue.

    1. Barrelhse

      I've been listening to country blues since I was 13 (1963)- it's my favorite so I've listened to a LOT- and I hadn't heard of Mississippi Matilda before. There's a lot out there, amazing.

  9. WhatTheHeck

    I think Mother’s Day 2012 will be the ‘mother of all battles’ between the moms of the Red and Blue.

    I know the outcome already. Mothers lose.

  10. flamingpdog

    Thanx, Rebecca, 40 seconds of viewing McCrazy's dour face in the background and I haven't even had my morning coffee yet. But thanks (not with an "x") for memorializing the Great Wonkette Commenter Riots of 2012 – the closest I've been to real riots since 1968.

  11. mavenmaven

    The rules of discourse are different for white s and blahs. Stay at home moms are white and madonnas, the blah version are welfare queens and need "dignity" restored, which is a euphemism for police action.

  12. __kth__

    Silly libs, Mitt wasn't talking about affluent white people back then, so there's no inconsistency.

  13. SorosBot

    You know, I'm beginning to suspect that the "stay-at-home mom" thing was just a distraction from what any idiot could tell Rosen was actually talking about, that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life because she's rich, and that this is really just about continuing the GOP's war on the poor and middle class.

    1. glamourdammerung

      Honestly, I could not care less how wealthy or not anyone is. I do take issue with how Romney made his fortune. And I doubt most normal folks would disagree with my assessment of how companies like Bain operate in a less than ethical manner with significant negative consequences for the public in general.

    2. Designer_Rants

      First of all, I think you're correct. I don't think Rosen was stupid enough to think stay-at-home moms are shiftless layabouts. She's just stupid enough to be a Dem pundit who would form a soundbite that could be exploited by the right-wing propagandists. I think she was hitting it from the angle of Ann Romney having absolutely no idea what it's like to collect a paycheck, budget household expenses, worry about plebeian shit like that, etc. Not saying raising 5 boys wasn't work, it just wasn't the work it is for 90+% of Americans.

      Secondly, Glamourdammerung writes about taking exception to how venture capitalists make their fortunes. Bain Capital, under Romney, was even more contemptible, if this person is to be believed:

      Yet, there is another version of the Bain way that I experienced personally during my 17 years as a deal-adviser on Wall Street: Seemingly alone among private-equity firms, Romney’s Bain Capital was a master at bait-and-switching Wall Street bankers to get its hands on the companies that provided the raw material for its financial alchemy. Other private-equity firms I worked with extensively over the years — Forstmann Little, KKR, TPG and the Carlyle Group, among them — never dared attempt the audacious strategy that Bain partners employed with great alacrity and little shame. Call it the real Bain way.

      Here’s how it worked. Private-equity firms are always eager to find companies to buy, allowing them to invest chunks of the billions of dollars entrusted to them and from which they earn hundreds of millions in fees. One ready source of these businesses is Wall Street bankers hired to sell companies through private auctions. The good news is that when a banker puts together a detailed selling memorandum about a company, chances are very high that company will be sold; the bad news is that these private auctions tend to be very competitive, and the winning bidder, by definition, is most often the one willing to pay the most. By paying the highest price, you win the company, but you also may reduce the returns you can generate for your investors.

      I never negotiated directly with Romney; he was too high-level for any interaction with me. Rather, I dealt often with other Bain senior partners, who were very much in his mold. In my experience, Bain Capital did all that it could to game the system by consistently offering the highest prices during the early rounds of bidding — only to try to low-ball the price after it had weeded out competitors.

  14. tcaalaw

    Look, you campaign for president with the wife you have, not the wife you wish you had. Unless you're Newt.

  15. deanbooth

    I watched the Wonkette Commenter Riots from my 5th-story window. There was so much commotion, no one seemed to notice my "Get a Job" sign.

    1. C_R_Eature

      It was just like the '67 Newark riots, but with less looting and burning and more Skullfucking.

          1. C_R_Eature

            Wow, that one went way back to my Lurking days! Thanks!

            It's a little odd to think that AMC writes for the Guardian now and who knows there "Washingtonienne" is…

          2. Boojum

            Assuming you mean "where," I do. She is happily married and a mother of two small children. You know, either a hardworking paragon or a lazy layabout.

          3. C_R_Eature

            I did mean "where", "happily married" is good to hear and Re: Paragon or layabout: can't we be both?

          4. C_R_Eature

            Jessica Cutler! Just remembered her name, independently this AM, for no reason.
            I always thought she was "good People" I hope she writes more, though – she's got a wicked sense of humor.

      1. James Michael Curley

        Man, I had my draft physical the day the riots started. Folks were gathering all day after the original incident the night before which had something to do with a black guy getting arrested and badly beaten by the police after a traffic infraction. The US of Army put us up in the Robert Trent Hotel (for those of us who had to take a bus to the physical if I remember correctly.). The pay off of sorts was that most guys were getting shipped right off to Ft. Dix if they passed. We were released the next morning and (I at least) got called back to report in October.

          1. Negropolis

            Terrible, horrible, no-good times, they were. Nutz strewn about the barren, war-torn landscape far as the eye could see, and the moans and lamentations of great masses of Wonkeratti clawing in the dark for death to find them before the New Order, did. **shivers**

  16. Barb

    The anti Romney political ads will just be a bunch of stuff he said, spliced together. It doesn't even need editing.

  17. FROTHY

    "… go find a lazy stupid welfare mom to jump for being poor. "

    Duh, Ann RMONEY. Wut? She SAID she didn't think of herself as being wealthy! She only has that little cottage in what, the Hamptons? And she has STRUGGLED!

    1. Fare la Volpe

      "Some days I wake up and agonize over whether I feel fancy enough to wear Prada, or if I feel like slumming it and wearing Gucci. You don't know half my troubles. Old Man River~"

      1. FROTHY

        Nobody knows
        My troubles obscene …

        It really royally pisses me off to hear the rich complain about their struggles. They don't *know* from struggle.

  18. Crank_Tango

    It's going to be fun watching this dickhead get his magically-undied ass handed to him this fall.

    1. Chichikovovich

      My 100% favorite comment on that Facebook page. Words fail me:

      Erin Blomquist There is entirely too much hatered in this post. How likely do you think it is that conservatives are sitting around writing hateful things about Obama? Here's a hint: We aren't!

      1. not that Dewey

        cf: my earlier analysis on the various characteristic strains of hate that distinguish FoxNation, Breitbart, FreeRepublic from each other. There is a thriving diverse ecosystem of hate among conservatives, unparalleled in the natural world.

          1. not that Dewey

            I'll do another one soon, only this time I'll include The Blaze, and maybe American Spectator. Still trying to "find my motivation".

