Peas are two for 99“Wheels up, rings off,” amirite Secret Service? Maybe! Everything we know about this sexxxy new scandal we learned from Twitter! What else does Twitter have to tell us about the #SecretService getting bom dia-ed in Colombia?

* Pay your prostitute DUMBASS.
* They had a Groupon.
* 10 Recommendations For a quicker and much easier Purchase When Selling Your House
* Obama is probably using hookers too because MOOCHELLE.

* Obama’s lack of leadership duh.
* The character of POTUS’s staff is a direct reflection on poor character of POTUS duh.
* Also Bill Clinton’s fault duh.
* Should former Obama social secretary Desiree Rogers be fired again? Yes she should be fired again.
* Coochie coochie! (Charo)
* Charo is from Spain DUMBASS.

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