            It's kind of like tasting many different kinds of poop, and then reporting on the differences. You don't necessarily want to relive the last one, and you don't want to do it every day.

      2. Biff

        It's true, they aren't! I pointed out on a famous racecar driver's fb post about being invited to the White House that many of the comments were rather racist against our President and he might wish to moderate them or maybe even delete the whole post. I got jumped on by people who see absolutely nothing hateful or racist about offering President Obama fried chicken or watermelon, or calling him a monkey, etc. See? As long as they don't see the hate, it doesn't exist! Science!

      1. not that Dewey

        Very fine, indeed. Better than I had imagined. I especially like the Barbara Kruger/They Live component. We put on the glasses and see through her faux-feminist bullshit.

        1. Ann_ObeyMe_Money

          I love that she totally made the case for contraceptives/abortion for women with her yawping about the right to choice. Between her and Mittens, it's hard to tell who's blowing their foot off with greater regularity.

  19. Rotundo_

    Yeppers Mitt, give them the dignity of a shit job and the obligation of paying out more than they make in child care costs. Because you can.

    1. not that Dewey

      Are you suggesting that there is something disingenuous about one of Mitt Romney's public statements?

      1. Rotundo_

        Not just Mittens, but most of the "Welfare reformers" on both sides of the aisle who labor under the delusion that putting someone to work for jack shit while paying for child care will somehow result in something positive. One thing that *isn't* mentioned at all is the cost of daycare while people work. It can suck the entire amount of a post taxes check. If the worker in question is in a position that has some opportunity for advancement, maybe it is a good gamble, otherwise it is another expense that poor and lower middle class people pay to subsidize their employers.

        1. not that Dewey

          Oh, I know. My sister was paying more than her mortgage in daycare for her two kids. About a year ago, Mrs Dewey went on leave of absence — we were basically breaking even between her working part time and paying for day care, and the idea of sending the kid away so that she could spend her time at work trying to pay for sending the kid away just seemed preposterous. When full-day kindergarten starts next year, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

          1. Rotundo_

            One has to love how they play that game, ignoring FICA and state and local taxes (and now they want to kill off EITC so those worthless poors pay their share). One thing the republicans have never been short on is balls, arrogance and simple minded meanness to those less fortunate than they are.

        2. James Michael Curley

          If you noticed while doing your taxes this year. The "child care credit" is on a sliding scale to disappear.

  20. C_R_Eature

    My Mom was a bona-fide Working Mom, because, Bills. She raised three kids, somehow, without having a multimillionaire Corporate Raider husband. She would have kicked Ann's ass, and Mitt's, too.

  21. FakaktaSouth

    No PLANNED parenthood, no contraception, no abortions, no healthcare, no college for poors, no training programs, no welfare, no food stamps, no decent public education, no social programs whatsoever. State run daycares? Yeah, those exist. Hang on I'll find one. You poors are here to WORK. What? You weren't born with a magical skill set to go with your underpants? Where's your dignity?

    1. James Michael Curley

      My favorite argument with Repubs these days is "You get all that and then you bust the budget picking up the dead from the streets."

      1. imissopus

        We'll just have to have the private sector scoop up all those dead bodies. Big corporations can do it more efficiently and also harvest the bodies for nutrients for foodstuffs.

        1. C_R_Eature

          Really? Works for me. Browser security settings, maybe?

          Here's another one: It's the infamous cover art for the 70's band
          Mom's Apple Pie Mom's in the kitchen, facing the viewer with an excruciatingly detailed anatomically correct apple pie. The record company made them change it because they had no sense of humor.

          1. C_R_Eature

            I like that, thanks! Wasn't familiar with them.

            I had that stupid Original Vadgepie Mom's Apple Pie album in my hands but didn't buy it because they looked like just another bloated 70's group and the record store wanted 3X the price of a new album for it. It's probably worth lots and lots more now but I'm sure the music's worth the same.
            The unopened album had a huge American Flag sticker on the shrink wrap so you couldn't see the Offending Orifice.

          2. AlterNewt

            "The unopened album had a huge American Flag sticker on the shrink wrap so you couldn't see the Offending Orifice."

            Very commendable. I'm certain that many young potential buyers were protected from evil pussy-thoughts, thereby.

          3. C_R_Eature

            yeah, I don't think it fooled anyone except for Blue-Hairs and they wouldn't be in those kind of record shops anyway. The record company made them reprint the cover with bricks where the pie-vagina was. Not the same and I'm sure sales plummeted right afterwards.

          1. C_R_Eature

            Patience is a Virtue. I fuck these up all the time and have to go back to edit. one space, " or > left out and the whole thing crashes out into mangled code.
            I keep a notepad file of code handy to cut & paste, because I can't remember shit like this a lot of the time. It helps.

  22. ttommyunger

    Jeez. Someone should keep track of what this man is saying…..Wait, what? Obama's people are on that?

    1. Sparky McGruff

      I can imagine assuming people would forget your past ramblings 50 years ago. Hell, even 20 years ago, it was a lot of work to dig up articles and references from the library stacks. But in the age of the Googles and the inter-tubes, any semi-coherent person can pull up every speech Mitt Romney's done in about 15 seconds. Google is not Mitt Romney's friend, my friends.

      1. ttommyunger

        Plus, it is so much powerful now to be able to see and hear, rather than simply reading past quotes.

  23. Harry_S_Truman

    The Romney Dictionary:

    Stay-at-home mom: a white woman whose husband makes enough money so she need not work (but goes to the club every day while the au pair watches her two kids).

    Dignity of work: Put down the crack pipe, bitch, get the fuck up off the couch, and sweep floors for minimum wage while your good-for-nothing boyfriend watches your eight kids (an indeterminant number of which may be his).

  24. chascates

    I'm not going to have the dignity of retirement but I'd at least like the dignity of a living wage.

  25. Chichikovovich

    His campaign people did some work on those remarks, and luckily for them destroyed all the existing videotapes. The original version, which didn't go over well with audiences at all, was:

    “I wanted to increase the work requirement [for people on welfare],” Romney said. “I said, for instance, that even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work. And people said, ‘Well that’s heartless,’ and I said ‘No, no, I spoke to my advisor on women's economic issues, my loving wife and mother to my five children Ann, and she assured me – now I didn't know this, because I've always trusted her to manage all the affairs of our many estates – Isn't she wonderful, people? [scattered applause and cheers. One shout of "show us your tits!" followed by sounds of a scuffle in the back of the room] Now what Ann told me is that it was easy to find time to be away from the house, for example when she wants to ride her show quality dressage horses for the dozens of hours a week it takes to get the gait just right. The judges are getting more exacting every year. All you need to do is hire an extra nanny – and that's not easy, you have to be a stern and accurate judge of character to find a moral, upstanding person to shape your children. Don't think just because you have a camera in every room of the house, there won't be times that the nanny is unobserved. For example she might take walks with the children in the forest on the estate grounds. But Ann would be willing to make that sacrifice – interview all those people. And if you can't find someone who meets your high standards, pay some overtime to the nannies you already have.

    Now I asked Ann: "Don't you think some women might not be able to afford that?" And she said – now this is a tough-minded woman, don't let her gentle manners fool you – "Yes, people make bad choices sometimes. Perhaps they should have waited a few years to put in the car elevator for their underground garage. But actions have consequences, and treating people with dignity requires you to let them face those consequences."

    1. C_R_Eature

      One shout of "show us your tits!" followed by sounds of a scuffle in the back of the room

      That was me. Sorry.
      I've been hanging around with these Wonkette people lately.

      1. Ann_ObeyMe_Money

        I won't believe it was you until I see signed statements by all your fellow-Wonketeers that it warn't them. I know these guys. Scumma de Terra (see Stiff Upper Lips for more info.

        1. C_R_Eature

          I was the one in the Hawaiian shirt and yellow Ray-Ban shooters glasses waving a marlin spike around and yelling about huge lizards. Happens every time I have to attend public Republican functions.

          1. C_R_Eature

            I am sorry, but "B" is the answer we were looking for, but Hiaasen is a great guess!

            Fortunately, this is not a bizarre "Truth or Consequences" Japanese game show…

          2. flamingpdog

            Hunter, could you have a word with Satan about the speed bumps they put in the road in front of your beloved Woody Creek Tavern? What's the fun of pulling into a parking space there at less than 65 mph?

        2. C_R_Eature

          BTW, nice face change!

          I did that dual avatar thingy once, by mistake and I could never figure out the proper method since. Not that it keeps me up at nights…

          1. Ann_ObeyMe_Money

            NtDewey suggested it. I was gonna be Mitt again, but since he's having Ann do all his talking for him … they both seem to love the taste of shoe leather. Can't get those feet OUT dey moufs.

          2. C_R_Eature

            Heh. Mitt's Charley McCarthy. Or is Mitt Ann's Charley McCarthy? I lose track of these things.

    2. dandalion

      Wow, does he realize out out of touch he sounds? The biggest financial decisions I had to make was to either buy my oldest a pair of much needed shoes or make sure I had enough diapers for my youngest to last till payday.

    3. Ann_ObeyMe_Money

      Dianne Feinstein once asked, at a hearing on child care requirements for working mothers, why the women in question simply didn't have *nannies* take care of their children. The very rich are not like you and me.

  26. OC_Surf_Serf

    Goddamn it people!! It's not what I said yesterday…It's what I am sayin' today! Christ all mighty your are all too focused on the past!

    1. Chichikovovich

      Being a full time mother is dignified work, though – forget what I said in the principal clause of this sentence, I've moved on to the subordinate clause – welfare mothers have to get the hell out of the house or their character rots like an old banana.

  27. meatpuppet2

    Rmoney taking all sides of a position with video to prove it. I'm shocked. This is so rare.

  28. An_Outhouse

    Chris Hayes has this guest, Kerry Picket from the Washington Times. She manages to not drool uncontrollably but that might be due to some silver contraption that's around her neck. Is she some kind of alien or have the Koch's successfully developed a human like robot in addition to Romneybot?

    1. Negropolis

      Why in the world did he dignify the Washington Times by letting one of their crazies on? There are legitimate foks on the other side that could be reached for this type of work.

    2. Jukesgrrl

      She was somethin', wasn't she? She certainly could dominate a conversation, while making less sense than the late Tony Blankley (good thing he didn't live to see what's become of Newt). She also performed the feat of looking like a perfect Aryan specimen while claiming to be half Puerto Rican. Which she seemed to believe gave her permission to say any crazy-ass thing she wanted to say about people of color.

  29. ManchuCandidate

    And, as predicted, Mittens just shoved his foot deep into his mouth.

    The rule on trying to use wedge issues is you don't press home the attack while exposing your weak flanks (in this case, being a 1%er and race issues.)

    1. AlterNewt

      Yes. Young also argued for 16 hr. workdays so that workers would be too tired to get 'up to mischief ' in their off-hours, and therefore miss work the following day, because they are essentially children,which, of course, many of them were.

      Sorry. That wasn't very hilarious, was it?

  30. MilwaukeeKent

    It's been said a half-dozen ways, but the issue isn't that Ann Romney is a Stay at Home Mom, it's which home does she stay at? What Romney should propose is a Federal program to match welfare moms with single and divorced Venture Capitalists. That'll work.

    1. An_Outhouse

      When the Fox Mole provided the tape of Romney Howell discussing Ann's horse mounting desires, I wondered, in which state are these horses kept? Do they have a horse elevator too?

    2. Jukesgrrl

      I've been wondering that, too. Especially given their claim she is riding dressage as physical therapy for her multiple sclerosis. Doesn't she need physical therapy regularly? Was there room for her horses when she was living in her son's basement? Given she wasn't diagnosed with the disease until 1998, why was she riding from childhood? And couldn't her physical therapy be done on one horse? Why does she have a stable full worth more than a quarter of a mil?

      1. MilwaukeeKent

        I'd bet good money the horse farm has an agricutural tax write-off status. I understand the woman beat cancer and endures Multiple Sclerosis, real health and true love, money can't guarantee (but in our cobbled-together health care system, money gets you the best care in the world for conditions that would bankrupt the average family). Fine she fills her time with something less harmful than Ginny Thomas' lobbying, Anyway you cut it, a working mom works twice as hard as a stay-at-home mom. How dare anyone call attention to privelege! Class Warfare!

  31. rickmaci

    “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money. I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money.”

    Mitt and Dick. Just opposite sides of the same racist RepubliKKKan coin.

  32. iburl

    You don't need the dignity of work if you have the dignity of being married to a wall street scumbag.

  33. C_R_Eature

    Terms for Ann Romney, rejected by the Romney Campaign:

    * Stay at Homes Mom
    * Stay at Mansion Mom
    * Stay at 1000 acre horse farm Mom
    * Stay at Luxury beachfront house with car elevator Mom

  34. CapnFatback

    The most entertaining moment of the video? Watching Romney swallow the bile rushing up his throat as his tries to get through the term "dignity."

    The least entertaining moment of the video? Watching a thirty-second commercial to view a forty-three-second clip.

  35. Callyson

    OK, time for MoveOn or the NOW or someone to slice together an ad:

    President Obama: "there's no tougher job than being a mom…Anybody who would argue otherwise, I think, probably needs to rethink their statement"

    Mark Chelgren: "time to drug test child support recipients"

    Michelle Obama: "every mom is a working mom"

    Mittens: "even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work…I want the individuals to have the dignity of work."

    Group of moms (of various ages, ethnic backgrounds etc.) "I work every day for my family's well being. And this November, I'll be voting for those who consistently defend the interests of moms everywhere, not those who don't even offer consistent lip service to our hard work."

    Group of kids: "Thanks, Mom!"

  36. JustPixelz

    "…I want the individuals to have the dignity of work.’”

    Mitt hasn't had a real job since 2007. He has lost all his dignity.

    While we're on the subject … if work imbues a person with valuable dignity, Romney should support a higher tax rate for non-wage income. That would encourage those "investors" to get real jobs … for the tax break.

    1. BlueStateLibel

      Buying companies on borrowed money, like Mitt Rmoney did, then looting them is hardly a real job in my book. A job should produce some goods or services of value – destroying companies for $$$ like he did doesn't produce anything.

      1. Veritas78

        EXACTLY. Hillary Rosen just tagged the wrong Romney who's never worked a day in his life.

        And don't tell me how hard it is to be a venture capitalist — the same work as being a Vegas gambler, except you have more chances to tip the odds.

        "Why, when I think of those hours we worked until 10:30 p.m. figuring out how to dump those pension obligations, and that night we cut the carry-forward-loss deal! Let alone the derivatives — whoa, we really made that intern sweat all over his spreadsheet! Good times, bro, good times!"

      2. Biel_ze_Bubba

        "destroying companies for $$$ like he did doesn't produce anything. "

        It produces mansions (with car elevators!) And it creates jobs for the stable boys who attend to your dressage horses.
        You just don't understand that sweet, sweet 1890's-style capitalism.

  37. C_R_Eature

    "Are there no Workhouses?"

    Why yes, yes there are. They're at home and full of kids, you Moms!

    Now get back to work. I need a sandwich and a beer and don't forget to look Pretty.

  38. Me_K_Cong

    This clip is also interesting because it shows Romney's Mormon background. In a polygamous Mormon home, child-rearing is the responsibility of a subset of the wife- pack. In Mormotopia, child day care is a universal right. (How else can we explain a Republican being "for" government funded health care? It's a communal approach.) Republicans (who have lost touch with America's Puritan history) find this foreign.

  39. DahBoner

    Can't feed em? Don't breed them

    And yet, everyday another Corporation spins off another subsidiary, hungry for Corpoate Welfare, sucking on the Gum'mint tit and screaming an crying if someone tries to take away their Class Warfare binky…

    1. Rotundo_

      But we need a vertical take off armored personnel carrier with stealth capabilities that can deliver a nuclear payload anywhere on the globe without refueling that can sink submarines and dive to a depth of 10,000 feet. We can't fight some asshole with a chinese make AK-47 in a cave without it!!!!!!1111!!!111!!1111!!111!!!

  40. Fare la Volpe

    Psst. Hey, Republitards. Poor people know how to work. There just isn't anywhere for them to do it because you shipped all their jobs to China. Fuck you with a cactus in your peehole.

  41. dandalion

    As a mom I am more of an expert on this than Romney and his wife. I have done both were I have been home most of the time (worked 20 hours a week for the medical) and worked full time (salary position that required a minimum of 50 hours a week) and either way I felt like I was not doing enough.

    When I wasn't making a lot of money we went without for a lot stuff but I got to spend time with my kids. Then when working full time+ we do not go without but I miss out a lot with my kids. Nothing worse than having your 4 year old cry and tell you he wants you to stay home so you snuggle on the couch with him.

    What I mean about going without is I am able to replace clothes and shoes faster (3 boys go through a lot) and grocery shop for nutrition not for quantity.

    This just makes me sad but also angry. I think the man and his family need to live like the rest of us.

  42. SayItWithWookies

    So in Mitt's plan, the states spend more money on daycare (which, of course, they're always willing to shell out for) so that moms on welfare can go to work and add to the labor pool, thus keeping wages lower. If that's alright with Mitt, then he's probably okay with boosting the top tax rate to something a little higher than — what did he pay? fifteen percent, right?

  43. not that Dewey

    If EBN were still around, I imagine they would do a terrific mashup of these Romneyisms

    I don't care about the very poor…vote for the other guy
    I don't care about the very poor…vote for the other guy
    if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work
    I don't care about the very poor…vote for the other guy

    1. Radio福井県

      Dewey, that shit is good, but I was more of a Negativeland fan.
      BTW,OT, H/T for the Robyn Hitchcock jag you sent me on this weekend. And, oddly, I always paired Pere Ubu with RH.

      1. not that Dewey

        EBN vs Negativland — you can have both.

        You're welcome. I've been on a total Robyn bender for like the last two months; I even did "My Favorite Buildings" at an open mic last week. I'll have to start rebuilding the Pere Ubu collection — I think I have two on vinyl, but I'll need to get something onto the iPod so I can get the necessary repetition without driving the family nuts.

        1. Radiotherapy

          Friggin' Awesome Dewey. That made my weekend. A little like mashing Pere Ubu and Robyn. They were on flip sides of a cassette tape back in '91. Now they are forever wedded in my mind.

      2. not that Dewey

        And speaking of "thanks for the musical nudge", Arctic Monkeys played Coachella yesterday; I managed to catch some of the live stream. Mrs D caught me listening to them recently, and she said, sneeringly, "yeah, I can see why musicians might like this"

        1. Radiotherapy

          The Monkeys, IMHO, have hit a bit of a sophomore, even junior, slump. But I saw them on SNL in '06 and that performance led us to see them two nights later at the 9:30 club. That first album was a tour de force.
          Luckily, Mrs. Radio likes to Rock'n'Roll.

  44. ifthethunderdontgetya

    It’s so weird, it’s almost like the Romney camp will say anything if they think it will give them an advantage, whether they believe it or not!

    Barack Obama, 2012 S.O.T.U.:

    And we’ve put in place new rules to hold Wall Street accountable, so a crisis like that never happens again.

    And I will not go back to the days when Wall Street was allowed to play by its own set of rules.

    Arthur Silber, May 2008:

    The Wall Street plan for the Obama-bubble presidency is that of the cleanup crew for the housing bubble: sweep all the corruption and losses, would-be indictments, perp walks and prosecutions under the rug and get on with an unprecedented taxpayer bailout of Wall Street.

    (Note: that's actually Silber quoting the The Black Agenda Report, but the link is stale.)

    Need I point out that Arthur Silber was right?

    Well folks, we better hope that Mitt Obama wins, and not Barack Romney. The fates of J.P. Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, ExxonMobile, etc. rest on this election!!11!

    1. Rotundo_

      I would rather have someone who pretends to give a shit that someone who is devoid of even pretense. If they take the presidency this round, the senate will surely go with it and they will punish folks for ever having considered electing a near for president. It will make Dubya look like a man of the people.

        1. C_R_Eature

          Another absolutely awesome song – but I really was going for "Thela Hun Gingeet" (trans: "Heat of the City") and Belew's voiceover on his run-in with the London Rasta's .
          I love your reply and you should post it so I can hang mine off it, etc. etc…

          OT I was going to post "Elephant Talk" during one of those interminable debates, but I got caught up. Oh, well, got it bookmarked for future reference…

          1. not that Dewey

            I totally stand corrected. I guess I've always conflated the two songs into one awesome mind-bending experience. Carry on.

          2. C_R_Eature

            No Worries, I do that too – and Done!

            I haven't listened to Discipline in years and forgot just a bit just how outstanding it really is.
            Thy playing this in public Really separates people out and everyone seems to have an opinion about the music.

          3. not that Dewey

            I've even performed Indiscipline as a cover, live. ( and 21st Century Schizoid Man, too) I should have caught myself. But that was many nights of sleep ago.

            We had a band whose motto was "Jazz With a Bullhorn", which was exactly as it sounds. We were Medeski, Martin, and Wood meets Butthole Surfers.

          4. C_R_Eature

            That's really impressive. I haven't met a whole lot of people who have the chops to attempt covering those songs.
            This "Jazz with a Bullhorn" sounds right up my alley. I have just that kind of sense of humor. And musical appreciation.

      1. ifthethunderdontgetya

        "Hopey has made mistakes."

        Show me evidence that President Obama hasn't done exactly what he was paid to do, as illustrated in my links?

        I would rather have someone who pretends to give a shit that someone who is devoid of even pretense.

        You would rather have someone who will lie to your face? As long as corporatist Democrats can count on that, that's all you're ever going to get.

        Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and company demand money, and immunity. And they get it.

        1. CivicHoliday

          I think there are a few billy goats about to cross over your bridge, best get back there ASAP

          1. ifthethunderdontgetya

            It’s so weird, it’s almost like the Romney camp will say anything if they think it will give them an advantage, whether they believe it or not!

            You're not very bright, are you, imissopus. Maybe you should look up "non-sequitur" in the dictionary. Or get someone to help you?

            In fact, I recall that we had this same discussion about two years ago. In the interim, everything I said has come to pass.

            And you? You might as well just be typing, "POOP!".

            You'd appear more intelligent.

          2. imissopus

            Yawn. How old are you, anyway? Oh well, if I must:

            non sequitur – a statement (as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said

            Since the entire post was about Mitt Romney and his rhetoric, and more specifically on the topic of working moms, my argument is that pivoting to slamming Obama over his lack of toughness with the banks is a non sequitur. Admittedly not the most precise word to use, but I think it got the point across to most of the folks here. More generally, it's typical of your M.O. to not miss an excuse to try and steer a thread around to bashing the president no matter what the hell else we might be talking about. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this, here or at other sites.

            Did we have a conversation about this two years ago? How the hell should I remember? I don't spend any time patting myself on the back for "winning" arguments with anonymous people on the internet. By what yardstick does one measure in order to believe he has won such an argument? Did Ken Layne award points or something at the time? I'm sure at least some of whatever the hell you said two years ago has come to pass, just as I'm sure you have ignored anything that has come to pass that would counter your points. What a boring fucking life you must lead.

            Whatever. It's Sunday night and I have better things to do then fling shit at some bitter little person.

            Poopyhead, also too.

          3. LetUsBray

            Besides, I can't believe anyone is still seriously arguing, nearly twelve years after the court-ordered start of the Cowboy Caligula era, that it doesn't matter whether public offices are held by wussy Democrats or brazenly evil Rethuglicans.

            Keep fucking that Naderite/Paulbearer chicken if it makes you feel morally superior. Just don't expect anyone to be impressed.

          4. C_R_Eature

            Cowboy Caligula. That's pretty good.

            Yeah, and I'm sure that President Gore would have filled the Federal Government with know-nothing apparatchniks, wreckers, thieves and scoundrels as well as appointing Roberts and Alito. Hey and I'm positive the Gore folks would have kept their eyes on the real issue of Ballistic Missile Defense rather than the miniscule and obscure Terrorist threat in 2001. Alsotoo.

            So, yeah, no difference.

          5. ifthethunderdontgetya

            Nice work with the dancing goal posts and strawman thrashing, gentlemen.

            imissopus: "Just because I've been filling these boards for years with subsequently discredited Obama cheerleading doesn't mean anybody should remember it."

            Lettucebracy: "I'm going to change the subject, because I can't' defend Obama's bankster blowjobs, either."

            C_R_Eature: "Great idea, lettuce! Let's talk about Al Gore, instead."

          6. C_R_Eature

            Nice work with the dancing goal posts and strawman thrashing, gentlemen.

            I'm sure that I am avoiding the subject, deliberately. That is no doubt due to the fact that I'm unable to face the terrible truths that you, and only you among all of us, can see clearly and as a whole.

            I'll go now, to peruse your research materials and get back to you.

          7. imissopus

            I plan to spend my evening combing through all three thousand or so posts I have ever left here, picking out all in which I defended Obama for anything, and then cross-checking those against all of thunder's posts in which he said the exact opposite, and then research which one of us was eventually proven right and who was proven wrong. If only I had known someone was keeping score! I could have at least gotten started yesterday, and would have, if only I had not wasted time defending myself against someone calling me "not too bright." Apparently doing that was only moving the goalposts. And then I spent today, you know, living my life, so that was more hours wasted.

            I go now to begin my research, so that I may ascend to the lofty heights of intellect upon which only this bitter, small person dwells, and see the truth, and weep with joy that the scales have fallen from my eyes.

          8. C_R_Eature

            The longest journey begins with a single step.

            Admitting that we have a problem is the first step in the long ascent we must take to finally be able to engage at the rarefied intellectual plateau that discourse with our friend demands of us.

            I shall begin my journey now. Best of luck with yours and, Inshallah, I will see you, safe and sound, on the other side.

          9. LetUsBray

            As for me, I'm just wondering how our self-appointed authority on mobile goalposts was in fact not postulating an equivalence with the bit about "Mitt Obama" and "Barack Romney".

            In any case, what we clearly have here is a troll and therefore a poopyhead. Whether a firebagger, a massively embittered PUMA, or a hired prick, the outcome is the same.

    2. Negropolis


      BTW, the hilariously named Black Agenda Report was talking shit about Obama before he even became president, and became a point of reference for PUMAs. Their bullshit is first and foremost a strange personal hate for the man with their policy differences following the hate. If you think you're going to try and use them as a legitimate, liberal critique of the president, you've got another thing coming. What are you going to post next? A critique by Pastor Manning?

      Get the hell out of here with this random shit. Firedoglake is a few blocks down, bub.

  45. Steverino247

    I want the individuals to have the dignity of work.

    OK, then why did you send everybody's jobs overseas, you rat bastard?

  46. Sassomatic

    It's simple: raising rich children is hard, important work. You have to prepare them to go to college and have good careers. Raising poor children is not important, nor is it hard, because you don't need to prepare them to do anything but work for slave wages or fight in wars.

    Why is that hard to understand?

    1. BlueStateLibel

      Sadly, I think this is really how the cons think. The worst of them would like to do away with public education, and hate affordable higher education. The dumber they can keep the dumb rocks in this country, the easier it is for them to play plutocrat.

      1. Rotundo_

        All they want from us is their toilets scrubbed and fresh meat to send off to fight for oil fields and "democracy". Cannon fodder is like weeds, easy to raise, easy to harvest and no real loss when it is gone. And yet they consider themselves moral.

  47. Riggsveda

    Oh, Rebecca, if words were swords, you would have cut this bullshit to threads long ago. Unfortunately, blood, brand loyalties, and shouldabees are stronger than compassion, so status will remain quo.

        1. C_R_Eature

          "Uh, Suzy? We just got into town and we're all concerned with your Development."

          "Ferrrget it!!"


  48. AlterNewt

    "And thus began the insidious, slippery slope to the Mommy Blog. They saw it not, and therefore did not cry out."

  49. Pithaughn

    Oh Oh. here is this.
    You flop with the flip you have not the flopped flip you will flip with tomorrow or in a few minutes.

  50. James Michael Curley

    Can I apply for a disability pension because of my Great Wonkette Commenter Riots of 2012 service connected injuries?

      1. C_R_Eature

        I do too. It's so bad I have to drink heavily and listen to extremely loud, bizarre music every Friday night, just to calm down.

        The fact that I always do this every Friday night in no way diminishes the severity of the stress I'm under.

        1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

          Before the riots I hardly ever skullfucked anything. The word wasn't even really part of my vocabulary. Now its all I think about. I feel like I have lost my innocence.

          1. C_R_Eature

            That's OCD – Obsessive Commentator Disorder. You need to get help immediately.
            One of my friends let this condition go and he was discovered in a High School Bio lab, stark naked, with a human skull. Mrs. Johnson's 6th grade AP class was appalled yet strangely interested. There's cellphone video up on YouTube.
            Don't let this happen to you.

    1. Negropolis

      Hell, I got banned and subsequently waterboarded with words. I want an award in addition to my pension. lol

      1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

        I hereby award you with the purple wonkette, for being injured in the line of duty. Thank you for your service.

      2. flamingpdog

        If it's like every other business in the US of A today, Wonkette is going to be a- pinchin' that pension before long here.

        1. Negropolis

          Yeah, they'll probably switch me over to a 401(k), which will then be subsequently gambled off under the reign of President W. Mittens Romney. I, for one, don't welcome our new, Romnian overlods.

  51. valthemus

    If only conservatives had been listening, Romney would have said what he really meant: "I want to make those minorities do more menial work… I don't care if they've got pickaninnies hanging around… stick 'em in some minimally supervised kiddie warehouse, that'll be cheap. We need those coloreds and wetbacks scrubbing toilets!"

  52. Douché

    So, you will pay more to the people watching her children than she will make at her job or on welfare. I dunno Mittens, that kind of math don't add up, unless you own a daycare.

  53. Data Exactly

    Sorry, Mitt Romney, you and your midget friend can't fool me. You allow your wife to count 'child raising' as her one and only career while welfare recipients HAVE TO go to work, whether program or not. Yeah sure. Okay.

          1. C_R_Eature

            Man, that was great! Whatta band. I recognized Adrian right away, his face hasn't changed but his hair sure did!

            Bookmarked for Future Reference!

          2. Chet Kincaid

            I remember buying the double album "The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads" when it came out; I was a junior in college. Half of it documented the band's early shows, and the other half was the first "big band" (before Stop Making Sense) with Adrian and Busta Jones and 2 different backup singers. The album liner was a big scrapbook of photos. Sitting in my Mediocre Midwestern University In The Cornfields dorm, I had a serious case of East Coast Art School Bohemia Envy. They'd even roped in Bernie Worrell, keyboard hero of my high school P-Funk albums!

    1. Chet Kincaid

      Bagels and cream cheese, bagels and cream cheese
      Bagels and cream cheese, bagels and cream cheese
      Bagels and cream cheese, bagels and cream cheese
      Bagels and cream cheese, bagels and cream cheese

      Vha-a-t a re-gret! Ba-a-gels and cre-e-am cheese!
      Vha-a-t a rema-a-ke! Eat in the ku-gel…stre-e-ets….!

      Greetings from my dorm room in 1981.

          1. not that Dewey

            After "Drums and Wires" and before "English Settlement". They had lost Barry Andrews, who went on to form Shriekback (and later played with League of Gentlemen) the album before, and had now fully integrated Dave Gregory into the sound/songwriting, but still retained all that delicious early pop-punk angst. Check out "Travels in Nihilon" from the same album.

          2. not that Dewey

            Oh, wait. Did you mean "She is Loaded", or "No Language in Our Lungs"?

            "She is Loaded" is Giles, Giles, and Fripp, 1967, pre-King Crimson.

    2. ThundercatHo

      What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on around here? I go away (for a much needed break from my stay-at-home-mom gig) for 5 days, 5 days! and I come back and all hell has broken loose. Ricky quits, regulars are gone, people have changed their names, people are off "cleansing" and who knows what else! Good thing for the cephalopods or I'd have to break out the xanax wine spritzers. WTF?

  54. labman57

    The Wizard of Oops
    "Pay no attention to the contradictory prior statements behind the curtain!"

    Reason #18 why Mitt is completely out of touch with 95% of the American public.

    Mitt "The human flapjack" Romney's campaign is based on unabashed lies, frequent flip-flops, and blatant pandering that he believes will help him to get nominated … strategically planning to hit his reset button during the general election.

    However, Romney's team appears to unaware of YouTube –the online repository of instantly accessible video clips, providing evidence of the previous policy positions of Mitt v.1, Mitt v.2, Mitt v.3, etc.

  55. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    I think pathetic old men selling every principle they ever had in order to buy the votes of the stupidest and meanest among us is super undignified.

        1. Fukui-sanYesOta

          Your picture is an adorable dog with a hat. EVERYONE LOVES THAT!

          You, personally, can be a vicious person who will skullfuck every Romanian girl who comes your way and use them for your own end, and that's cool too.

          THE DOG IS SO CUTE!

    1. flamingpdog

      Wait a minute there little doggie, I'm pretty sure the majority of Wonketteers are pathetic old men! You're not going to buy the votes of the stupidest and meanest among us by talking like that!

  56. Barrelhse

    Way off topic, but hopefully interesting to many, is this website that keeps track of Space Weather, including sunspot activity/ aurora predictions. There is a new active sunspot just coming around toward us, and a great pic.

    1. not that Dewey

      Space weather is the shit. I did a poster session at a radio science conference a couple years back. It was totally boring — impedance this, noise figure that, linearity the other thing. Immediately after I finished, I spent the next three days totally glued to the space weather talks. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

      1. C_R_Eature

        Man, if you ever figure out how to transmit with the VLA, please send a message to the Galactic Community stating that we only keep these Republicans around as Jesters and, really, there's no way we would allow then to run anything.
        It's just too embarrassing to think that Advanced Civilizations are watching Mitt Romney, et al.


      2. Radiotherapy

        Since we're throwing tunes around today, ElPinche's Breeders link made me think of this space weather snowstorm. It was a Kim Deal.

        1. not that Dewey

          When I saw "Breeders", I immediately assumed that you were going to link to Divine Hammer, but that's so much better.

          I saw the Pixies with Love and Rockets on my birthday in 1987. I should have died then.

        2. not that Dewey

          And you're freakin' me out a little with your emphasis– Mrs D's name is Kim. But not nearly as much as when you were talking about my ex-housemates, The Poster Children.

          1. Radiotherapy

            Now your freaking me out Dewey. If You See Kay!!1! Rules. It was one of the few songs we covered in our heyday. That and Second Fiddle by an even more obscure outfit called Ditch Croaker. Next thing you know you'll be telling me that Slint influenced the Pixies.

          2. not that Dewey

            Well, how do you think I felt? I had just returned from a week-long Owls/Extemporanus "walk around the block" and there you were talking about Hum and the Poster Children. WORLDS ARE COLLIDING

            For the benefit of anyone who may have missed your earlier link:

          3. Radiotherapy

            One of the top five greatest moments in a Radio's life was sitting behind a kit and voxing the dynamics of that interlude of genius — with all out abandon. I fucking lived for snapping the snare off the downbeat in the pre-chorus. And a "walk around the block" with you three characters must have been like pretty much opening the high-hat and ♥♥♥♥♥

          4. not that Dewey

            It sounds more glamorous than it was, really. We just stopped reading Wonkette for a week, as a "cleansing" activity.

            Why get a shoeshine, when you're made of dirt?

          5. Radiotherapy

            Probably a good idea as Negropolis and I took a mortar shell in our camp. Survival of the wittiest.

          6. not that Dewey

            Jealous : (

            My drums have been "in storage" (at a friend's house) since Little Suzie was born. She starts kindergarten in the fall, and I intend to get them back.

            And don't get me wrong about Mrs D — she used to rock 'n' roll all night, and party every day. Then it was every other day. Now she's lucky if she can find once a week in which to get funky. She was tending bar at a club where I was playing; that's how we met. 19 years ago. So, we're fine; she just doesn't want to hear my ridiculous music really loud all the time anymore.

        3. ElPinche

          Frank Black was young whippersnapper there! Man, I had such a crush on Deal back then….her and Tanya Donelly.

    2. C_R_Eature

      Thanks, Barrelhse! Most Excellent pic.
      You turned me on to this site during the last CME and It's cool for sure. I like the Auroral videos especially. Before, I always used the NOAA/NWS site (still do). Still searching for Auroral displays in the Mid-Atlantic!

  57. Come here a minute

    The welfare queens also don't have to manage the household staff — that's real work, people!

        1. not that Dewey

          Damn straight!

          Uncle/high school teacher, if I'm not mistaken.

          Robert Pollard's aunt and mother apparently live in Albuquerque (or at least they did, 10 years ago). I have a concert poster signed by the two of them —

          "That's my son! -Robert's Mom"
          "That's my nephew! – Robert's Aunt"

  58. rocktonsam

    If Mittens were a real Moarman, he would have multiple wives having multiple jobs.

    fail, again

    failed leadership, failed weinership

  59. ElPinche

    Speaking of the opposite of stiff uptight awkward idiots, I expect to see a nice commentary on Chillary's night of booze debauchery in Cartagena bright and early!!! Back to my over-rummed Blue Hawaiian.

    1. Radiotherapy

      ZOMG, bebida de una cerveza!!1! You can bet John Bolton would never bring such shame on the prestigious office of Secretary of State and insult to American Exceptionalism.

      1. ElPinche

        Between NOBAMA and his beer summits and Hillz' booze diplomacy , our Country should be Ashamed. God frowns upon our Sad nation today.

        1. Radiotherapy

          Hillary Clinton is a feminazi. She has been on the government dole, well, since Bob Dole. She has never had to make it in the private sector. No, not like these heroins of American Motherhood who have struggled against all odds — the tyranny of SEC regulations and the choking of the Free Markets!!1! Imagine the burden these Matrons of Capitalist Enterprise must face.
          And don't even get me started on Moochelle Obama!

    2. Negropolis

      I remember during the primaries her campaign was legendary for boozing. lol Drinking on the ground from the Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico, drinking on the plane, the booze flowed like a Wonkeratti late-night.

  60. Negropolis

    So does that make Ann Romney a welfare queen? No, because her Cadillacs are not apocryphal.

    Oh, that was good, Editrix. That was real gud.

  61. Negropolis

    Begun, the Mommey Wars have.

    Well, that's not completely true. They began a whole helluva many years ago.

    1. Fukui-sanYesOta

      Traditionally, class figured less in politics in America than in most other Western countries, supposedly because the United States, though more economically unequal, and rougher in tone, was more socially equal, more diverse, more democratic, and better at giving ordinary people the opportunity to rise.




      By every measure the fucking UK has higher social mobility than the US. By The UN measure, even fucking France, a blatantly socialist country, has better social mobility.

      In Murray’s view, trying to shift resources away from the élite wouldn’t do much good, because (as Murray and Richard Herrnstein argued, in far more detail, in “The Bell Curve”) the élite are genetically endowed with higher intelligence: as long as the United States is a meritocratic society, and as long as these people keep meeting at selective colleges, marrying, and improving their breeding stock, they’ll keep doing better than everybody else.

      I've argued this for at least a decade. No no, not the principle, but the concept that the rich families in the US are the arbiters of the US. This is the utter antithesis of the principles which people like Jefferson thought for.

      Sure, many descendants of crackers in the south are mouth-breathing fuckwits. Sure, many farming types in the heartland are salt-of-the-earth uncomplicated people. This is true. However, education is key. Anyway.

      They are rich, rooted primarily in global banking and business rather than in any particular communities or set of social values, and ideologically committed to unimpeded markets above all else.

      Bullshit. Well, mostly bullshit. Business is great, but community is incredibly important, and this crap about being "ideologically committed to unimpeded markets" is just that. Crap.

      There's a little bit next which I'll talk about and you might not like, but bear with me

      Globalization, in its present form, strengthens a cadre of very large businesses that Rothkopf calls “supercitizens,” and diminishes government, which is becoming, in his nice phrase, “too small to succeed.” The result is that “there has been a decoupling of the interests of supercitizens and those of the ordinary people around them, between those who represent the views of people who must necessarily live within borders and those for whom borders no longer have meaning, between those who require jobs and capital flows and those who view people, villages, cities, and states as economic options, part of a constantly changing calculus in which efficiencies and profits rule.”

      I'm a student of capital flow these days. Have to be. Born in the UK, now live in the US. Want to live in the US, because where I live is goddamn fucking beautiful and I love it – East Bay. Fuck me there are some great-ass parks here I can visit every weekend.

      "Supercitizen"? Fuck you. I can't even fucking vote. If I could (and I should be able to soon) I'm voting Democratic all the way. Why? Because I know that most people get it in the fucking arse in this country. More so than any other country I know. This is supposed to be a classless society, but that's just a fucking weak joke.

      " those who require jobs and capital flows and those who view people, villages, cities, and states as economic options, part of a constantly changing calculus in which efficiencies and profits rule"

      That, to me, is bullshit. I want to live somewhere with people who help out. Who talk to each other. Free Republic claims that it's only conservatives who do that. HA. I lived in Oakland, and sure as shit that happens there as well.

      aside: I've read Judt's book about postwar Europe and it's stunning. Recommend it.

      OK This article stands on its own. Read it.

      James Madison, the patron saint of American political pluralism, warned in Federalist No. 10 against “the violence of faction,” but he was just as worried about small groups being oppressed by large ones as he was by the prospect that the American government would not attend to the good of the whole nation.

      Presented without comment.

      And D_R, that last paragraph is a beautiful summary of what I've been whinging about for years. The "Left" can be a ragtag bunch of single-issue foolios. Sometimes righteous, sometimes "oh for fuck's sake" hippie. We all see the Republican wham-wham-wham of whatever the latest Luntz talking point is, and they're awesome at it.

      None of this is ultimately good for America. The right is excellent at its promotion of the tiny percentage of people who make a fuckload of money. The left are somewhat successful at their help for the disenfranchised and poor.

      1. Designer_Rants

        I was just hoping for a little more specific instruction in that last paragraph… My imagination fails me, so I want to be told which specific groups should form a coalition, and how the gameplan should be played out… I know that's too much to ask, just saying.

    2. BlueStateLibel

      …the élite are genetically endowed with higher intelligence" …are you kidding me? Charles Murray is so full of shit, it's been coming out of his ears for decades. Maybe they've been "endowed" with anti-social personality disorder, that's about it.

    3. Biel_ze_Bubba

      The unholy alliance between clueless red-state voters and America's plutocrats has to be broken before any real progress can be made. Sadly, the fact that the OWS protestors are scruffy, disorganized, and largely inarticulate (and the fact that Obama is black) makes it difficult for Democrats to drive in what should be an easy wedge. (How do you reach the numbskulls who prefer to vote for the white guy who promises to make the trains run on time?)

      Too many of the 99% have yet to realize that the game's been rigged against them for the last 20 years. The younger ones, with crappy jobs, no future, and no chance of putting their kids through college, will be the first to wise up, and those are the people Obama has to target.

      1. Chet Kincaid

        "How do you reach the numbskulls who prefer to vote for the white guy who promises to make the trains run on time?"

        You ignore them and going after their women and kids. And you hold onto and re-enfranchise all the browns who aren't under the illusion that they're white. (That's why we have a President Obama in the first place, as doom-and-gloom libtards seem to forget.) That, or find another Bill Clinton. Good luck with that.

      2. Negropolis

        I'm not even sure that it's that they don't realize it yet. Between the tea party and OWS as a reaction the the financial crisis, I'd guess a majority of this country now realizes that the game is rigged. It's just that one of them can't get beyond Obama.

  62. thatsitfortheother1

    Somewhere out there, lives a Republitard operative who wishes he hadn't started that whole "flip-flop" thing on John Kerry.

  63. redarmyzombie

    Once again, I refuse to believe there is any way Obama can lose to these people.


    1. Fukui-sanYesOta

      Keep the Hopey faith. He can't lose to Romney. He can't.

      He does, and I'm going back to England. Because there's free enterprise and there's super-horseshit-o-matic crazy president. I want the sane one.

  64. Biel_ze_Bubba

    "It’ll cost the state more… "

    Teabagger heads are exploding, right? Right?

    1. Designer_Rants

      All they care about is that everyone else is toiling away their miserable lives like they are. They're incapable of understanding that a mom on assistance is likely working very hard, and they won't be on cash assistance for relatively long (as it's the law to end benefits eventually). Facts have no place in their rage fantasies.

  65. WiscDad

    "it’s almost like the Romney camp will say anything if they think it will give them an advantage, whether they believe it or not!" That's the Republican platform isn't it?

  66. HistoriCat

    Bear in mind, these are the same people who seemed absolutely stunned when they got their asses handed to them in 2010 … even though most of us outside the Beltway could see that tsunami bearing down on us for most of the year.

  67. elgin_pelican

    "Some of my friends are against working mothers, and some are for them. I don't care what anyone says, I'm standing by my friends!"

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      "Some of my best friends employ working mothers. Preferably as 'independent contractors', or part-time employees, or off the books entirely … or better yet, in China."

      They are the job creators, my friend, and if we just reduce their confiscatory 15% tax rate, they will bring these wonderful fruits of capitalism to even more women.

  68. walterhwhite

    "It’s so weird, it’s almost like the Romney camp will say anything if they think it will give them an advantage, whether they believe it or not! "

    I trust that "almost" is snark. Saying anything that will give him an advantage is Romney's MO.

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